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Chapter 365 I have already done my best

 Chapter 365 I have already done my best

The woman left, so did her followers. Despite Chu Yunsheng was injured, he still didn't know why they wanted to attack him. HIs wound was later then wrapped up by his colleagues.

Of course, even if he wanted to ask the woman, he didn't think the woman would tell him, let alone he didn't have the ability to talk.

Looking at Elder Sun constantly bowed at the woman and apologized on behalf of him. Chu Yunsheng felt like there was something inside his chest that he could get it out.

The information Elder Sun had was wrong. The 9th unit offended someone that he shouldn't have offended. He understood that why Elder Sun wanted to apologize. But to thank them on behalf of him? He was the one that was wounded. He shouldn't thank them. They should be the one that apologizes to him.

However, he couldn't make them change their mind. As long as he was wearing the mask, Elder Sun was still his team leader, and he still represented him.

Originally, it was not really a big of a deal. In order to survive, he had done so many things since the beginning of the dark age. He hid before, ran away before, tried to trick other people before and played dead before... but no matter what he did, he still didn't feel as yellow as this moment. He was wounded, but he still needed to "thank" them? Even when he was fighting the divine realm, he still didn't kneel down.

Despite there were so many people around him, it seemed like he was the only one who felt like way. It suddenly made him understand himself from a different perspective.

Then he realized that what he thought before was wrong. why did he need to learn how to feel numb? Why did he need to learn how to live in the dark age like other people? The reason why the woman back in Hong Kong was able to laugh next to her brother's body was not that she learned how to feel numb. It was actually that she had naturally adapted the reality.

No matter how he tried to remind himself that he should know his limit, there was a faint arrogance hidden deep inside his heart.

That arrogance seemed to come from the book, and from the very beginning, he had separated himself from others and treated everyone with a "condescending" perspective which he never noticed. whether it was a friend, family, or the enemy that he hated, he treated them all the same.

Whether it was the Age of light or the Dark Age, even if those who were incompetent, also had a faint sense of "self-loving" deep inside their heart. They would always find something different about themselves, so they could feel proud of themselves.

In the age of light, this kind of thing was called "pride".

As his power became stronger and stronger, and many talented awakening people were defeated by him, the seed of this kind of pride was growing faster and stronger.

However, it was not a good thing at all. When the "pride" was too strong, and the reality was still brutal, it would only cause pain if he failed to achieve his expectation.

It happened once when he tried to protect Yu Xiaohai, then it happened again when he tried to protect his family, it happened again and again until he saw his brother - the dumb insect killed itself.

Every time when he lost something important in his life, he would desperately want to increase his power. However, the more powerful he got, the sense of pride also grew stronger inside his heart. Tears would eventually dry up, sadness feeling would eventually fade away. But the sense of pride was like his inner devil still haunted him and made him think that he could have done better.

When he looked at how Elder Sun behaved in front of the golden armor woman, he realized that if he swallowed his pride and admitted that he has done his best. it probably would not be that painful.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "I am sorry, I have done my best." he said to those familiar shadows in his mind. As if the words released all his stress, he began to smile while he was carried by the rest of the masked men. In fact, he hasn't had a smile for a very long time. He almost forgot how to make a smile.

"Fucking hell, mute, you are still able to laugh?" the skinny masked man looked at chu Yunsheng's twisted smile behind the mask and said.

"Mute is happy that he was able to survive the fight. If it were me, I would also laugh. That is the golden armor Duling. If she wanted to kill mute, mute would be already dead. But then again, fucking hell, mute, apart from our commander black armor Duling, and the green armor Duling, you are the first one who was able to disarm the golden armor Duling's mask in our masked men, it should be the first one in our entire Zhiwu forest. I guess it won't be long until the entire forest knows about this. You are going to be famous! Maybe the commander will also want to see you! " said by the other masked man who was holding Chu Yunsheng.

The skinny masked man also walked back and forth to look at Chu Yunsheng closely. Only after a while did he said:" Elder six, you don't say. It might really happen. We all have underestimated the mute. I have heard that no one wanted the mute originally. It was the Dudui who forced the mute to stay in our team. Big head Wang from the 7th unit and Gao Laozhuang from the 10 unit would definitely regret that they didn't choose mute. Boss, you are very smart!"

Chu Yunsheng just joined their team several days ago, but he was already injured during the "work". However, it was not all just bad. Apart from receiving some compensation from the golden armored woman. It established his position in his unit. Although he didn't really care that much.

But Chu Yunsheng's unit didn't back to their station straight away. After the first blackmail failed, they simply wrapped up Chu Yunsheng's wound and went to the next black market. A place where the people who lived at the bottom of the forest trade each other. Although there were not many good things there, no one had a powerful background over there.

Saying that the black market they were going to didn't have any protectors was wrong. Because if something really happened, the 9th unit would be there to solve things out for them.

Chu Yunsheng felt like they were urban management officers in the age of light. When they appeared on the market, many people began to run and shout. " Masked men are here! Run!"

Then, the whole place instantly became chaotic as hell. Some booths were pushed over, some traders quickly gathered their stuff wanted to run away, and most of the traders began to push their trailers desperately towards the end of the street.

But when they escaped to the end of the street, they noticed the skinny masked man Elder Three and some other masked men were already waiting there while puffin the cigarette.

Looking at the stunned face of the people in the crowd. The skinny masked man flicked the cigarette's ash and said lightly:" Elder seventeen, what you are waiting? Take whatever you can. You had a shitty luck today. So brothers want you to choose first."

Elder seventeen was Chu Yunsheng. Since the incoincident, they began to call Chu Yunsheng elder seventeen instead of a mute. Although it was the last number in their group, they began to really treat Chu Yunsheng as one of their own.

Chu Yunsheng glanced over the crowd of people who dressed in ragged clothes. Whoever saw Chu Yunsheng were looking at them, would immediately bow their head down to avoid the eye contact. At the same time, they all stepped back quickly, scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to take away the things they had. Many little kids were hiding behind their adults and looking nervously that Chu Yunsheng's group.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to participate in this kind of business. He simply just took over the cigarette from the skinny masked man's hands and leaned against a tree to enjoy the moment of peace in his mind.

"Fuck me. Why are you taking my cig? " The skinny was dazed for a second then cursed.

" What are you guys looking at! Wanna die? You! All males stand on the right! Females stand on left! Do it now!" He shouted at the panicked crowd.


-----------------Translator's thoughts-----------------

Personally, I don't like this chapter. I understand that the author needed to create a reason for MC to live. But the psychology transitioning in this chapter does not seem to be natural to me. Maybe the author did it on purpose, Maybe the voice at the end of volume 3 was secretly changing and influencing his mind, or maybe it has something to do with the end of volume 5. To be honest, I don't really know how a desperate person would think. so maybe that's how they really react.

there are some words/area that might be confusing. so I am going to list them out here,

a different type of system here.

as you guys can see in the last chapter, the color of mask represents the power level.

1.light yellow mask,

2. dark yellow mask,

3. brown mask,

4. golden mask.

those are the four masks we know so far.

5 green mask(maybe)

6 black mask(maybe)

in terms of armor

black armor (the commander of the masked men army)

green armor (so far unknown)

golden armor(the woman.)


Dudui (supervisor )

Duling (senior supervisor)