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Chapter 376 come out

 Chapter 376 come out

"Why can he leave, but we can't?"

"Yes, yes, I know him. He is also in the 9th security patrolling unit. He used to be a mute. So, Why can the 9th unit leave, we can't leave? Please let us leave...."

"I also know him. He used to collect protection fee with Sun Sheng!"

"I am begging you, you even release the 9th unit. Please let us live as well. I will volunteer to become plant people...."

" He can leave, why...."


It was not the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see the ungrateful people like them before. As early as when the earth just plunged into the great darkness, he met a man called Diao Dingguo who he saved but wanted to kill him over his crossbow in Shen Cheng city.

So Chu Yunsheng was not angry at all. Because he was already used to the people like this.

"Gao Xin, you lied to me! All the people in the 9th unit need to die! Bi Fangting is afraid of him, I am not!!!" The flower fairy roared while his eyes were instantly filled with blood vessels.

At the same time, Bi Fangting who was standing on a tall tree immediately urged:" ruler, you need to stop him immediately...."

"Kill! Kill all of them!" Li() Tao roared frantically as if he lost his mind.

Bi Fangting's face instantly went pale, he instinctively staggered back. It made him almost fall off the tree.

"Elder Bi, there is no need to react like this, because you are too scared, you are unable to judge the situation clearly. You need to forget the past, and see how he reacted at the moment! What he did earlier clearly shows that he didn't have any power! Just he was bluffing!

It's a shame that if he had shown us some of his power, he might have been able to fool me. But now? It is best for us to kill him. Do you know how much he is worth to the ice race and the fire race? He will be an important bargaining chip for us even if he is dead!" Looking at the fight suddenly broke out, the ruler said ambitiously.

Bi Fangting's hands began to shake and he began to mutter: "You are crazy, crazy, you will regret it." he was so scared that he even forget that he shouldn't have said something like this to his superior.

The ruler shook his head and smiled gently: "elder Bi, you are wrong again, even if he is not incompetence as we see now, Li Tao's action is nothing but an unauthorized action. It has nothing to do with us. We will still be able to negotiate with him later. Hehe.... Li Tao's has such a great role in this!"


Woosh... woosh...

Many dense poisonous stingers were shot towards Chu Yunsheng's crowd.

Chu Yunsheng calmly tore open his cloth to make a long strip. He tied the plant girl to his back and temporarily hid behind the square shield formation that formed by Gao Xin's subordinates. :" Elder He, Xiao Chuan, I couldn't take you away now, but I can try to take Xiao Cao away. Do you understand?"

The mute girl bit her lips, stroked the head of Xiao Cao and nodded her head. Elder He held the mute girl who was very weak and let out a sigh. As if he began to accept his fate.

"Sis, I don't want to go, I want to stay with you...." Xiao Cao cried and wanted to reach out to the mute girl.

The mute girl pushed her back and tried to look away. The tears began to run down from her face.

" Uncle, please... I don't want to go.... I want to stay with my sis..." the little girl begged.

Chu Yunsheng ignored the little girl's request and slowly put on his mask. he picked up the spear and shield from the people that were stung to death by the poisonous stingers.

He then lightly jumped up, stepped onto the square shield formation and quickly approached the flower fairy.

He couldn't defeat an entire army, but he could try to kill their commander first. When their commander died, Chu Yunsheng believed that the army would definitely be in a disarray. At that time, he would be able to escape from the here.

Speed and time! He needed both of them.

However, he who hasn't recovered was not fast enough. But he immediately came up with another idea.

" Come! Don't you want to avenge your family's death? You coward! " Chu Yunsheng tired to provoke him.

Li Tao's face was twisted, he was furious. Just when Chu Yunsheng finished his words, he instantly flew towards him. He wanted to kill Chu Yunsheng personally. He wanted to shred Chu Yunsheng into pieces to vent his anger and hate.

'As I expected!' Chu Yunsheng thought.

" Come at me, you useless piece of shit who could not even protect your family...." every word he said were like a sharp knife slashing Li Tao's heart.

Li Tao has lost his mind. Chu Yunsheng successfully provoked him. He was charging towards Chu Yunsheng desperately. However, he was stopped and pulled back by many rattans

" What a fool! So easy to be manipulated by other." The ruler shook his head and said.

Chu Yunsheng was also stopped by many rattans. He was looking at Li Tao who was being pulled back to his troop, in disappointment.

But soon, he began to smile behind the mask. What replaced Li Tao were four other flower fairies that were still restrained by their roots.

"Huh! Let me see what you can do!"

Chu Yunsheng immediately charged towards them again without any hesitation.

The four flower fairies immediately cast out their energy attack at the same time.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't dodge the attack. instead, he charged directly into the energy attacks.


Everywhere in the western forest was filled with chaotic fighting noise, but only the place that Chu Yunsheng was in was very quiet.

"Huh? He was not affected by the attack?" The ruler frowned and said with a surprised tone.

Bi Fangting suddenly remembered something and blurted it out:" it was him! Do you still remember that one of our flower fairies was killed...."

However, before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly heard Chu Yunsheng shouted:" COME OUT!" through watcher.

This shout almost scared the shit out of Bi Fangting. He thought that Chu Yunsheng had noticed them. Even the ruler himself also thought the same thing.

Then, they realized that they were wrong. But in the next second, what they saw made the ruler knitted his brows even closer, and made Bi Fangting began to beg him constantly.

" Ruler, please, I am begging you. We are no match for him. Really! He can kill us easily. Please, just believe me one more time!" Bi Fangting begged.

When he saw a devil-like black figure suddenly appeared next to Chu Yunsheng, all his courage was shattered into pieces.

He swore to god that he has never seen that thing before. But despite they were still far away from that thing, they could still feel the terrifying aura caused by that monster. It even made the wood elemental energy inside their body shivering in fear constantly.

" Kill!" Chu Yunsheng said weakly.


The monster opened its strange wings dashed forward like a lightning bolt. It appeared in the army that led by Li Tao within a second, and before everyone reacted, it began to slaughter everything in its way.

Many plant people died without even realizing what happened. But the chaotic situation only lasted for a few seconds.

The rest of the plant people seemed to have received some kind of order, they all stopped attacking other people and began to only focus on the strange black monster.

Puff... puff....

All the attacks were unleashed at the black monster.

However, the black monster suddenly wrapped itself up with its wings and then spread out its wings again. As it opened its wings, a powerful spherical shockwave was instantly expanded outward along with an ear-piercing screech.

The shockwave kicked up clouds of dust and rocks on the ground, knocking over all the stingers and other types of energy attacks. All the plant people, the masked men and the ordinary people including Chu Yunsheng were knocked over by the shockwave.

Chu Yunsheng has run out of his ideas. He had no choice but to take the advantages of the four flower fairies attacks. When those the energy attack went into his body, it instantly triggered three forces inside his body to defend his body for him. Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity when the three forces were busy defending his body to summon his insect's body.

However, he still lost the control of the situation.