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Chapter 366 the legend of a man

 Chapter 366 the legend of a man

The 9th unit couldn't do anything to the golden armored woman, but they could do whatever they like here. So they completely took out their anger on those powerless people.

They took whatever they saw. All their pockets were filled with stuff as if what they did was nothing.

The skinny masked man even shamelessly touched a woman's butt, and then laughed loudly when he saw the woman who ran away in panic bumped into the shield that was held by the other masked man.

No one dared to come out to stop those masked men's behavior, and as if it had become a rule, everyone just bowed their heads down, numbly accepting what was happening.

In this forest city, and in every masked men units' territories, this kind of thing was happening constantly all the time.

The woman was dragged into a thatched house. The rest of the people finally let out a sigh of relief. To them, it was a sign that the whole thing was about to end soon. Most of the people were feeling fortunate enough that they weren't the most unlucky one.

Elder Sun normally didn't allow his men to kill people. It wasn't that he was a kind man, it was just that unnecessary killing would often cause him some unnecessary troubles.

Some ballsy merchants realized that thing was going to be over soon, so they began to approach Elder Sun and wanted to have a chat with him.

" Boss Sun, did you know?" A man with a wide forehead, small chin, and a strange hat whispered into Elder Sun's ear.

" Know what?" Elder Sun asked casually while checking the expiry date on a pack of milk candy against a faint light.

" A super powerful man killed a flower fairy with just one strike! Many people thought that it was the ruler of the forest who did it. Only until later, we found out that they are still looking for that man." The man glanced around and whispered.

Elder Sun's hand suddenly shook a little, and instinctively looked at Chu Yunsheng who was leaning against the wall of a tree house smoking a cigarette. But he immediately shook his head.

" The whole incident was a mystery, but the rumor was going crazy around the people in the lower level. you probably don't know, some people even said that..." the man paused a second and cautiously looked around and carried on:" some people said that it was the most powerful man in the world did it! Only he had that kind of ability."

" Bullshit, it is said that that man has already died. Besides, the story about that man is just a legend. Who knows if it was real. A man fought.... That's a total bullshit... I can't believe you even believe that? " elder Sun said with disdain.

The man suddenly became very serious:" how come? It is said that both rulers of the forest are extremely worried!"

This time, elder Sun didn't even bother to look at him:" nonsense! I didn't even have any information about the reactions of the rulers of the forest. How did they get that information? They were just bullshiting. Let me tell you something useful...."

Chu Yunsheng flicked away the cigarette from his hand and stepped onto the cigarette to put out the cigarette. To him, It was also a part of the activities that he needed to do when smoking a cigarette.

He stabbed the long spear into the ground and slowly walked through the timid crowds that were already split into two groups.

Earlier on, he had seen a thing that brought up some of his memories.

A skinny weak girl with a dirty face bowed her head down in panic when she realized that Chu Yunsheng was standing quietly in front of her. The girl didn't dare to have an eye contact with Chu Yunsheng. She just buried her face in her dirty cotton coat while pushing out the basket she was holding towards Chu Yunsheng as if she was saying that just take whatever you want but don't hurt me.

When Chu Yunsheng's eyesight landed on a pair of ragged but clean pink bra, a faint smile appeared on his face. He seemed to see the dumb insect was wearing it on its head and smiling stupidly at him.

in the next second, he put his hand on a gray wool balaclava that was next to the pink bra. It was a type of balaclava that he was wearing all the time before he turned into an insect. Instantly, all the old memories just like old movie images flashed in his mind.

" Fuck me, elder seventeen, don't tell me that you are interested in this girl!" said the Elder six who was adjusting his trousers while walking out of the thatched house.

As if he suddenly became interested in Chu Yunsheng's business, he ran over and used one of his hands to pinch the girl's chin and the other one to wipe of the dirt on the girl's face.

Seeing the white and tender skin behind the dirt, he said in a surprised tone:" yooo.... Elder seventeen, not bad... not bad... but you need to hurry up, we need to leave soon...."

It was at that moment, an old man that Chu Yunsheng was familiar with, squeezed into the crowd and smiled apologetically:" Gentlemen, gentlemen, this girl is a mute.... A mute..."

Elder six was dazed for a second and suddenly laughed:" mute? Mute! Ahahah, mute! Best couple...."

But in the next second, His laugh sudden stopped by Chu Yunsheng cold glare. Realising he had said something wrong, elder six coughed for a few times and walked away silently.

Chu Yunsheng threw a chunk of dry food into the basket and then took out the Woolen balaclava. He shook it before the old man to signal him that he just want that, and then stuffed it into his own pocket.

" It's too much, too much, young man. This balaclava doesn't worth that much. Let me give you two dry fruits as the change. We will still need you to look over after us in the future." The old man quickly took out two yellow fruits from his pot and gave them to Chu Yunsheng.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't take them. He was curious that how did this old man still recognize him. Although the mask was not completely opaque, he just met this old man once.

