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Chapter 367 the masked man uncle

 Chapter 367 the masked man uncle

The fight lasted for the whole night, so Chu Yunsheng did not sleep for the entire evening. He tightened his broken cotton clothes and opened the door to take a deep breath.

Must say that since the dark age began, despite the number of humans has plummeted, but the air quality has risen tremendously. Although he didn't understand what the "negative ions" that was repeatedly emphasized by the housing developers was in the age of light, his nose intuitively told him that the fresh air was always refreshing.

Having spat out the sour gas that was caused by the fruits in his stomach, Chu Yunsheng did not feel tired at all. This was not because that with his full support last night, the recovery of his insect body has a great progress. It was just a sequela of simply staying up too late.

The hazy shimmer still has not appeared in the sky, so not many people were active at this time, let alone animals. There were only some Lamp plants people whispering at each other secretly in the tall grass.

Chu Yunsheng walked around the simple thatched house that was built in one day while thinking how much longer it would take him to completely reverse the situation of the three forces inside his body.

It would probably be much easier for him to leave his place after he restored his energy. Chu Yunsheng thought. However, he did not expect too much that everything would follow his plan.

Since three forces began to fight each other inside his body, this was the first time Chu Yunsheng wanted to deal with this problem seriously. Using earth elemental energy was a good idea. However, the security patrolling unit did not have the supply of the energy block. He himself also could not absorb earth elemental energy from the air, Unless he could make some talismans. But making talismans required energy, however, the energy he cultivated would always be consumed by three forces, so he could not make any.

That was the reason why that he chose to help his insect's body to fight the bow and the book. The decision was made very carefully. Helping his insect's body was the fastest way to solve his problem at the moment.

When his insect's body was fully recovered, he would be able to summon it outside his body and separate it from the rest of the two forces. If he chose to help the book to suppress the shattered insect's body, not only it would not eliminate the problem, but it would only cause the bad situation to last even longer. No to mention that he had a bow that could make him lose" his mind, it was like a "bomb" that could explode at any time.

While thinking, Chu Yunsheng slowly and inadvertently walked away from his house and walked towards the old man's house.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng heard someone whispering in a corner not far from him. He did not plan to listen to other people's talk. Instead, when he realized that he had left his house, he immediately turned around and wanted to return to his house again.

"Sis, you already made 20 of them. That's enough... Besides, that masked man uncle will not be able to eat this many ice cubes in one day..." Chu Yunsheng did not want to hear it, but his sensitive ears still caught a little girl's voice.

Ice cube? Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped. He remembered that there was indeed a bowl with several ice cubes outside his house. Originally he thought that it was the old man who prepared it for him, since the old man always wanted him to look after him.

"Sis, do you know why he likes to eat ice cubes? Do the masked men changed their hobbies. It is very weird. " the little girl carried on asking.

This time Chu Yunsheng was sure that they were talking about him. Chu Yunsheng didn't like to receive something for no reason. Especially when he made his decision that he didn't want to establish any new relationship with strangers. So he didn't want to owe anyone. Even if it was just some worthless ice cubes.

However, it did not take him too long to think about how to pay them back. He just simply thought that giving them some food tomorrow would do it. The ordinary food that the old man exchanged for him using the fruits he had, still had two third left. He also had a food supply from the security patrol unit. So he didn't mind to give out some of his food.

"Who is there? Sis. someone is behind the wall, quick, move me into the house! " the little girl was startled all of sudden. She seemed to have heard the noise that Chu Yunsheng made when he began to move again.

Then, after a series of panic footsteps, Chu Yunsheng saw a person holding a thing that resembles a flower pot, running around the wall and running towards him in panic.

" Sis..sis... wrong direction....!" The little girl's voice was made by a strange "plant" in the flower pot.

"....." The person immediately stopped and quickly turned around wanted to run back.

" It's too late now, sis, he saw me. Let me use my magic to confuse him." This time Chu Yunsheng saw it very clearly. It was a plant with a little girl's face.

