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Chapter 370 prepare his funeral

 Chapter 370 prepare his funeral

Bang, bang, bang.

Chu Yunsheng could not bear with the pain at all. his mouth was also filled with ice. however, It did not seem to help his situation. He was banging his head on the ground hoping that it could slightly transfer the pain.

Every piece of muscle tissue in the throat like they were being split up and then reassembled again. No wonder why that whether it was reassembling a human body or reassembling the insect's body, Dark would enter a "deep sleep" state. It was its self-protecting mechanism. Because no one could withstand that kind of pain.

Chu Yunsheng's mouth was wide open, the blood vessels on his neck were swollen, his eyeballs were red and bulging. His both hands were squeezing around his neck, and he was constantly struggling on the ground. The only few pieces of furniture in the room were knocked over and scattered around in the room. The blood that ran down from his mouth had already dyed the ground into red color.

"Oh my god, what happened?" the old man He heard the noise and came to Chu Yunsheng's house to check. But he did not expect this kind of scene.

Bang, bang, bang!

Chu Yunsheng was still banging his head on the ground and rolling back and forth.

"Chuan, Chuan, quick.... " the old man was startled and quickly shouted.

Soon the mute girl hurriedly ran into the room while still holding her shoes in her hand. The mute girl's house, the old man He's house and Chu Yunsheng's house were not far from each other. The mute girl's face instantly went pale when she saw what happened. She also panicked.

"Chuan, stay here, let me go to get the masked men from the security patrol! " the old man quickly said to the mute girl.

However, just when the old man wanted to move, Chu Yunsheng suddenly reached out his hand to grab one of the old man's legs.

"Ah..." it startled the old man again and made him almost jumped up. However, Chu Yunsheng still grabbed his leg tightly.

Chu Yunsheng tried to endure the acute pain and used his shaking hand to write "no" on the ground. But just when he wrote a letter N, an acute pain suddenly hit him and made him instantly rolled around again. Eventually, he could not withstand the pain and used all his strength to bang his head to the wooden bed until he passed out.

"Elder He, you did the right thing. Although elder seventeen is a mute, and he just came here not long, he is still one of us. I can see that he does not want to create trouble for other people. Motherfuckers, it was all because of the golden armor Duling.... " Elder Sun tied Chu Yunsheng up and said.

"Boss, elder seventeen's situation is very bad. He has lost a lot of blood. I... I don't think he will make it this evening." the skinny masked man touched Chu Yunsheng's body and said. "Most likely that his wounds are infected, I probably need antibiotics, otherwise..." he knitted his brows and said.

: "The whole brigade has run out of the antibiotics, where the hell are we going to get that?" Elder Sun removed his mask from his face, revealing a face that was full of scars. He sat on the edge of the bed while smoking a cigarette and said while his eyebrows were pressed close together.

" Boss!" Elder six ran into the house breathlessly from outside and said angrily:" wooden energy people won't even let me get in the barrack. Those fuckers said that they were busy!"

Elder Sun clenched his fist and threw the cigarette on the ground that was covered with blood. He also stepped on the cigarette heavily for a few times and said angrily:" elder three, inform the rest of the team members, gather all the stuff we took in the past. Let me go talk to the commander. motherfuckers, I dare them will defy the commander's order."

" But boss... that's our several year's saving. Are you sure?" Elder three hesitated.

Seeing elder six also had the same look, elder Sun pointed at Chu Yunsheng who looked like was about to wake up anytime soon and said:" who is he? Our team member, our brother, I don't give a shit about other people, but if he is on my team then I will do something about it. Otherwise, why the fuck we call this a team? And why the fuck you call me boss?

When elder seventeen was attacked by the golden armor Duling, it was not that I didn't want to help him. It was that even if we all fought her together, we still wouldn't win the fight. Moreover, I couldn't risk the entire team. But now is different. Those things are not as important as a life. If it could exchange for elder seventeen's life. Why don't we change it? Not just elder seventeen, if any one of you were lying here today. I would also do the same."

