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Chapter 362 The Eastern and The Western force

 Chapter 362 The Eastern and The Western force

If it was still in the age of light, Chu Yunsheng might be scared to death by this type of monster. This was different from the terror of insects. The terror of insects lay only in its murderous appearance and its bloodthirsty nature.

However, a monster that had a plant body but the human head was constantly sending a chill down his spine. It was very creepy and eerie.

But he didn't scream, nor did he had any other movement. After the initial shock, he didn't know why that he would quickly calm down.

His eyes became very sharp and fierce, he also began to glance around looking for opportunities to either attack or escape. It was completely than how he was like before, which was dispirited, depressed, confused and lost.

In fact, this type of sudden change of his emotions had occurred more than once to him. Despite it was both strange and conflicted, Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to notice it at all.

The main stem of the strange human-head plant had many big dark green leaves. It was half covered by its leaves which made it even creepier in the dark.

As he glanced around, he noticed that there were two humans pulling the trailer forward at the front of the trailer, and some other humans dressed in broken clothes walking along the trailer to his right. There were also a few strange masked people holding strange yellow shields and spears walking next to them. It seemed like they were escorting this group deeper into the woods that had many tall plants.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have any conflict with them. He knew that he had passed out earlier, but he didn't want to join them or get into strange places.

But the strange Human-headed plant had already noticed that he woke up. A long rattan began to move towards him from the ground.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have any energy he could use. However, the physical strength of his body which was at the peak of Yuan Tian stage two was still very powerful.

So he lightly hopped off the trailer to avoid the strange rattan that was crawling towards him with an unknown intention.

The human-headed plant was looking at Chu Yunsheng with surprise. However, Chu Yunsheng's cold glare made it feel extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, two masked people ran out of the group of people next to the trailer while pointing their spears at Chu Yunsheng, and signaling him to join the group of people with broken clothes.

'Take their spear, get a weapon, then break out from this place'. Chu Yunsheng stood there calmly and thought in his mind while waiting for the masked man to approach him even closer.

The human-headed plant looked at the group of people with ragged clothes and looked at Chu Yunsheng back and forth three times as if it discovered something.

Chu Yunsheng did not care about what it had discovered. Just when he was about to initiate the attack, there were three people suddenly break out of the group of people with ragged clothes. All of those three people were surrounded with fire energy, and they instantly lit up the entire area.

Two masked men that were about to approach Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around and charged toward those three people.

'There is no better time than this moment to run away!' Chu Yunsheng immediately ran towards the direction where the trailer came from by following the track on the ground.

Behind him, those three people already collided with six masked men. A fierce fight instantly broke out causing the other people to run around in panic.

After a series of rustling sounds, Chu Yunsheng felt that his legs were suddenly wrapped around by something, and he was not able to make one more step anymore. Despite his legs were stopped, but his upper body was still moving forward because of Inertia. The result was that he fell to the ground instantly.

"Ptui! ptui!"

Chu Yunsheng spat out the soil in his mouth and turned around to check what happened. What he saw was many rattans came out of the ground and wrapped his legs tightly. As he glanced further, he noticed that all other people that were running around in panic earlier were captured by those rattans as well.

Three people with fire energy seemed to be restrained by the masked men. All their attacks were blocked and they were forced into a small circle.

It was at that moment, a dazzling golden light shot out from deep inside the woods. A short-haired woman who dressed in golden armour, soon appeared in the dazzling light. She was surrounded by a pure metal elemental energy, and the energy that entangled around her was shredding all the rattans on the way as she dashed out of the deep forest.

Within a few seconds, she arrived at the masked men's encirclement. She swiftly jumped up, threw her slender leg out to kick the masked man that was nearest to her while spinning her body in the air.

She was both fast and powerful. Her spin-kick instantly knocked away two masked men who couldn't dodge her attack in time.

The rest of the masked men seemed to be scared of the woman. They all looked at each other, but no one dared to make one more step closer to her.

The face of the human-headed plant instantly twisted with anger, it began to wave its rattans furiously, attempted to her.

Suddenly, a strange but pleasant noise arose in the dense woods.

The golden armor woman instantly knitted her brows and squinted her eyes to look at the dense woods. it seemed like she was worried about something.

In the next second. She suddenly ignored other people and pressed her hands together. A strange golden light instantly appeared in her hands, and as she opened her hands again and spread them out wide, A golden colored long spear slowly appeared in between her hands.

She grabbed the spear and jumped forward, in the bright dazzling light, no one knew that how many times she has stabbed spear, all they saw were the bright golden lights flashing constantly.

When she landed on the ground, half of the human-headed plant's rattans were cut off and fell to the ground.


She coldly stubbed the spear into the monster's head and in the next moment, the monster's head exploded in the golden light.

She then quickly pulled out the spear and swung it around to break the spears that were lunged towards her by the rest of four masked men who were rushing to rescue the human-headed plant.

The human-headed plant was dead, and all the masked men lost their weapons. It made them scared of the woman even more. All of them began to retreat towards the dense woods on both sides of the trailer in panic.

