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Chapter 364 its not him

 Chapter 364 it's not him

" Why a mute?" In the barrack, a man with a brown mask complained. :" no one can be fucking trusted these days!"

There were several darker yellow masked men had come to choose new masked men for their team. However, after observing the performance of 10 new masked men, not a single person wanted Chu Yunsheng.

But, it was not because he was a mute that no one selected him. it was actually because that when Chu Yunsheng lifted up the shield, he couldn't trigger the shield's earth elemental protection ability, and when he held the spear, he also could not trigger the spear's earth elemental attack abilities.

He had accidentally absorbed all the energy from both the spear and the shield.

No one wanted a powerless stranger as their subordinate. The rest of 10 people was quickly selected by other people leaving Chu Yunsheng standing alone in the field.

" Elder Sun, mute belong to your team now!" the brown masked men thought for a second and said.

The light yellow masked man walked with a pronounced limp. Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether he was born with it or he was injured during the battle, but what he did know was that the man's face was twisted behind the mask.

The wonderful thing about the mask was that it was neither opaque or completely fixed. it would change with the user's emotions. Anyone with a pair of good eyes could even see through the mask.

The brown masked man waved his hand and said:" your team is just responsible for security patrol, so just take him. It is set. I won't change my mind."

Seeing there was no hope to get his supervisor to change his decision, the man thought for a second and said:" Dudui (1), since our team has one more person now, could you give us more supply this time? We also haven't changed our spear and shield for quite some time...."

The brown masked man immediately shook his head and said:" nope, don't ask me for those things, you will need to find the logistics. Besides, your team doesn't even need to go to the war, why do you need them anyway?"

Then, he didn't even wait for the reply, just quickly left the place. Because he began to notice that other masked men were also looking at him.

'Are they short of energy supplies?' Chu Yunsheng thought.

It seemed like the situation in the forest that controlled by the western force was not that good at the moment.

" Sigh... mute you didn't come to this place at the right time. You didn't get to the glorious time we had... sigh... let's go..." elder Sun sighed.


Chu Yunsheng used the advantages of his occupation to try to find a way to leave this forest. He even made a map of the "city" behind the wall of trees.

Every day his duty was very simple. He would need to take turns to patrol the forest city with Elder Sun and other 15 colleagues.

To put it bluntly, his job was just like a community police officer during the age of light. But at least, he was considered a formal official of the western force and he had a stable food supply, a place to live and at the end of the month, he would also receive some money that made by special soil as well. Although, due to the inflation, those soil money wasn't worth that much anymore.

But no matter how the situation in both the legal market or illegal market changed, the price of food never changed.

However, the collapsing of the monetary system was not caused by the higher-ups of Western force massively producing soil money. It was actually caused by a large number counterfeit money flowing into the Western force from the Eastern force.

It was said that the soil money which only the rulers of the forest had the ability to make, was the main cause of the conflict between the two rulers of the forest.

Chu Yunsheng didn't trust those temporary economy systems. As earlier as when he was in Jin Ling, he had already seen a system like this. It also didn't work out back then.

Being a mute was not all just bad. Without the ability to talk, he was able to quickly fit into Elder Sun's group. Despite Elder Sun's group main duty was to patrol the city, they were also doing something shady the dark.


In a remote dark corner in the forest city, Elder Sun counted his group members once again and lowered his voice:" like what we did before, split into three shares! Those fuckers got a lot of good stuff from outside. Don't let them fool us. If they don't agree, let's confiscate everything!"

" Boss, I have heard that they are protected by some fire energy people. So I don't think they are easy targets." said concernedly by a skinny man who was wearing the same colored mask as Chu Yunsheng.

" If it weren't the Fire energy people, I'll fucking take 70 percent! This is our 9th unit's territory. Those fuckers didn't even inform us before they conduct their business here. They fucking ignored us. If we don't do anything. We will be looked down by other units." The man was constantly cursing.

" Okay, boss, let's do it. Mute, you with us to guard the back door." The skinny masked man gritted his teeth and pointed at Chu Yunsheng and said.

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Since dark age began, he had worked with all kinds of people and many types departments. But he had never done the activity such as collecting protection fees from others before.

The sad thing was that he had to do it. With just his little supply, he wouldn't be able to exchange more earth elemental energy blocks which were the only thing that was able to stop three forces from fighting each other inside his body at the moment.

He still hasn't figured out the way to get out of the forest city, so gathering this type of energy blocks became his only interests when staying here.

Chu Yunsheng took over a half self-made "cigarette" from the skinny masked man and leaned against the wall of the tree house. They had openly surrounded the tree house, so They were not worried to be "discovered" by the people in the upstairs of the tree house. Elder Sun had already gone into the building with two other people, what Chu Yunsheng and the rest of the people needed to do was just to wait there for the results.

Chu Yunsheng hasn't tasted the cigarette for a very long time, despite his throat was still in pain, the temptation of the cigarette was much greater.

He pinched the cigarette butt, squinted his eyes and took a deep drag on the cigarette and then, blew out a long smoke while squatting in a corner. Through the smoke, he seemed to see his aunty, the dumb Insect....

