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Chapter 371 stay away from him

 Chapter 371 stay away from him

On the intersection of the eastern force's territory and the western force's territory. Rows of plant people fell in the smoke, and the number of people who surrendered on the spot was countless. The Army of eastern force was unstoppable until they arrived at the last barrier which was the wall of guardians.

At this moment, the army of masked men and the plant people of the easter force has stopped marching forward.

Meanwhile, behind the wall of guardians, the fire energy man whose name was Bao Zhenjiang hurriedly ran back from the west of the inner forest city.

"Duling, the secret tunnel is blocked. Someone must have told them!" Bao Zhenjiang was painting, and his armor was stabbed with many arrows.

"Do you know which brigade is it?" the golden armor woman asked calmly.

Bao Zhenjiang's expression changed several times, and then said with his tremble voice: "the brigade of toxic gas!"

The golden armor woman suddenly turned around and asked:" Where is him?"

Another fire energy man immediately answered:" should be in the defense tunnel of area 9. But he is dying...."

The golden armor woman walked back and forth for several times and then said to the only few men she trusted:" Zhenjiang, we don't have much time left, I need to go to the Tubi house, you take the rest of people to go to the tunnel of area 9 first. We will meet there in one hour. We have no other choice now. We can only hope that it really is him."

Bao Zhenjiang hurriedly stopped her and said: "Duling, he is dying, how could it be him? The possibility is too small, it matters a lot of people's lives, we can't... even if it really is him, we don't even know if he is a friend or an enemy!"

The golden armor woman shook her head and said: "There is no time. Besides we can't find anyone that is more likely than him? As long as he did not die, then it must be him! It doesn't matter if is an enemy or a friend, the ruler of Eastern force wanted to arrest half of the people in the western force and turn them into plant people, so he will definitely work with us."


Ten minutes later, in a secret place of currently chaotic western forest that was filled with rich earth elemental energy.

A golden shadow and a black shadow suddenly rushed into the place from two different directions.

"You are here." from the darkness, walked out of a green armor man. under his long blue hair, there was a very pale face. The man said quietly, and it seemed like he had been waiting for some time.

The black armor man stabbed his spear on the ground and said with a strong and rough voice: "Since you also want to get Tubi, then why are we wasting our time on talking. The winner gets it."

"There is no need to rush. There is still a ten-minute energy decay period. I really want to thank the ruler of the eastern force who initiated the attack. Without him, the energy of Tubi will not decay so rapidly. Apart from that woman, we three could not even approach her. Even a dead person can also be that strong! I am really looking forward to Tubi!" the green armor man said.

The black armor man snorted and then gave the golden armor woman a look. Immediately, Two people charged at the green armor man at the same time.

"Secret agreement? It seemed like we all have a secret agreement, but which one is the real one?" the green armor man didn't seem to be concerned. He also dashed forward towards two of them after a strange green light burst out from his body.

Many green lights sparked as they collided with each other. What originally the quiet place instantly filled with fighting noise.

".... did you see it? When you are alive, they did not dare to look you into your eyes, because they were scared of you. But now, they are fighting each other just next to your body! Who cares about you?.... " said a woman with a veil on her face, after she kissed the forehead of a woman who was laying on a pedestal coldly In the house that stored Tubi.

The woman who was lying on the pedestal was also wearing a mask, but it seemed like her mask only had an upper section.


Three shadows suddenly split open. All of them slowly retreated into corners and then glared at each other.

But in the next second, they all charged forward again.

During the charge, the golden woman suddenly changed her spear direction to lunge at the black armor man who was near her.


The black armor man seemed to have already known about it. He used his black shield to block the spear and then lunged his spear at the golden armor woman as well.

The green armor man sneered. A faint of viciousness flashed in his eyes as he charged toward to the black man. However, just when he approached the black man, he cast out his attack at the golden armor woman.

The golden armor woman instantly spat out blood and she was knocked all the way back.

The green armor man sneered again. However, His sneer did not last long. His facial expression began to change quickly, and as he looked down, he saw a spear penetrated his stomach.

As the black armor man pulled out the spear, Instantly, the blood gushed out from his body. However, he still looked at the hole in his stomach with his eyes wide open. It seemed like he still couldn't believe what just happened.

The golden armor woman staggered up and said coldly:" you always thought that you are the smartest people in the western forest, but you did not expect this, did you? "

" you rather injure yourself... ha.ha. I really want to know how you are going to defeat him...but ... i ...can.. not....i..." the green amour man kneeled on the ground and laughed weakly. However, he was slowly losing his strength.

In the end, he reached his hand out wanting to reach the Tubi house. but he collapsed on the ground before he was able to move again. It seemed like he still wanted to see that thing one more time before he died. However, he did not have any chance anymore.

"Now it's just us!" the black armor man pointed the spear and the golden armor woman and said.

The energy field that produced by Tubi was decaying rapidly. The noise of the chaotic fight was also getting closer and closer to them.

The golden armor woman spat the blood in her mouth onto the ground, picked up her golden spear, charged toward the black armor man and collided with him.

She was injured, and she was not as powerful as the black amour man. So after the first collision, she wisely jumped backward to avoid using her energy to block the black armor man's close-range attack.

"Even if you want to drain my energy, you will still be the one who dies the first. " the black armor man snorted. He was not concerned about the energy at all. His opponent was injured. Winning was just a matter of time.

