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Chapter 358 Finally, we won!

 Chapter 358: Finally, we won!

The black armored body slowly emerged from the black fog.

All the insects went completely crazy. They all desperately flocked towards the black armored creature.

At the same time, Yan Min's original body began to lift up in the air. It also began to transform its body like Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng struggled, and waved a spear made of the parts from his insect body to kill the insects charging toward him.

The spear was covered with dark flames. And probably because he had absorbed the ghastly kid's ability while it was inside his body, the spear was also able to unleash black lightning.

Every time he waved the spear, it would form a big shockwave made of black flame and lightning. Every wave of his spear would kill many insects.

Yan Min's tombs began to spurt culture fluid at a speed much faster than Chu Yunsheng's tomb.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what was happening. In his estimation, Yan Min would not come out to fight him, let alone transform its body.

He even agreed with Huo Jiashan to produce some "insects" to help them deliver a bomb to Yan Min's creep area through an underground tunnel.

Although Huo Jiashan deliberately avoided talking about which bomb they were going to deliver, Chu Yunsheng was not stupid either.

Apart from a nuclear bomb, what other bombs could blow up an entire creep area?

However, it seemed like it was no longer necessary to blow the creep area up at this time. Because Yan Min had already shown up.

He tried his best to get out of the black fog, however, it seemed to be very difficult.

Yan Min's transformation sped up again. However, Chu Yunsheng could only watch the best opportunity to attack slip away.

He was the one who transformed first, but he was trapped in the black fog.

Soon, Yan Min was completely covered with purple fog....


"Commander, The situation seems to have changed? " an officer put down binoculars and said with confusion.

All the tombs that they had trouble with in the past all stopped working, and began to collapse after they spurted out the strange liquid.

"They are fighting each other in a way that we don't understand. Inform all the troops, stay alert and wait for further instructions!" Wu Fanghou quickly decided. If they charged out at this time, it was definitely suicide.

They could not even fight with individual insects, let alone two monsters that formed by the merging of countless insects.

Suddenly, there was a luster in his eyes. It seemed to contain a faint of viciousness. He waved his hand to signal an officer who was dressed in a strange uniform to come near him and whispered into his ear.

The officer's face was suddenly filled with shock. But soon, it returned to normal and he then left hurriedly.

At the same time, Ke Qianer who was sitting next to him suddenly stood up. She was shocked that the bow in her hand was shaking violently. But this time, it wasn't with excitement, it was a killing desire!

Then, she felt the bow begin to let loose its restraints. As the layers of restrictions were removed one by one, the power of the bow began to rapidly increase to a degree that Ke Qianer could barely handle.

What is going on? She was confused.

The power had increased all of sudden, but she discovered that she didn't dare to pull the string.

She didn't doubt that if she pulled the string, she would definitely be able to kill one of the monsters. But she also knew that with her limitation, she was only able to unleash one shot. However, there were two monsters!

So she must wait! Wait for the best opportunity to attack.

Ke Qianer suddenly noticed that there was a faint anxiousness in her mind. She felt like she didn't know the bow anymore. The bow seemed to get further and further away from her, despite her holding it in her hand....



Both Chu Yunsheng and Yan Min popped out of their fog at the same time.

And as Chu Yunsheng's full body finally appeared, the main tomb below him collapsed. All the eighteen meatballs also ruptured.

The human-like creatures that came out of the meatballs looked exactly like Chu Yunsheng. They all had helmet-masks on their faces and strange armors on their bodies.

Every creature had an armor blade that could be retracted on one of their arms, and the other arm was held a strange armored gun.

The only difference was that Chu Yunsheng was surrounded by dark flames, but there didn't seem to be any fire elemental energy in his dark flame.

The eighteen creatures were all red in color and surrounded by red flames. They were filled with fire elemental energy.

However, Chu Yunsheng couldn't control them anymore. Not because they still had human consciousness, but because Dark's ability from before was inside the monster seal talisman.

He had kept Dark's life signal in those eighteen "infested" humans' bodies. So unless Dark came out to control them, he had no way to order them to do anything for him. Even Yan Min couldn't control them.

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that it would be like this, but there was something even worse waiting for him.

When he popped out of the black fog, the black fog suddenly converged into a small cloud of black gas and went into his body. Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to find out what the black fog was doing. He immediately opened his wings of dark flame, and flew into the sky to block a crowd of green shell insects that were diving at him.

Although there weren't many of them, when he used his energy, he noticed that the book in the monster seal talisman didn't seem to like the black gas that just went into his body. It unleashed its power to suppress the black gas.

Chu Yunsheng's power could not compete with the book at all. In just a split second, all his power was suppressed by the book, and he instantly crashed into the ground.

At this moment, Yan Min began to fly towards him. The purple flame that covered its body formed a long trail of purple flame in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng cursed silently, and jumped up to dodge the purple flame attack. At the same time, he tried to cut off the spiritual connection to the monster steal talisman.

However, when he tried to cut off the connection for a few seconds, the book quickly resumed the connection again, and suppressed his power.

Having failed to completely block the spiritual connection to the monster seal talisman, Chu Yunsheng completely gave up. All he could do at the moment was to maintain the situation and to make the best use of his suddenly on and off power.