Elder Sun's words made elder three and elder six instantly stop talking. Although they knew that the real motivation of their boss was that he wanted to gather loyalty, not just saving the elder seventeen's life.

Chu Yunsheng also heard some of Elder Sun's word. He didn't want those people to help him. It was not just that he didn't want to owe those people. Moreover, the battle inside his body might kill anyone instantly if they tried to use wood elemental energy to heal him.

If those people died, then, it would be even more difficult for him to explain.

His only solution was to endure the pain until the reconstruction of the throat was finished.

However, he was tied up on the bed. The pain made him only able to let out some short grunts from time to time.

He was constantly shaking his head, wanting to tell them that do not help him. However, other people just thought that he was shaking his head because of pains.

In the end, elder Sun still left to find the commander. Chu Yunsheng also gave up signaling them. All he could do was to look at the mute girl who was constantly putting the new ice cubes on his body to reduce his body temperature.

Elder He was extremely anxious. He couldn't wait quietly in the room, so he decided to make ice cubes outside the house. Elder six and elder three, on the other hand, were smoking the self-made cigarette in silence. They couldn't smoke real cigarettes. all they had was a type of cigarette that made from a strange plant.

When the hazy shimmer finally appeared in the sky, elder Sun also came back. His eyes were red, and he looked dejected. When he just walked in the room, elder three immediately walked toward him. However, he shook his head in disappointment.

"Commander did not return to the barrack last night?" elder three asked.

Elder Sun nodded his head.

"Must be with that vixen again." elder six cursed.

"How is elder seventeen?" elder Sun took over the cigarette elder three passed to him and asked quietly.

The skinny masked man looked at Chu Yunsheng and said while shaking his head:" before you came in, I still saw him struggling. but now..... Sigh.... I think we need to prepare his funeral.... "

Elder Sun opened Chu Yunsheng's eyelids to check his pupils and pressed his skin that was gradually turning darker then let out a sigh and said "Sigh... inform elder six, we might need to bury him..."

Suddenly a noise of something dropped on the ground appeared behind them.

It was the mute girl who just came to the room from outside. she dropped the plastic basin that had many ice cubes on the ground when she heard what Elder Sun said. After a moment of silence, she quietly left the room.

Elder six also sighed and followed her to leave the room.

Elder Sun took out a metal box from his cloth. He opened it and took out a real cigarette and stuck it into Chu Yunsheng's mouth:" elder seventeen, this is the last one I have. After you finished this one, you may rest in peace. Please don't have resentment towards us when you go to heaven, we did our best."

"Boss, elder three, the brigade is calling for all units, we need to go back immediately!" a masked man hurriedly ran into the room and shouted.

"Okay, elder three, let's go! " elder Sun patted Chu Yunsheng's shoulder and said.

"..... Chuan Er, bring Xiao Cao to see him last time.... sign... " the old man cleaned the ice cubes near Chu Yunsheng's forehead and sighed.

Then a little girl's cry appeared in the room.:" uncle, uncle, what happened? Are you going to turn into an insect again?"


Chu Yunsheng spent another day in the groggy state. His team members from the 9th unit have stopped coming back. It seemed like something had happened. Because he could hear the chaotic noises outside his house. The noises continued until the midnight, and then Chu Yunsheng began to hear the sound of fight....


Suddenly, an arrow penetrated the roof of Chu Yunsheng's house and stabbed into the bed next to Chu Yunsheng's head. Then Chu Yunsheng instantly opened his eyes. The merging of his insect's body has finally slowed down, and reconstruction of his throat has come to the end.

Chu Yunsheng slowly clenched his fists for a few time. He could feel that his strength was slowly coming back to him.

Then he heard another noise from outside his house.:"Chuan Er, quick, let's go, he is already dead.... You take Xiao Cao to the tunnel first... quick! go!. "