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Chapter 375 what can I do for you?

 Chapter 375 what can I do for you?

There was a towering giant tree about 50 meters high stood in a quiet corner of the eastern forest emitting a cool fluorescent light. The tree was lush with leaves and surrounded with rich earth elemental energy. The place was quiet and serene.

Underneath it, stood a man who dressed in ordinary clothes. No one knew how long the man had been standing there. In front of the man, there was a new grave, and the man seemed to be quietly talking about something to the grave.

The man's eyes were filled with some blood vessels, and there seemed to be some tears on the corner of his eyes. After a long time, a gust of wind suddenly blew by. As his clothes began to flap in the wind and his hairs scattered in wind, the man let out a long sigh and slowly put on his mask. As he turned around, the tenderness inside his eyes instantly disappeared. It was replaced by a stone cold look.

The wind was still blowing, and the leaves were still spinning around the grave. As the man walked further and further away from the grave, the grave was getting more and more blurry in his back.

"Ruler,.... " one watcher slowly moved towards the man and whispered.

The man's eyes slowly became sharp and stern as he listened to the watcher's report.

:" Please invite Mr.Bi here. Let's see this man...." said the man.


"Duling Li(1.), I understand your feelings, but I have the ruler's command to send those people out of the forest. please, do not make it difficult !" The deputy commander of the toxic gas brigade gritted his teeth and said.

If he could choose, he would rather not to get into this kind of thing. Although there was more than one brigade of plant people, the one in front of him was the only flower fairy that had successfully detached from his roots and completely free himself from the rattan's restraint in recent years in the entire forest.

The flower fairy sneered:" Gao Xin, do you think I am stupid? Don't you forget that I am the Duling of plant people! In order to catch those people, I have already spread out all my watchers. Huh! Issuing a fake order! Bi Fangting might be able to fool other brigades, but he won't be able to fool me!"

The deputy commander Gao Xin instantly broke out into a cold sweat. Issuing a fake order would be sentenced to death. Although Bi Fangting said that he was going to take full responsibility, if the ruler was going to investigate, he wouldn't be able to get away from it as well.

The flower fairy flew towards Gao Xin and stared at him:" deputy commander Gao, we didn't have any conflict of interests in the past. today I'm going to avenge the death of my family. If you stand aside, I will be grateful to you. If you don't.... You know the consequences!"

Gao Xin was holding the spear, but his palms were sweating hard, and he was struggling in his mind.

He really hoped that the commander could be here to deal with this himself. In fact, He had already sent someone back to get his commander when they saw Li Tao(). However, the commander still hasn't arrived yet. but he had a strange feeling that the ruler might have already known about this.

"What should I do.... What should I do!" Gao Xin glanced over the crowd and thought. Suddenly he had an idea. His commander only asked him to send that strange man away, he didn't mention other people.

" Duling Li, I don't care about others, but this gentleman is Duling Bi's important guest. If you won't let him go. I won't be able to finish my mission. " He quickly pointed Chu Yunsheng and said.

Hearing what he said, everyone immediately looked at Chu Yunsheng hoping that he could say something to reverse the situation again. However, all they saw was Chu Yunsheng's back and his tightly clenched fists.

To them, the answer was very obvious.

" Xiao Li, ... Duling Li, it was all my fault. whatever we the third platoon did, we will use our lives to pay. But please, please let go of our kids and women, they are innocent..." elder Sun suddenly knelt down and begged.

As if elder Sun's words infuriated the flower fairy, The flower fairy Li Tao suddenly roared:" Sun Sheng! innocent? You even have the audacity to say that they are innocent! ? Two years ago, when you killed a baby who was less than one year old, have you thought about the baby was innocent too? Gao Xin, before I can still suppress my anger take you man and leave now! Everyone else has to go to the hell today!"

" Please, let us go. We don't know them, really, we don't know them....! " Instantly, many people began to cry and beg at the same time.

"Shameless!" looking at those people desperately trying to stay out of this mess, The golden armored woman cursed silently. She then secretly said to her men:" get ready to break out of here!"

The woman with veil knitted her brows, and just when she stepped forward, the flower fairy immediately flew back and said:" it has nothing to do with you and your people. You all can also fuck off. If you also want to get involved, I will use all of my force. At that time, your men including her will also die! " The flower fairy threatened. It seemed like he was scared of the woman with a veil.