"Buzzing sound..."

Suddenly a buzzing sound appeared in the area. Both people immediately split up and stopped fighting. The Tubi's energy field around the house has finally disappeared, the black amour man immediately ran into the house that stored Tubi without any hesitation.

"Only the earth energy people like me can use Tubi, so it is destined to be mine!" looking at the woman whose face was covered by a white veil, slowly and respectfully moved aside, the black armor man said arrogantly.

Then, he quickly approached the pedestal and wanted to remove the mask from the body. His face was covered with uncontrollable excitement, but just when he put his hand on the mask, his face suddenly changed.

Then, the woman with the veil slowly walked out from his back and dropped a short dagger that covered with blood on the ground. The black armored was too careless. He did not expect that the woman who he bribed so many things to, still did not stand on her side.

The golden armor woman staggered into the house with her weak body. She slowly walked toward the black armor man and said coldly:" no man will understand what a woman really wants, you are also the same!"

In the next second, she swung her spear to cut off the black amour man's head.

She then slowly walked toward the pedestal and looked at the woman who was laying on there. "Sister, I despise you, I will look down on you for the rest of my life! For a man that broke your heart, you chose to commit a suicide? Have you ever thought of aunty and uncle? In order to prevent me from killing him to avenge your death, you even deliberately arranged to stop me from getting Tubi after you died. Just for a man who doesn't love you, is it really worth it? You tell me, is it worth it? " After a moment of silence, She said to the body. Her eyes were filled with hate and sadness

She then began to slowly remove the mask from the woman's face.


Chu Yunsheng remembered that it was around 20 years ago. In the alley of his aunt's house in Jin Ling City, he used to like to stay around the elder people in the neighborhood listening to them talking the stories about the Japanese invasion.

Some of the stories were about air-raid shelters. At that time, he who was still a kid thought that many people hiding in a small place was a fun game to do. However, twenty years later, he finally learned the true feeling of hiding in the air raid shelter.

It was noisy, stinks and crowded. Kids were crying all the time, wounded people were screaming all the time, all kinds of strong and unpleasant smells were mixed together, and it was so stuffy in the tunnel. It was not fun at all.

All the tunnels in the western forest were filled with refugees. As early as when insects attacked the forest, the tunnels played a huge protective role. Because of the existence of Tubi, insects could not dig into the forest from outside, but no matter how tall the plant people grew, they still could not stop insect's attack from the air. Thus, this kind of air-raid proof and the insects-proof tunnel was created.

Outside the tunnel, the sounds of something huge collapsed on the ground happened all the time, and as the sounds of noisy killings were getting closer and closer to them, more and more refugees appeared in the tunnel.

From time to time, they could hear troops marching above their tunnel. The defense line of the western force seemed to collapse very quickly.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng saw his old teammates again. They were carrying some wounded teammates and moving into the tunnel with their family members under Elder Sun's command. When they got into the tunnel, they immediately changed their clothes to look like ordinary people.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng next was that he saw the golden armor woman who injured him before also got into the tunnel with her subordinates. They also quickly changed their clothes after they got into the tunnel.

The appearance of them made people inside the tunnel even more panic. It meant that the western force had completely fallen.

They could no longer go back to the old days. Moreover, before the eastern force attacked them, they have heard a lot of bad things about the eastern force. Things like their ruthless ruler brutal slaughtering people to make more plant people was what they scared the most at the moment.

The people in the 9th unit and golden armor woman's people quickly found a place inside the tunnel and sat on the ground. The tension in the air mixed with the stuffy atmosphere made the tunnel suddenly became very quiet.

"Cough.... Cough... cough...."

The quietness was suddenly broken by a cough.

" Sis... sis.... You cough up blood again?" Xiao Cao who was hiding underneath a bed sheet asked nervously. Through the gap of the bed sheet, she could clearly see that her sister coughed up blood.

The old man He immediately took out a green pill from the mute girl's pocket and fed it to the mute girl. :" it was the poison. She was not completely healed. We don't know how to cure her. Before, it only happened once a month, but now, it is getting more and more frequently...." The old man said to Chu Yunsheng.

The golden armor woman who was wearing an ordinary people's cloth at the moment, suddenly opened her mouth and said:" she was poisoned by plant people's compound earth elemental poison. Her body should have already begun to decompose itself from inside. She didn't have much time left. "

" Sis!" what she said instantly made Xiao Cao cried.

But the mute girl smiled. She waved her hand to signal that she was okay. At the same time, she reached her hand into the bed sheet to wipe off the tears form Xiao Cao's face.

Chu Yunsheng still didn't make any sound. He was quietly helping his insect's body to complete its recovery inside his body.

" He is the last chance you mentioned? If I know it is like this, I would not help you. " The woman with veil said disappointedly.

"I will advise you to stay away from him. Especially don't use your skill on him. Otherwise...." The golden armor woman closed her eyes and leaned against the wall and carried on:" otherwise, you will die..."

" I have no interests in him." the woman with veil also closed her eyes and said.

......Translator's note.....

A thing that needs to pay attention to.

The black armor man said that only the earth elemental energy people like him could use Tubi. But was it true? where did he get this information from?

He has been fooled by the woman in the veil about the cooperation. So is it possible that the information he got was also wrong?