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Chapter 368 the war is coming

 Chapter 368 the war is coming

The topic between Elder Sun and elder six slowly carried them away. Chu Yunsheng was new to the place, so sometimes he didn't even understand what they were saying. He just quietly followed them while thinking, probably he needed to find another way to get out of the city.


" What? You want to collect bodies?" the old man was surprised.

Chu Yunsheng had asked another sick leave from Elder Sun and went back to find him.

" Is there a problem?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and used a dried tree branch to write on the ground. If this method couldn't work, then he probably would not be able to think of another way in a short time.

The old man was confused and looked at Chu Yunsheng:" But... you are already a masked man. You don't need to do this kind of menial work." said the old man.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then wrote:" need to save more for the future."

The old man looked at the ground and then looked at Chu Yunsheng. As if he suddenly realized something. he nodded his head and said:" you are right. You are still young, you should work harder for the future, okay. I'll help you."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, and then took out some of the food he had in his house and then wrote to the old man:" if you have any problem, use those. I hope you could get it done as soon as possible."

"You just kept your food in your house like that?" The old man was surprised.

Chu Yunsheng nodded absently. Since the beginning of the dark age, unlike other people, food was always not his main concern.

Despite currently, he didn't have "anything", he still didn't want to hide his food like other people.

To him, food was just food, it could never compare with the important things that he lost in the past.

However, to other people, food was always the most precious things under the dark sky. Chu Yunsheng once again felt the importance of food to other people when he saw the old man brought a group of women who had clearly just cleaned themselves, to his house on the second day.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the old man in confusion and picked up the stick that he left on the side of his door and wrote:" ready to collect bodies now!"

The old man smiled and shook his head. " That thing can't be rushed. I haven't heard anything from the people that arrange those activities. Come... Take a look at those girls first...."

Chu Yunsheng frowned, he roughly knew that why the old man brought those women here now.

" Achoo... don't be shy, you are all young people, if you like anyone, just let them know straight away." The old man suddenly sneezed and his body was shivering uncontrollably in the cold wind.

Chu Yunsheng wiped off the frost from his beard and quickly wrote:"I didn't ask you to do this!"

" It's fine, I understand. You told me that you need to save food for the future. It means that you are planning to settle down here. Since you are going to settle down, I thought that you need at least one woman to take care of you, and help you to ...."

The more the old man talked, the more twisted the Chu Yunsheng's face was. Luckily the old man quickly noticed the Chu Yunsheng's blurry angry expression behind the mask. Despite he didn't know why he was angry, the old man eventually stopped talking.

After a moment of awkward silence, the old man coughed and said:" cough... cough... I have already applied one place for you. We just need to wait for them to tell us the time. This kind of job is both dirty and dangerous...."

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that it would be that easy to get a place. Looking at those girls were still waiting for his reply. He wrote:" let them go." Before the old man replied, he tightened his clothe and just left the house to go to work.

The old man looked at the girls and said:" sigh... you can leave now, he is not interested in anyone..."

All the women looked at Chu Yunsheng's back in disappointment. All of them knew that the man was a mute, but they also knew that he was a masked man, and he was alone. To them, it meant that they would not be troubled by the food problem if Chu Yunsheng became their man.

Any one of those women in the group was considered to be the best candidates to partner with, in this living area. Although they were not beautiful, and many of them even had rough skin, they also had quite many advantages over those beautiful ones. They were strong and competent. Not a single one them actually needed to be looked after by their men.

In this age, they were the type of women that everybody wanted. Most of the beautiful ones couldn't bear with the difficulties in life and couldn't bear with hunger. Moreover, if their men were out doing work, leaving the beautiful woman at home alone was very risky. Because many men often wandering around in the forest.

No one knew why Chu Yunsheng didn't want them, but they didn't stay very long, because they also need to carry on their days.

Only after all the women left, a slender shadow that seemed to have stood at the corner of Chu Yunsheng's house for a long time, came out of the corner and put down a bucket of ice and left in silence.


In a tall tree house in the forest.

A short-haired woman was looking at a map while walking back and forth. At the corner of the room, there was a suit golden armor that had been deeply cleaned.

"Duling, he asked for a day off again." A fire energy man walked into the room and said.

The short-haired women nodded her head and then looked down at the forest city through the window. " Zhenjiang, do you still remember what happened when the flower fairy of the eastern force died? Her face was filled with horror before she died, right?" She said slowly.

" Yes, I have never seen any flower fairy had that kind of expression before. As if it had seen something that is even scarier than our ruler." The man nodded his head.

The short-haired woman looked at the map again and said:" this person is definitely hiding in our forest. We have already checked everyone that was there on that day. Only him was suspicious."

"But he couldn't beat Duling, how could he beat the flower fairy instantly?" The man was confused.

" Don't you feel strange?" The woman turned around and said:" he was wearing the mask, but he didn't even use any energy, even when I injured him he still didn't use any energy to protect himself."

The man knitted his brows trying to remember the fight in detail. :" But he was desperately trying to escape at that time. It didn't look like he was hiding any power."

"An ordinary man can't have that kind of reaction and speed." The woman shook his her head and carried on:" if it really was him... maybe he was injured, and it affects his ability... but why he wants to sign up to collect bodies after he became a masked man? Since the flower fairy of the eastern force was scared of him, that means he was not the spy from the eastern force. but why he needs to hide in our forest? It doesn't make any sense..."

The man hesitated for a second and said:" Duling, I still don't think it was him."

The short-haired woman looked at him and said:" if it wasn't him, who else could it be? Do you really think what rumor said is true? You also think it was the world most powerful man who did it? Even if he is not dead! think about it, why would the person that killed both fire messenger and ice messenger, destroyed the army of robots single-handedly, and even insects treated him like their king, wanted to come to our forest? Besides, the ice race has already stopped looking for that person, it means that he is definitely dead."

The man shook his head and said:" that's not what I meant, what I am trying to say is, do you think it is possible that it was done by our ruler?"

The short-haired woman looked at the man quietly for a very long time and then sighed:" Zhenjiang, I don't think this thing will remain as a secret for very long, so I think it is time to let you know. Our ruler has already died. It was also the main reason why that I need to gather as many energy blocks as possible, from the other two Duling's hands."

" Ah?! " The man was shocked.

" The Eastern force has already gathered their men, probably within three days, the war will break out again." The short-haired woman gritted her teeth and said while her eyes were filled with hate.


After Chu Yunsheng helped his insect's body to win the fight, it was already midnight. So he once again couldn't fall asleep. While he was struggling, he suddenly heard a song sung by a little girl from behind his house.

" I don't smell as good as a flower, I'm not as tall as a tree; I'm a blade of grass that no one knows;...."

Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to grab his cotton coat and got up from the bed. Until he got to the back of his house. He realized that it was the mute girl's sister.

" Uncle, can you talk to me? I haven't talked to anyone apart from my sis..." the little girl raised her head and said to Chu Yunsheng. There were endless loneliness and longing in her eyes.