Suddenly, a rapid whistle appeared from the upstairs of the tree house. It instantly startled the Chu Yunsheng's dream.

"Shit! Those fuckers! " the skinny masked man immediately threw away the cigarette butt and cursed. At the same time, he quickly kicked the back door of the tree house and broke in.

"Brothers, get your weapons! mute, you follow me, everyone else stays here. Don't let anyone go!"

Immediately two people began to break in from the back door. There were even more people got in from the front door truculently.

"Captain Sun, you need to think carefully that what you are doing here." said coldly by a man who was wearing a pair of glasses. There were many stuffed bags scattering around him.

Elder Sun spat on the ground and said:" this is 9th unit's territory, you need to follow our rules. Don't you think that those fire energy people will scare me away. We, the masked men army are never scared of them. Elder Three, take your people to search the attic, we are going to confiscate it all! "

The skinny masked man immediately rushed to the stairs, However, those underground merchants did not stop them. Their reactions instantly made elder Sun's heart dropped.

Chu Yunsheng was guarding the entrance of the stair while holding the spear and shield. The skinny masked man already reached the end of the stairs at the moment. However, his body suddenly began to shake and then he began to move back in panic. The people that followed behind him also ran back quickly as if they saw a ghost.

"Elder Three?" Elder Sun was startled, but in the next second, he was also terrified.

From the attic, slowly walked down a person who was wearing golden armor, and golden mask. Then behind that person, three fire energy people closely followed.

Elder Sun instantly lost his courage and stuttered: "it... it... is...a ...mis... miss... misunderstanding.... We ...we ... will .... Get... out.... Right now..."

The skinny masked also reacted quickly, he repeatedly bowed at them while quickly moved back.

However, the armored person ignored them, got down the stairs and walked towards the middle of the room. The underground merchants seemed to very respectful to the golden armor person. they slowly moved back to stay behind the golden armor person.

"Originally I did not want to come down, but since your 9th unit is here, it will save me a lot of time. I have heard that the mute is in your team? Is he here?" it was a woman's voice, and just right after she fished, all of Chu Yunsheng's colleagues instantly turned around and looked at him

One of the three fire energy people walked out of their group and walked toward Chu Yunsheng to take a close look. Then he turned around and nodded at the golden armored woman.

Chu Yunsheng instinctively held the spear and took a quick glance at the stair. He did not know why the golden armor woman was looking for him. But he has always been alert and cautious.


Suddenly the golden armored woman charged out and grabbed the skinny masked man's spear and lunge it at Chu Yunsheng.


Chu Yunsheng was already prepared. He quickly lifted the shield to block her attack. At the same time, with the armored woman's push, he hopped off the stairs and got down the stairs quickly.

The woman closely followed, and both of them quickly disappeared in everyone's sight.

"Boss?" the skinny masked man whispered in confusion.

"Shut up, I got into a big trouble this time. The information is wrong. Fuck... " Elder Sun's face was twisted. Then all of them began to move down the stairs quickly.

Chu Yunsheng had already learned how to deal with accidents or this type of strange fight. Once he began to fight, he only thought of two options in his mind, which was to defeat his enemy or escape as soon as possible.

If he had Yuan Qi energy, he could easily injure this woman. But now, the only thing he could use was the 9 diagrams of body movement that he learned in the divine realm, plus his body strength which was currently at the peak of Yuan Tian stage two.

Despite that, he was soon trapped by those fire energy people in the hall of the tree house.

The rest of the masked men didn't join those people to trap Chu Yunsheng. But they also didn't seem to want to help Chu Yunsheng either. They all stood aside watching what happened.

It didn't take Chu Yunsheng very long to figure out that those fire energy people didn't plan to attack him.

Every golden armored woman's attacks were aimed at the vital parts of his body. It was not a tentative attack at all. He believed that if he had a sligh mistake, he would be killed instantly.

The first option in Chu Yunsheng's combat strategy has always been escaping. However, Since he couldn't run away, then he would do his best to eliminate as many of his threats as possible.

He immediately began to put all his focus on the diagrams of body moment to maximize his movement speed.

Despite those fire energy people didn't attack him, he decided to unleash all his spears attacks at the fire energy person who was guarding the entrance.

His speed was very fast, although he didn't know any technique of using a spear, he was still able to stab the spear several times in a second.


Three fire energy people immediately cast our their fire abilities to stop Chu Yunsheng.

The person that guarded the door touched the blood on his throat in shock. If he didn't react in time, the spear would have pierced through his neck already.

Chu Yunsheng was knocked back by the fire energy attack. However, he didn't stop moving. While he was in the air, he immediately spun his body and lunge his spear forward at the golden armored woman.



Then, everyone gasped in shock.

Chu Yunsheng's shoulder was pierced through by a spear and the woman's mask was knocked on the ground.

In the next second, the woman knitted her brows and shook her head. :" It's not him... Han Xiao, give him some compensation."


1. Dudui means suspervisor.