After the three people who had fire energy were rescued, they immediately followed the woman closely to pass through the chaotic group quickly while using their energy to cut off as many remaining rattans as possible.

Despite the human-headed plant died, the rattans that came out of the ground didn't seem to be affected by it. They still wrapped most of the people tightly.

Especially the one that caught Chu Yunsheng, it even had earth elemental energy! With just his pure physical strength, He was not able to break free at that moment.

However, the strange noise was getting closer and closer to them from the dense woods.

The golden armored woman's eyebrows were squeezed together even closer. In order to speed up, she immediately jumped up and hopped from one person's head to another person's head and quickly got towards the front of the group.

An old man with disheveled hair quietly picked up a broken spear and approach Chu Yunsheng. :" Young man, I saw what you did earlier, you are a competent man. If I help you to get out of this rattan, can you take me out of here." the old man said quietly.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, and then the old man passed over the broken spear. But, it seemed like he was worried about Chu Yunsheng was not going to fulfill his promise, he quickly added:" young man, you came from outside right? Most of the bodies were picked up from outside... if you take me out of this place, I'll tell you how to survive in this area."

Chu Yunsheng didn't make any sound, in fact even if he wanted to, he still couldn't make any sound. He just took over the broken spear and stabbed it into the rattan around his legs and twisted it very hard to destroy the rattan. The spear also contained wood elemental energy, despite it was broken, it was still able to break the rattan.

Chu Yunsheng quickly took out his legs and got up. He picked up the old man by his collar and began to run.

Many people also started to follow them.

While he was running, he just realized that why he needed to run? Was it because of that voice?

Just when he was puzzled, he noticed that the golden armored woman suddenly stopped and began to raise her spear quickly.

Then, a strange energy turbulence began to appear in the area, along with a mysterious fog. Soon, a dim yellow colored flower-like monster appeared in the fog. The monster also had a human head, and it was many times prettier than the one he saw earlier. However, it also gave people a feeling of deliberate beauty. Her body was hidden in skirt-like flower petals, and she was lifted in the air by a thin rattan.

She seemed very light and fragile, however, she was also surrounded by powerful earth elemental energy. It was her who made that strange but pleasant noise.

Whenever Chu Yunsheng encountered some monsters that he had never seen before, he would always observe them carefully. Especially at this moment.

But he didn't expect that the old man suddenly reached his hand out to cover his eyes and said:" young man, stop looking at her if you don't want to become a soil sculpture!"

Just when the old man finished taking, several brown light beams were suddenly cast out, then Chu Yunsheng heard some strange noises appeared behind him.

He quickly turned around to check what happened, what he saw next shocked him again. Several people were turned into soil sculpture within just a few seconds!?

Amongst the rest people in the crowd, only that golden armor woman dared to look at that human-headed flower monster. Even those three people that had fire energy also didn't dare to look at that monster.

But the woman also seemed to be afraid of that monster, her hand clenched the spear tightly and it seemed like she was gathering her energy.

The brown light was getting brighter and brighter, many people who could not completely block the light were turned into soil sculpture one by one...

Suddenly, a brown light beam was shot into Chu Yunsheng's eyes before he attempted to close them.

Then the light that seemed to contain a strange earth elemental energy began to spread across his body quickly through the nervous system behind his eyes.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have any energy to block it from spreading, so within just a blink of an eye, the strange had already spread across his entire body.

However, when the energy touched the talisman that sealed the book, the bow, and his insect's body, it was instantly attacked by three forces all at once!

All of those three forces began to follow the light back to the human-headed flower monster.

The monster's pretty face suddenly twisted in horror, and as if the time was stopped on her face, her horrified expression was frozen at that moment.

Then its petals began to quickly wither and fall to the ground.

Three people with fire energy immediately noticed that something was not right. as they opened their eyes, they were immediately shocked by what they saw. they quickly looked at each other, but no one knew what happened. The monster that was extremely difficult to deal with just died without making any sound?

A faint strange luster suddenly flashed in the golden armored woman's eyes. She instantly turned around and quickly glanced over the group. However, she didn't find anything unusual.

Chu Yunsheng was covering his eyes very hard while enduring the pain that caused by both brown light and three forces. Luckily, the attack was finished very fast. Otherwise, he would be lying on the ground shouting in pain now.

" Young man, you are very lucky!" said the old man who only dared to open his eyes after he heard the strange noise. He was surprised when he discovered that Chu Yunsheng was still alive. But then he quickly said:" let's go, leave this place as soon as possible. if we are caught by them, we will be treated as their enemy, and they will kill us."

Chu Yunsheng thought that if he followed the crowd, he would eventually find a way out in this forest. However, just when he went through a densely packed woods, he noticed that he went into another area that was filled with a different type of plants.

" Young man, don't think about leaving this place alone. You were dragged into this place by the people from the Eastern Force, so you are not clear about the situation here. Not a single ordinary people are able to leave this forest which is controlled by two forces. It is better for you to stay in the area that is controlled by the western force. At least, you will receive more benefits in the Western forces. " said the old man who seemed to know what Chu Yunsheng was thinking.


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