The group was very chaotic. Elder three crawled towards the flower fairy and cried:" Duling Li, we the 9th unit has never killed a kid before. That was Big Head Wang from the 7th unit. If you don't believe me. You can ask them. They all knew it. We really didn't do it..."

"They are already dead!" The flower fairy said coldly. He was still glaring at Gao Xin. It seemed like he was running out of the patients.

"Let's go..." Gao Xin quickly dragged Chu Yunsheng away. He didn't doubt that once Li Tao lost his mind, he would really kill everyone here.

Chu Yunsheng has seen many tragics like this before. Even he himself also experienced similar things many times. Gradually, he learned to be indifferent, learned that there was so no such thing as absolute right or wrong, and learned that he could not just judge the right and wrong of anything only by listening to other people's words. Often, an impulsive decision would only make people regret when people saw the truth of the facts.

This was the dark age, there was no order, there were no moral standards, it was the age that only the strongest rules everything. Everything was like a chess piece. The ordinary people were chess pieces of the people who with abilities like elder Sun; the people like Elder Sun were the chess pieces of their commander; the commanders were the chess pieces of the rulers, and the rulers themselves, who knows they might also be the chess pieces of someone else...

Elder Sun and his men might deserve to die for what happened two years ago. However, no one would really know the truth behind it.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to find out what actually happened. He didn't want to get involved in their business. With his current situation, not only he couldn't take the unit 9 away. He couldn't even save their families.

" Is there anything else I can do for you?" Chu Yunsheng picked up the pot that had the little plant girl and quietly said to elder Sun.

Elder Sun slowly raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng with his unfocused eyes. He just numbly shook his head and sighed.


In the field of plant people, two men stood on a thick branch of a tall tree, gazing afar at Chu Yunsheng and other people. There was one watcher that was constantly transmitting the conversation between the flower fairy Li Tao and other people back to them.

" Is that the world most powerful man you mentioned?" The man who was wearing a half-mask asked without any expression. But there seemed to have a faint sarcasm in his tone.

Bi Fangting's face was twisted. He couldn't describe the real scene of the unforgettable legendary war to those who had never seen it personally. Many people including the eastern ruler all thought that he was exaggerating it.

"If he is really him. Then, he really disappoints me. He is even scared of Li Tao's brigade, but he still managed to scare away my elite brigade - Toxic Gas Brigade, and make you send someone to escort him." He said with a mocked tone.

Bi Fangting did not care about the ridicule of the Eastern ruler. He shook his head and said: "ruler, I still insist on my own opinion. We need to temporarily remove Li Tao from his Duling position immediately and withdraw all our troops."

" Elder Bi, do you really think it is necessary. He has already chosen to leave alone. Although it really disappoints me, I still believe you. However, I don't believe him." The ruler smiled.

Bi Fangting frowned and said: "Li Tao is extremely unstable at the moment. He has been suppressed his hatred for too long. What if he lost his mind and attacked him? The consequences are unimaginable!"

The ruler looked at Bi Fangting with a strange expression on his face. his impression of Bi Fangting was that he was a timid man. However, he did not ask him to go to the battle personally. Why was he so worried? especially when they were not even close to them?

" Elder Bi, Li Tao is indeed too emotional, he is no longer suitable for Duling's position. But he also helped me to test the real strength of so-called the world most powerful man. Huh! The man is just a paper tiger, he doesn't deserve his reputation!" The ruler sneered and carried on:

" When I get the other half of Tubi and fuse them together, I will gain an unparalleled power, and by then, let's see who is the real most powerful man in the world! "

Bi Fangting smiled helplessly. He also hoped that the ruler would become the most powerful man in the world. In that way, his status would be higher and his position would be stable. however, was it even possible?

...... Translator's note......

Okay, something required readers to pay attention to in this chapter. The man's actions, emotions at the beginning of this chapter.

And the explanation about the chess pieces in the middle of the chapter.

And also in the middle of the chapter, it said that Mc learned not to just judge right and wrong of anything only by listening to other people's words.

Those tips will help readers better understand what actually happened in the forest.

This is just my thoughts, you might have a different opinion.

From what I understood, the author was vaguely trying to say that whatever people said in this story arc might or might not be true. Not that the people in this story arc were lying, but more like they were being secretly manipulated without knowing it....

Also, the reason why I put the Chinese word Li() in this chapter is that there will be more people called Li in this volume, for example, Li() Li... (I just did a quick research, there are around 200 words that spell the same as Li but all with different meaning. wtf)