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Chapter 374 finally, I found you

 Chapter 374 finally, I found you

Looking at Chu Yunsheng slowly walked away, Bi Fangting suddenly had a cold shudder. He quickly took out a token and passed it to the brown masked man and said hurriedly:" quick! Take my command token and ask all the troops outside not to stop them. Just tell them that it is the ruler's order!"

Bi Fangting would rather hold a nuclear bomb in his hand right now than to be close to that person. That person was too dangerous. It was best to send him away and pretend that nothing had happened. Otherwise, not only would it destroy this Zhiwu forest, but also it might expose the true identity of that person.

He couldn't imagine what would happen if the ice race and the fire race found out that that person was still alive, and what kind of fight that person would bring to this forest.

Bi Fangting didn't want to lose this forest and the position he was getting now. He was forced to leave Wu city, and after many hardships, he finally arrived here and settled down in this forest. His poisonous ability required plants as raw materials. He was also put into a very influential position by the ruler of the eastern force. He was like a fish, and this place was the fish tank that only belonged to him. He did not want this place to be ruined.

"Ah!? Duling, faking the...." brown masked man was scared.

"I know, I will explain to the ruler personally. Just do it, I will take full responsibility!" Bi Fangting said sternly.

"who, who is he really?" The brown masked man was extremely confused.

Bi Fangting shook his hand and slowly sat on a rock on the ground. : " someone you can not mess with." his voice was still shivering, it seemed like he still hasn't calmed down.

The brown masked man's heart suddenly skipped a beat. He almost guessed who the person was. But he still found it hard to believe. However, many unbelievable things were still happening constantly in this world. Just not long ago, there was a tiger flew down from the sky. The tiger was so powerful that even the ruler himself did not dare to offend that tiger at all....

Chu Yunsheng was not far from the field of plant people which was most likely being taken over by the eastern force already. He stabbed the sword on the ground, took off his balaclava hat and let out a long sigh a relief.

All the people behind him looked at him like he was some kind "monster". even the little plant girl was also the same. Everything was beyond their comprehension, how come they could walk out of the encirclement without fighting the troops from the eastern force.

However, no one dared to ask the "mute" or the elder seventeen who was standing in front of them. Everyone kept silent and waited for Chu Yunsheng's next move.

"Uncle, that was super awesome! "Unlike other people, the little plant girl did not think that much. She was indeed shocked by what Chu Yunsheng did before. but to her, the man was still the kind-hearted uncle that she had a chat with that night.

Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to stroke her head. Then he walked past the old man He, looked at the weak and almost unconscious mute girl and suddenly frowned. He carried on walking past the mute girl and stood in front of elder Sun: "Old Sun, ask everyone to wear masks now, we need to disguise as the masked men from the toxic gas brigade. If anyone asked, tell them that those family members are the experiment samples that Duling asked you to bring them back. After we get through this, we will then be able to escape when we reached the intersection of two forests." he said sternly.

Not only the plant people in both forest were the same, the equipment of masked men was also the same. No one would be able to tell the difference if they did not look carefully.

Sneak out of the forest after the search was the method that elder Sun discussed with the rest of the people in unit 9. Chu Yunsheng had also overheard of the entire conversation.

They originally decided that, since there were many tunnels in the western forest, the troop from the eastern forest might not be able to find them easily. If they successfully survive the search, they would be able to sneak out of the forest.

"Will... will it work? " elder Sun asked nervously. He still did not know how Chu Yunsheng scared away the toxic gas brigade, so he was not confident in the plan.

"As long as you are as calm as before, there will be no problem. Probably, he wants me to leave this place as soon as possible now." Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said.

Elder Sun was confused, he couldn't understand what Chu Yunsheng meant by that. Chu Yunsheng also didn't have time to explain to him about his past.

It was at this moment, the golden armor woman walked to the front. She was now even more sure that the man in front of her was the person who killed the flower fairy. But she also didn't understand that why would a powerful man choose A plan like this?

'Is it for the mute girl? Or is it for the rest of the people in unit 9? Or maybe something happened to his body. '

The last possibility was the biggest. Because she heard that Chu Yunsheng was dying in bed yesterday. But no matter which reason was the real one, he must cooperate with her now. Because she knew a secret passage that could lead them out of here.

"I can take you out of this forest. I know...." the golden armor looked at Chu Yunsheng and said.

However, she was suddenly interrupted by the deputy commander of the toxic gas brigade who hurriedly ran towards him. "Duling asked me to escort you out of this place." the deputy commander said respectfully.

The golden armor woman's mouth was wide open. She was once again gasped in shock. 'Who is this person really? How did he make Bi Fangting lose all his courage? Not only did Bi Fangting not dare to face him, but he also asked his subordinate to help them to get out of here?'

Chu Yunsheng did not respond to the man immediately. He was staring at the person suspiciously.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng acted like that, The deputy commander immediately explained:" Please don't misunderstand us. Duling said that you deserve our respect."

Everyone completely lost their mind. The tone that this deputy commander used made this whole thing sounded like they were not actually in a war. This guy was intentionally flattering Chu Yunsheng.

Everyone quickly gathered their eyes at Chu Yunsheng again.

However, what they saw was that the person that made everything seemed impossible to happen was using his sleeve to clean his running nose!

Everyone froze at that moment. It probably was the first time for the most people to realize that "a powerful man" could also look so ordinary.

But, what they didn't know was that when Chu Yunsheng sneezed earlier, he faintly caught a familiar noise he made. It was the insect's noise!

"My vocal cords?...." Chu Yunsheng was confused. But he didn't have much time to think about this. He just waved his hand to signal the man to take the lead.

Elder Sun was carrying the mute girl and following Chu Yunsheng. Her condition seemed to be getting worse.

The elder six pressed his hands on his stomach very hard, his forehead was sweating a lot, and his lips were white. Looking at his wife and his child in the group, he bit his lips and quietly followed the group.

With the help of the deputy commander, everything was very smooth. It didn't take them long to arrive at the outer layer of Zhiwu forest.

" Sun Sheng, I finally found you! Look, who this is!" Suddenly a voice that filled with anger and hate appeared. Then a human head was thrown towards elder Sun.

" It's Dudui!" Elder three squeezed toward the front and shouted when the saw the head.

Elder Sun's face instantly went pale. They still couldn't escape from this. :" Xiao Li, at that time, we were just following the order...."

As he was explaining, a flower fairy that looked like the one Chu Yunsheng killed before, flew out of the deep forest. But this time, it looked like a male.

"Following the order? 36 lives, my parents, my kids... what kind of crime have they committed that your third platoon had to kill them all?! You tell me!!!!" " the flower fairy roared.

Elder Sun opened his mouth. However, he found himself had nothing to say.

"Bo...boss.... He.... he... did not have any rattans below him... He detached from his roots!.... " elder three stuttered while stepping back in horror.

The flower fairy sneered and said:' two years, it has been two years! I have been tortured by those nightmares every day in the last two years!!! Hahahaha.... Finally.... finally I found you.... "


My thoughts.

Detaching from the root probably is the most powerful form of any flower fairy, that's why Elder three was scared.

also, little tiger finally grew up lol.