When he had the power, he was clearly stronger than Yan Min. Each black lightning attack could knock back Yan Min dozen of meters.

But when he lost his power, apart from his strangely powerful defense ability, he could not even kill a red shell insect. It was because of this, sometimes he fought like a superman, but sometimes he fought like a kid. Whenever he had the ability to heavily injure Yan Min, the black gas in his body would be suppressed by the book.

What confused him, even more, was that Yan Min seemed to be even more anxious than him. Every time it approached Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng felt like it wanted to kill him by destroying itself.


Chu Yunsheng was once again hit by Yan Min's purple flame, and he was knocked all the way back to the dumb insect's creep area. The eighteen infested humans had just finished clearing the remaining forces of Yan Min, and before they were able to react, they were instantly covered by Yan Min's attack.

They looked exactly like Chu Yunsheng, so when Yan Min noticed them, it immediately listed them as targets that must be destroyed.

Those infested humans did not have any choice but to fight Yan Min. With those people joining in the fight, Chu Yunsheng was finally able to counter-attack Yan Min. As Yan Min was focused on the eighteen infested humans, he took the opportunity to unleash his black lightning attack constantly.

However, the eighteen infested humans slowly began to die one by one....

They could not compete with Yan Min at all. If it weren't for Yan Min being distracted by Chu Yunsheng, they would not have the chance to attack at all.

Looking at those infested humans beginning to die one by one, Chu Yunsheng decided that he could not fight it like this anymore. He needed to end this, and try to reverse the monster seal talisman.

Yan Min's energy had been drained a lot by him, so even if it wanted to destroy itself, Chu Yunsheng believed that it would not kill him instantly. The energy from Yan Min's self-destruction could even help him to reverse the monster seal talisman.

As he decided, he immediately held the spear and quickly flew towards Yan Min.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng flying straight towards it, Yan Min gave up attacking the rest of infested humans. It roared, then flew towards Chu Yunsheng.


Two monsters collided into each other, creating a huge explosion that knocked away all the infested humans near them.

All of Chu Yunsheng's armor was broken into pieces, but his spear stabbed into Yan Min's body. Just when he was ready to withstand Yan Min's suicide explosion. He heard a loud noise caused by a human plane which was flying towards them.

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He was a human, so he knew what humans were thinking.

Sending out a plane at this time? Apart from bombs, what else could the plane possibly carry?

And how could he fight a nuclear bomb?

In that moment, while he still had control of his power, he immediately pulled out the spear, and pushed Yan Min toward that plane. At the same time, he hurriedly turned around and flew away.


A small mushroom cloud rose behind him.

It was a tactical nuclear warhead. Normally, its damage range was just over a thousand meters, but because it was exposed to dark energy, its damage range was reduced to around six hundred meters.

Chu Yunsheng tried his best to cut off the book's connection, and desperately tried to get away from the explosion range.

Suddenly, he lost his power again. In the next second, he was pulled back! There was something behind him and that thing began to move him towards the coast.

As he turned around, he noticed that it was Yan Min's broken body. It flew out of the center of the explosion and hugged him tightly with its remaining body.

"Yan, it is useless, you are dying. But I won't!" Chu Yunsheng said calmly while quietly waiting for its suicide explosion.

"Feng, you are wrong this time. It is not just me who wants to kill you!" Yan Min suddenly smiled.

It hugged Chu Yunsheng who lost his power and flew into human's defense position.

Suddenly a shadow jumped up from the crowd of humans, then a dazzling light appeared!



After a loud explosion in the air, a deep trail appeared in the ground. It extended all the way towards the area of the nuclear explosion, and another explosion appeared!

Ke Qianer spat out blood and began to fall from the sky. The power of her final attack was not weaker than the tactical nuclear warhead that had just exploded!

The lights on the equipment of the Academy of sciences were flashing bright red continuously, but soon, it turned green.....

...After a few minutes of silence....

"We won! We won!" The humans who woke up from the shock suddenly shouted wildly and ran to tell each other.

"We won! We won!"

"We won! All the insects have died out!!"

"We won! We finally won!"

"We finally avenged them!!"


Many soldiers began to cry out loud. Even more were howling out loud to vent their grief.

Tears silently ran down from Wu Fanghou's face, and all the officers behind him took off their caps and stood in silent tribute to their dead comrades, and fellow human beings.

"Send a message back, we won and we took back Hong Kong!" Wu Fanghou was the last one who took off his helmet. However, he did not seem to be happy at all.

The people who died in this disaster were way too many, too many...

Ke Qianer sat back on the chair with relief, finally! Everything is over.

In a nest that was far away from Hong Kong, Shang finally let out a long sigh of relief and pulled back all its forces. It was constantly communicating with Yan Min while it was fighting. At the last moment, it clearly felt that that power of destruction had disappeared.


Looking at the fire burning violently far away from them, people began to embrace each other and celebrate the victory.

However, the ground began to shake violently. Then, all the rocks and the remaining insect bodies were lifted up into the sky!

A tremendous amount of pure heaven and earth energy converged onto the place of fire.

In the raging fire.... Everything began to float and spin.....

Everyone began to stop smiling. They all stared at the floating rocks and flames.

In the next second, a naked, human-shaped creature walked a step by step out of the violent, raging fire.....

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