" What you saw was just an illusion.... illusion ...abracadabra.... illusions...." The little girl was constantly waving her leaves while murmuring something. Soon, there were some small and dim yellow halos of light slowly flew towards Chu Yunsheng. Comparing to the light cast out by the lamp plants, her light was nothing.

Chu Yunsheng quickly stepped back. He was not scared of the light. However, he didn't want the thing that happened to flower fairy happened to this girl again.

"Huh? How can you still stay awake? I clearly made an illusion of a big lollipop...." The little girl was disappointed when she saw Chu Yunsheng quietly stood there unaffected.

The girl who was not able to speak seemed to have realized that it was Chu Yunsheng, so she immediately began to make hand signs just using one hand.

" Sis, he is that masked man uncle? Emmm... if it is him... okay... okay.." the little plant girl looked at the elder girl's hand signs and then looked at Chu Yunsheng.

The mute girl nodded and then began to make hand signs to Chu Yunsheng. Unfortunately, Chu Yunsheng couldn't understand any hand signs. He was just a fake mute, so he shook his head and took out two pieces of dried food from his clothes.

The mute girl shook her hand, refused to take it, and then she carried on making the hand signs while smiling at Chu Yunsheng.

"Masked man uncle, my sis said that we are neighbors, we should help each other." the little plant girl looked at the hand signs and translated. Then she suddenly asked.:" uncle, you are not going to tell other people about this, right? "


Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have too much contact with them, so he still put the food in front of the mute girl, and left before the shimmer appeared. he went back to the thatched house to rest for a little bit. When he got up, he heard Elder Six was shouting his name at the door.

"Commander wants to see you." Elder Six wiped off the dew on his face and said while panting. It seemed like he was running all the way to his house earlier.

Chu Yunsheng immediately began to pack his stuff, and put on the mask and the uniform that Elder six brought to him. He quickly washed his hair, made himself look energetic and strong. Hopefully, he would be able to join the food search units after he saw the commander, and when he got outside the forest, with his speed, he believed that no one was able to catch up with him.

Then, Both men began to trot toward the barrack. But on the way, they encountered Elder Sun who was humming a song all the way from the barrack.

"Something just came out, Duling left the barrack already." Elder Sun said while carefully taking out a pack of authentic white sand branded cigarettes from his pocket. He took out one cigarette, split it in half and passed them to Chu Yunsheng and elder six. The Duling he was talking about was the black armor Duling, who was also the commander of the masked man.

"Boss, where did you get this stuff?" looking at slightly yellow cigarette paper, elder six said with envy.

"Why do you need to know." elder Sun carefully used a plastic bag to wrap the rest of cigarettes and then said:" elder seventeen, don't worry, if you stay here long enough, you will understand that our Duling is just like that. He will not stay in one place for a long time. But he will definitely see you in two days."

Elder six exhaled a cigarette smoke and smirked:" elder seventeen, I bet our Duling definitely went to see the 'vixen'(1). She used to be the most beautiful girl in our Star Sand city... Wait a second... boss, don't tell me that you gave the sanitary cotton that Xu big head gave to you to Duling? If your wife knew about this... she definitely gonna smack your ass..."

Elder Sun instantly kicked elder Six's ass and cursed:" you little fucker, what did you say? Motherfucker, do you think this pack of cigarettes just came down from the sky?"

Elder six wasn't angry at all. Instead, he quickly got up and said:" then, I have to thank vixen. Otherwise, why Duling was willing to give this baby out?... Sigh... speaking of this vixen. It is said that our ruler was so angry at her that she kidnapped her from the ruler of the eastern force. She even wanted to kill her.

But no one expected that she was even able to attract our ruler... motherfucker. I don't really understand this woman and woman thing, like how....

Now, our ruler has just stopped showing up, she immediately began to seduce our Duling, she is exactly the definition of femme fatale!

But then again, boss, I have heard that this vixen has some special ability... many higher-ups secretly saying that before they die they want to try to sleep with her once. It that true?"

"How the fuck do I know, I have never slept with her." elder Sun said with disdain.


Vixen, a very hot, and sexy woman.