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Chapter 369 exchange secrets

 Chapter 369 exchange secrets

Chu Yunsheng tightened his clothes, then crouched down next to the little plant girl. He habitually reached his hand into his pocket searching for the half cigarette that elder Sun gave to him and then used the fire starter that made by the people in this forest to light the cigarette.

" Oh, sorry, uncle, I forget that you can't speak. But it's okay, you can write on my leaves, sis does the same thing when she teaches me how to write Chinese." The little plant girl reached out a big yellowish leaf and said. Perhaps she didn't have enough nutrition, that's why the color was like that.

Chu Yunsheng bit on the cigarette and carefully held the leaf and wrote slowly:" I also haven't talked to anyone for a very long time." the leaf was soft and tender like a piece of cotton cloth.

Since he became an insect, Chu Yunsheng also hasn't chat with any human like this for a very long time. The feeling of loneliness made Chu Yunsheng couldn't refuse the little girl's request.

Whenever Chu Yunsheng wrote something on the leaf, the leaf would emit a faint phosphorescence light forming a blurry Chinese character on it.

:" Uncle, you also have a very unfortunate life, just like my sis, both of you can't talk. But my sis was not born with it. She lost her voice because of me." the little plant girl tilted her head and carried on.

:"When I was young, I was playful and disobedient. One day I sneaked out of the house after sis went to work, and sneaked into a place that had many plant people to play. I didn't know that those plant people are that bad, they turned me into a lamp plant. I was very scared when I woke up. Cause I lost my body. I cried a lot that day...."

Listening to a kid telling a story about when she was young might sound a little bit funny, but Chu Yunsheng didn't laugh. Instead, he quietly listened to every word she said while smoking his cigarette. Other people might not be able to understand how panic and how scared the girl was when she found out she lost her body, but Chu Yunsheng had personally experienced almost exactly the same situation. The difference was that at that time, he was an adult who had seen and experienced many unfortunate events, but she was still a kid.

The little girl rolled up her leaves and said angrily:" sis told me that she almost lost her mind when he found out that I was not home. She asked many people if they had seen me, and went through many places in the forest tried to find me. Eventually, she found me in a group of lamp plants.

Those lamp plants are very very bad, they didn't want to let me go. They even want to turn my sis into a plant people. My sis just an ordinary human, she doesn't have any abilities. So begged them to let me go, told them that I was just a kid, couldn't join the fight.

I remembered that that day was snowing very heavily, and sis was kneeling on the field constantly kowtowing, but those bad plant people ignored her."

Chu Yunsheng quietly listened. Through the little girl's childish tone, he could clearly feel the mute girl's feeling at that time. it was the feeling of wanting to protect someone but did not have any abilities to do it.

" Then, there was a good lamp plant aunty who sympathized with my sis. She helped me to get out after all the bad guys were asleep. but, I couldn't find my body anymore, even if I find my body, aunty told us that it couldn't be attached together anymore. Later on, sis found a flower pot and plant me in there and hid me in the house all day. Only when it gets to the late night, then, I am able to get out of the house to see the sky.

I was saved, but sis was poisoned by those bad plant people, they secretly emitted poisonous gas to my sis... she was exhausted, she didn't even eat anything that day. After she transferred me into the pot, she collapsed outside the house. Luckily, Grandpa He(name) noticed it, and brought a pill from outside to save my sis.... Later on... she lost her voice...."

When she finished the story, Chu Yunsheng also finished his cigarette. He stroked the girl's little head and wrote:" you have a good sister."

:" Uncle, don't stroke my head, I don't like people stroking my head, I am not a kid anymore!" The little girl immediately said while waving her leaves.

Chu Yunsheng smiled and nodded his head.

" Uncle, I have already told you my biggest secret. Now, it is your turn. You need to be honest." The little girl looked at Chu Yunsheng excitedly. It seemed like she was very "eager" to know someone else's secret.

Chu Yunsheng adjusted his position and then wrote:" when I was as big as you, the biggest secret I had was that I once hung my school principal's pants on the flagpole."

The little girl was dazed for a second and said:" uncle, that doesn't count .... That is not a secret at all.... Emmm, I only went to the nursery before, uncle, is school fun? Do you have many friends? Are there any candies like lollipops? How about comics? Are there many comic books?"

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to answer her questions. If he says no, she would definitely be upset. If he says yes, she could no longer see them anymore. So he sighed and planned to change the topic. :" Let me tell you the biggest secret I have. In this world, you are the third person who knows it. "

" Okay, okay, quick, tell me." The little girl nodded her head and said.

Chu Yunsheng paused a second and then wrote:"a long time ago, because of an accident, I was turned into an insect, you know those insects that spit things."