The old man seemed to know what Chu Yunsheng was thinking. He reached his hand out to point at Chu Yunsheng cloth.

Only until that moment did he realized that it was his clothes. Originally, the masked men had their own uniforms. However, no one knew what exactly happened to the higher-ups of the masked men army. Not only the management levels were in a mess, all types of supplies were also extremely scarce.

So, to a security patrol unit like the 9th unit, it was already not bad to have a weapon for the new guy. In terms of the rest of the supplies? Everyone knew that there was no way they would get it.

It was because of that, Chu Yunsheng was still wearing the broken coat that he stripped off from a dead body in Hong Kong.

Chu Yunsheng looked into the old man's pot. Apart from some fruits, he also noticed that there were some everyday necessities.

It suddenly reminded him of something. He had heard from the skinny masked man said that many black market merchants would always try to smuggle something into the forest, whenever they were out of the forest collecting the human bodies from outside.

'Maybe I can find a way to get out of this forest from this old man.' Chu Yunsheng thought for a second.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng had already thought of several ways to escape from the forest. However, there were only two options that were safe.

The first way was to join the units called food search units. There were several of them in the forest, and each one of them was also very big. They often needed to go out of the forest to conduct large food search missions.

Joining the food search units had many advantages over the security patrol units. The most apparent one was that they would always find chances to hide some stuff for themselves.

The second one was to join those black market merchants to sneak out of the forest.

But, in terms of which way was the best for him, he needed to find out more information about each one of those methods first. At the moment, He needed to have a quiet place, so he could secretly gather that information.

The station of the 9th unit had a room for him, however, it wouldn't be convenient for him anymore if he wanted to do things secretly.

In the sound of some women sobbing quietly, elder Sun blew his whistle to signal the unit that they need to go now.

Chu Yunsheng's wound was recovering rapidly. His body which was at the peak of Yuan Tian stage two had revealed its incredible self-healing ability.

He requested one-day injury leave from Elder Sun, and refused Elder three's invitation to go to some treehouse called "paradise", and followed the old man all the way to a thatched house.

The old man was surprised when he noticed that Chu Yunsheng was following him, and the girl next to him was obviously panicked.

" can you read?" Chu Yunsheng used a tree branch to write on the ground.

The old man nodded his head.

" I need a house." Chu Yunsheng wrote. he put down the compensation he got from the golden armored woman. It was a box of high quality dried fruits that only the higher-ups of the forest were able to get, and a small bag of sugar that was processed from the plants in the forest.

The old man's eyes instantly glinted. The fruits he had couldn't compare with those dried fruits that only the higher-ups of the forest were able to eat. There was even a bag of processed sugar. Although he didn't know how the young man got those stuff, he immediately responded. :" Young man, you don't need to buy a thatched house. If you need one, I'll get some people to build it for you. You just need to pay them a day of food."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and split out some of the sugars he had and gave them to the old man. :" This su... is for you. Help me to exchange the rest. Also, tell me something more about this place." He wrote.

Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to hide his intention from this old man. Because the old man knew about it already. However, When he tried to write the Chinese character of sugar () he suddenly forgot how to write it. So he just skipped it.

But he didn't expect that the old man pushed the sugar back and smiled:" I can't take it. If you could, help us a little in the future. "

" That is a different thing." Chu Yunsheng wrote. Since the day he left Hong Kong, he has already decided to stop getting to know strangers, despite talking to the old man was unavoidable.

If he was destined to be alone, then he would face his fate without frowning!

The old man seemed to also feel that Chu Yunsheng was trying to avoid them. Seeing Chu Yunsheng casual made a snowball and swallowed it, he carried on:

" ... it is said that The ruler of the eastern force and the ruler of the western force used to be a couple. The stuff they found under the ground was split into two, each one of them was holding one. When the forest was attacked by the insect's swarm, both rulers were fighting alongside each other. However, after the swarm retreated, no one knows why they began to fight each other, and both sides wanted to control each other.

It is said that the ruler of our western force hasn't shown up in any meetings for a very long time. Everyone is talking about this, all kinds of rumors are going around at the moment.

However, Three Dulings are only busy fighting each other for more power and more control. The forest is no longer the forest we had before.

The Eastern force is even worse, in order to expand their territory and increase their force, they began to kill people and create those plant people. If I didn't meet you, I probably also became one of those plant people.

Human is an evil and greedy creature, people are often willing to share difficulties, troubles and many other negative things together. But no one wants to share good things. Especially when it comes to power. How many people have already died because of power struggle?....."

The information the old man provided was very simple. But it was more than enough for Chu Yunsheng. He was not interested in the power struggle of the forest, nor was he interested in their top secrets.



Chu Yunsheng gathered all his focus together and began to cultivate Yuan Qi energy once again.

But this time was not just cultivating energy that simple. He also began to join the fight that happened inside his body.

Since the shackles to his mind were removed, his thoughts were also freed from the inside.

He no longer wanted to endure three forces fighting inside his body. This time he wanted to fight back.