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Chapter 377 Dont make me do it

 Chapter 377 Don't make me do it

" Elder Bi, you know him right? I will need to trouble you to talk to him later. We need to give up Li Tao.... Sigh.... He is probably dead now. Just use the information about The Fire Race is inviting us to join that plan as our bargaining chip. I remember you told me that he hates those aliens right? So he should be interested in this..." the ruler helped Bi Fangting who couldn't stand properly to stand on his feet and said. There seemed to have a faint pity in his tone. He then turned around and said to watcher sternly:" inform all the troops to converge at this place. If the negotiation fails. We will need...."

Bi Fangting regretted that why he didn't send that person away personally. He also knew a secret tunnel in the western forest. He could easily send him out without going through all of this.

That man, that man was the real grim reaper. Whenever he went people would die and cities would fall. When he was in Wu city, he heard of everything this man did. The disappearance of Jin Ling city, the slaughtering in Wu city and the last thing, which was the thing he saw it personally, it was the fallen of the yellow mountain.

'Is this place going to be the next one?' Bi Fangting couldn't stop his body from shaking.


" Dark, come back!" Chu Yunsheng tried his best to order his insect's body to stop.

A brigade that had more than 500 plant people were already destroyed by it. There were only a few of them that were bleeding the strange liquid and still struggling on the ground.

However, Dark still didn't stop. It began to turn around and ready to attack the people that were following Chu Yunsheng.


Through the seal mark, Chu Yunsheng didn't receive any response from it.

It then began to charge, and the first group it was going for was the group that led by Gao Xin. Behind Gao Xin's group was the old man He, the mute girl, the golden armor woman's small group, the 9th unit and the other people who were originally following him.

Everyone was stunned. At the first when the monster appeared, they felt lucky that someone or something was still trying to save them. However, they just realized that the thing was not here to save them!

" I am ordering you to stop!" Chu Yunsheng roared while drawing the sword that he took from elder Sun and staggered to his feet.

However, there was still no response from it, and as if it didn't hear what Chu Yunsheng said, It was running faster and faster.

Suddenly, the woman with veil jumped out from the crowd and glared at it. It was instantly stopped for a few seconds.

A few seconds later, the woman was knocked all the way back by an invisible force, and she instantly spat out blood.


Just when the woman was knocked away, Chu Yunsheng arrived with his sword. However, after a few light arcs, Chu Yunsheng was also knocked back.

His clothes were shredded in the attack and the strip that tied the little girl to his back was also split apart.

Chu Yunsheng staggered up again and noticed that the little girl seemed okay on the ground not far from him.

No one knew when Chu Yunsheng's hair turned into a grey color. But before everyone was able to react, one of Chu Yunsheng hand suddenly clenched tightly. He gritted his teeth and shouted:" You dare to defy my orders! Don't think I won't kill you! "

Everyone just came back from the panic, but then, they immediately gaped with shock again.

' what did he say? Defy his order? Kill this monster? This monster was summoned by him?' everyone had the exact same thought.

Only at that moment, the woman with the veil started to examine Chu Yunsheng carefully. There also seemed to have a strange luster in her eyes.

The bloody eyes of the monster were staring at Chu Yunsheng fiercely. Its armor head was not moving at all. The cool light that reflected by its black body was constantly making people shivering uncontrollably.

However, there was one person that was still making his way towards the monster. He was Chu Yunsheng!

Chu Yunsheng was clenching the monster seal talisman tightly. If he wanted to kill Dark, all he needed to do was to destroy that monster seal talisman.

The monster suddenly screeched in pain, and slowly its two armored legged began to bend, and it began to kneel before Chu Yunsheng reluctantly.

'It knelt down!'

'A devil-like monster knelt down at a human' everyone was losing their mind. They could not comprehend the situation at all.

Chu Yunsheng put his broke sword next to its neck. He didn't know when his insect's body would stop defying his order. But he also didn't want to kill his insect's body at the moment.

