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Chapter 373 who is he really.

 Chapter 373, who is he really.

" Bi Fangting, Do you want to be my enemy?"

Bi Fangting did not actually hear the second sentence clearly. He was just very surprised that someone knew about his real name. Since the castle of Snowstorm, he has been keeping his first name as a secret. Everyone only knew about his surname.

However, when the entrance to the tunnel was slowly opened, Chu Yunsheng who was wearing a woolen balaclava, and holding a sword slowly appeared in his sights, his heart suddenly skipped a beat, and a moment later, it began to beat rapidly and violently like never before.

The familiar figure, the familiar headwear, especially that pair of eyes that always seemed to be hiding something. Everything about the person who just appeared in front of him made him hard to breathe.

He has boasted countless times to those "Frogs at the bottom of the well"(1) that he had personally seen the legendary war with his own eyes. Every time, he would vividly describe those eyes, that figure, that Invincible sword, and especially that Earth-shattering statement " I would rather die than surrender!" even until now, he still having those scenes in his dreams vividly.

In that legendary war, the death was just a dozen meters away from him. Two female Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm were blasted into pieces just right in front of him. Blood, internal organs, human fleshes.... were flying everywhere in the air and splashed all over his body. The attack formation that formed by thousands of Skywalkers collapsed instantly, and everyone was trying to escape desperately.

The familiar figure, plus calling out his name. It made his face instantly turned white. He who was the glorious toxic gas Duling, lost all his majestic-looking in front of his subordinates very quickly. All the images of that person began to appear in his mind one by one....

" No, no, that's not possible, he was dead, I saw it with my own eyes...." Bi Fangting slowly staggered back in fear, his both hands were pressing against his head and constantly shaking his head as if he wanted to shake those ridiculous assumptions off from his mind.

" Duling?" Bi Fangting's subordinates looked at each other in confusion. They have never seen the new Duling looked so scared before. Even if when the most intense battle between Zhiwu forest and insects would not make him lose his composure. He even despised the fight they had with the insects. he would often say that "I have seen the most incredible war on the earth already, nothing could shock me anymore."

But at this moment, this Duling, who was their ruler's important guest, who was also the expert of using toxic gas, was scared of a man who was wearing a tattered coat, a funny balaclava hat and hiding in a tunnel earlier. This Duling was so scared that he couldn't even step back properly.

The leader of a team is the soul of a team. When the leader is not scared during the fight, his team will be very powerful, but when the leader panicked, his team will be very weak and vulnerable.

Bi Fangting's reaction affected his entire troop's action, when the swordsman walked towards their formation slowly and steadily, all of them nervously moved back in panic while constantly looking at their Duling, hoping that he could give them an explanation.

It was not just the troop that led by Bi Fangting was confused, the old man He, the unit 9, the golden armor woman and all other people that were following Chu Yunsheng were also confused and shocked at the same time.

A man single-handedly intimidated an entire army without using any force but a question!

Who is he really!?

Many eyes were locked at the Chu Yunsheng trying to figure out who he was. However, they still could not relate someone powerful with Chu Yunsheng that kind of appearance.

Chu Yunsheng's palms were sweating. His calm appearance could not hide the anxiety in his heart. If Bi Fangting didn't recognize him, the troop that led by him could easily kill him and the people behind him.

All the masked men in the troop of the eastern force were pointing their spears at Chu Yunsheng. But Chu Yunsheng completely ignored them and still moving forward.

Pretending to be powerful was not an easy task. Especially in this kind of dangerous situation. Any slight mistakes could send them to hell straight away. Chu Yunsheng was not an actor, so it was even more difficult for him.

Seeing them didn't dare to stop him, Chu Yunsheng even sheathed the sword. He was trying his best to pretend that those people were not a threat to him. Besides, the sword he had was just an ordinary sword, it wouldn't help him much if there was a real fight.

Elder Sun, golden armored woman and the rest of people were gasped in shock. 'he is crazy, he is completely crazy!'

"Duling, if you are not going to give out the command, they are going to walk out of our encirclement! Are you going to take full responsibility when the ruler questions us? !" Seeing Chu Yunsheng walked further and further, a brown masked man urged. However, all he saw was that his Duling was still staring at Chu Yunsheng, but didn't make any sound.

The brown masked man gritted his teeth and immediately swung his spear to order his men to stop Chu Yunsheng without his Duling's permission. :" stop all of them! If anyone dares to make one more step, kill!"

" Yes, sir!"

Five hundred masked men immediately stopped moving backward after they received the order. After rearranged the formation, they began to slowly move forward again while pointing their spears at Chu Yunsheng to narrow down the encirclement.

Just one shout, the situation instantly changed. The crowd behind Chu Yunsheng began to panic. Those who stayed close to Chu Yunsheng could still maintain their composure, but many more began to push each other trying to get back to the tunnel or trying to escape from the encirclement as soon as possible.

In the midst of chaos, a woman whose eyes were filled with hate quickly ran into elder six who was at the back of the group from his back. Elder Six's body suddenly shook a little and when he turned around, he saw the woman sneered at him and quickly disappeared into the tunnel.

Chu Yunsheng also stopped. He turned around and unsheathed the sword while facing Bi Fangting, he didn't believe that Bi Fangting would have balls to fight him. Especially after what he saw in the yellow mountain area.

No one knew what Chu Yunsheng was doing. Especially elder Sun and the golden armor woman. They all began to think that Chu Yunsheng might have lost his mind after the injury, and many of them started to get ready for the fight.

Just when everyone thought that the fight was about to break out. A loud shout suddenly appeared.

" Back off!" Bi Fangting shouted as loud as he could.

" Back the fuck off! I'll execute you immediately if you don't listen to me!" Bi Fangting shouted hysterically. His forehead was covered with sweat and his voice was shivering.

When he saw Chu Yunsheng drew the sword once again, he instantly woke up. His body, his voice, and even his soul were shivering constantly. That sword! That posture! He didn't know how many lives were taken away and how many robots were destroyed by that man's sword attack. Just with the amount the soldiers he had, they couldn't do anything to that man.

"Du... Duling?" The brown masked was confused.

" Shut the fuck up!" Bi Fangting screamed at him and glared at his men. " ...The fuck you all looking at... fucking move!!!!" He screamed like a mad person.

Instantly, all the masked men quickly moved back, and even those rattans that releasing the toxic gas were also retracted.

Chu Yunsheng once again turned around and began to walk out of the encirclement again.

During the entire event, he didn't say a single word.


1. "Frogs at the bottom of the well" it means

Some ignorant people know nothing aside from their own world