" Yes, yes, I know, sis told me that, mom and dad were eaten by those things, uncle you can carry on." the little girl urged.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the sky, took a deep breath and then briefly wrote down what he had been through as an insect. he had changed a lot, made it sound like a fairytale, so it would be easier for the girl in front of her to understand.

:" ......later on... it died, and I became a human again."

The tears were running from the girl's eyes when she heard that ending. After a while crying, the girl looked at Chu Yunsheng and said:" uncle, you are lying, how you can you turn into an insect and change back into a human again? Those bad people told me that once I became a plant people, I will never become a human again."

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he didn't refute. It felt good to let out the things that were hidden inside his mind, even if it was an adapted version. No wonder why that he kept hearing people saying that confess is a good thing.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't reply to her, the little girl unfold one of her little leaves to reveal something slowly to Chu Yunsheng. :" Uncle, you can eat my sugar candy." said the little girl.

That thing was as big as a pinky finger, and it was in black color. It didn't look like a sugar candy at all. But it looked like she treasured it a lot.

" Uncle doesn't want it, uncle is an adult. Eating candy will make uncle have a toothache." Chu Yunsheng wrote.

But the little girl said sternly:" uncle, I am serious. I saved this candy for a very long time. This is the best thing I have. Sis said that you are different than those bad masked men. You are a good man, and you don't take things from other people, you also paid much more food to those people who built your house. Sis makes ice cubes for you, You also leave food at our door every day. Since you moved here, no one dares to bully my sis and grandpa He anymore...."

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to tell her that in this world, no one is absolutely good and no one is absolutely bad. For instance elder Sun's group. To the little girl, they were the completely bad guys. But to each member of the 9th units, they are very united and supportive. If expectations are different and standards are different, how can you differentiate the good and bad?

However, Chu Yunsheng couldn't bring himself to write it. She was just an innocent little girl, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to use those rules to "pollute" her mind.

Under the insistence of the little girl, Chu Yunsheng carefully divided the "dirty sugar candy" into half and gave one back. After he put the half sugar in his mouth, A bitter and salty, but a little sweet taste appeared on his tongue and slowly began to flow down his throat and went into his stomach. Then he saw a smile appeared on the little girl's face.

"What is your name?" Chu Yunsheng secretly took out a sugar that the golden armor woman gave to him and placed it in the little girl's flower pot. At the same time, he used his right hand to write on the leaf.

" Xiao Cao, it means little grass. It is my new name. The little girl said vaguely while slowly tasting the sugar that was in her mouth. :" Oh right, uncle, I have heard grandpa He said that you are from outside? Have you heard anything about the most powerful man in the world? Can you tell me something about him? I really like to hear grandpa He telling his story. "

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He really didn't know anything about it. When he was in the yellow mountain area, he had heard San Fazi talked about it once, but this place was not the yellow mountain area.

" Uncle, shame on you, how can you not know anything about the most powerful man in the world?" The little suddenly giggled. :" Haha, I finally found someone that is dumber than me."

Chu Yunsheng smiled helplessly. He jokingly wrote: " you admire him?"

The little girl nodded very quickly this time: "Of course, he is amazing. He is stronger than Gohan, a character that is in a comic that my sis found for me. He can defeat so many bad guys. Grandpa said that, even if the rulers of both forest partner up, they still can't beat him. All the insects also listen to his command. You see, he is that powerful. If I have his ability, I will catch the bad guys who bully me and my sister, and then put them all in a cesspit !"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, and then wrote:" insects also listen to him?"

The little girl used to listen to the old man He telling her the story about the most powerful man in the world. It was the first time she found out that someone still didn't know about the story of the most powerful man. so a sense of pride and satisfaction suddenly appeared in her mind. "Well, Grandpa He said that not only the insects listen to him, but he also defeated a lot of robots!"

Chu Yunsheng was instantly alerted and immediately wrote" do you know his name? I mean his real name."

The little girl was stumped. She shook her head and said:"I don't know, but I know that there used to be UFOs looking for him. "

Chu Yunsheng paused for a few seconds and then suddenly let out a bitter laugh. The most powerful man in the world? It should be the most unfortunate man in the world.

The hazy shimmer slowly appeared. The mute girl who has been staying in the corner from the beginning hurriedly ran out while bowing her head down. She hurriedly moved the little girl back to their house without looking at Chu Yunsheng. it seemed like she was scared to have a eye contact with Chu Yunsheng.


Another two days passed while Chu Yunsheng waiting for people to inform him to go outside the forest to collect bodies. He had continuously asked for sick leave to speed up his insect's body's recovery.

When it got to the third night, he was suddenly kicked out from the "battle" inside his body, and a acute burning pain in his throat began to get worse and worse.

His insect's body began to merged together rapidly.