"Answer me!" Chu Yunsheng pressed down the sword and asked again.

His insect body still did not say anything, and it seemed like it was silently confronting Chu Yunsheng. All the joints across its body were constantly making the cracking sound, and as if there was an unyielding will, it even began to clench the spear that was in its hand again.

As its body continued to make the cracking sound, it began to slowly stand up. The amount of black gas around its body also began to increase.

" Don't make me do it!" Chu Yunsheng roared.


In the next second, a gust of black gas suddenly burst out from Dark's body. Chu Yunsheng was knocked back with his sword.

The sudden change made all the people hold their breath. Because they know that Chu Yunsheng seemed to have lost control of this monster.

The monster began to move a step by step again. although compared with the speed it had before, it was like a snail now, the heavy footsteps were like a hammer beating everyone's heart.

Maybe, today is the day they need to die. It is either die in the hands of those plant people or die in the hand or this monster. To the rest of the people, it didn't make much difference.

The monster was still moving forward. But Chu Yunsheng was laying on the ground, didn't have any ability to stand up again.

"It's time to end it!" as Chu Yunsheng was thinking, he began to clench the monster seal talisman even tighter.

However, the talisman in his hands suddenly became as hard as steel. No matter how hard Chu Yunsheng wanted to break it. It just wouldn't break. In the end, it even automatically went back into his body again.

Dark has finally arrived near him. As long as it lunged it's spear downward, Chu Yunsheng would definitely be dead.

At this point, Chu Yunsheng decided to stop thinking about the consequences. He only one thought, which was that it was not the time for him to die yet!

" Come out!" he roared again and gathered his remaining energy to roll back and quickly got up from the ground.

This time, his shout didn't scare Bi Fangting, because Bi Fangting was already in the deep fear. Instead, it made the heart of the ruler jumping rapidly.

The first time that man shouted, it summoned that powerful monster. Now the second time? The ruler immediately decided to withdraw all his troops.

The area suddenly went dim, and the energy became very chaotic. A strange swirl of wind slowly appeared around Chu Yunsheng and all the light dots in the area were converged into Chu Yunsheng's body.

When everyone finally regained their visions, they couldn't find the mute who was wearing a broken cotton coat earlier. Instead, what they saw was a man with a dazzling and seemingly powerful armor.

In the chaotic energy, the armored man slowly pulled the string of the bow that was in his hand and a strange bright arrow of light was formed.

" The world's most powerful man!"

No one knew who suddenly blurt it out. But more and more people began to realize who the man was.

The legend of this man has been compiled into a myth by many people after Bi Fangting came to the forest. Some people regard it as a made-up story, and only a few people believed that the man was real. But most people treated it as an ideal they should follow and an illusory strength that supports them psychologically.

However, today, the images that they saw in those UFO's holograms and the man that Bi Fangting repeatedly mentioned really showed up in front of them.

Elder Sun laughed, he laughed that he called the world's most powerful man mute, he laughed that before he dies, he was able to see this legendary man personally...

The little plant girl's eyes were wide open. The tears that she shed earlier were still at the corner of her eyes. She also couldn't believe that the uncle was the person she admires the most.

The mute girl Xiao Chuan bowed her head down. She had once thought that maybe Chu Yunsheng was her perfect man and maybe she would be living with him just like that for the rest of her life. However....


" Fucking psychopath! Clearly strong as hell, but has to pretend to be helpless and miserable!...." The ruler of the eastern force cursed.

However, he didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was dealing at this moment. When the bow was opened, what came with it was not just power, but endless crazy desires...

With the arrow of light pointed at Dark, it finally stopped. The black gas that surrounded its body was desperately trying to get away from the bow. however, it was constantly absorbed by the bow a bit by bit.

It was at that moment, Dark finally responded. :" ....I am... very scared... They want... to kill you.... I am... very scared..." its weak signal was trembling fear.