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Chapter 357 Fight Feng

 Chapter 357: Fight Feng

When a war begins, a great wind will rise, and clouds will be scattered.

Using this to describe the current scene was more than suitable.

The fire energy shot upwards and stirred up the dark clouds in the sky. Cold air from the sky collided with the hot air from the fire energy pillar, forming many clouds. But the violent fire energy pushed the clouds away, scattering them further from the center of the pillar.

On the ground, countless combat units were rushing out of the tombs and charging towards the edge of the creep area. Yan Min, Chu Yunsheng, human troops, energy practitioners; everyone was on the move.

A division commander grasped Wu Fanghou's arm tightly, and begged: "Commander in chief, you can't go, you are the backbone of our force!"

"Backbone? What fucking backbone, I am not the one who is fighting at the front line, and now you are not letting me go!" Wu Fanghou's eyes were wide open with rage.

The division commander tried to explain:"Chief, please, we are not scared of dying, it is just that...."

"Let go of my hand.... Let me go! Motherfucker, I will have you executed! " Wu Fanghou drew a gun and pointed at the division commander's head.

The division commander took back his hands reluctantly, but he closely followed behind.

Wu Fanghou put on a helmet, and followed the troops to board a warship. Looking at the island from the warship, he said to the officers that accompanied him: "Huo Jiashan has done a good job, and I respect him. The situation is very clear now. This is our only chance. The future of Hong Kong is in our hands now! So please, everyone, fight as hard as you can. I will be watching you fighting in the front line. If anyone dares to retreat, I will execute them personally!"

At this time, a military officer who was in strange uniform approached Wu Fanghou and whispered into his ears: "Commander, the last tactical nuclear warhead has been loaded!"

Wu Fanghou's face seemed to become ten years older again. "Where is the suicide squad?" he asked quietly.


"Feng! Have you lost your mind! Stop it!" Yan Min urged.

Chu Yunsheng was hovering above the main tomb. He did not say anything. A tremendous amount of energy was continuously infused into his body.

Yan Min was still trying to persuade Chu Yunsheng: "Feng, Shang has already given in. It does not want the body anymore."

Countless insects were lifted up, dissolved and flew towards Chu Yunsheng.

Yan Min's swarm was forced to move back several times. Looking at this situation, regular combat units couldn't do anything unless Yan Min itself came out to stop him.

"Feng, you will die! And you won't be able to achieve anything!" Yan Min sent out the last warning. It was Shang's order!

In the next second, all the tombs began to spurt out tons of culture fluid, and all of them were sucked into the black meatball above the main tomb.

"Yan, Shang doesn't know it. But you should know. When you decided to kill it, you already know what would happen!" Chu Yunsheng also sent out the last message then began to focus on forming the body of a Min.

When Dark evolved, it had an ability to turn into a gigantic monster. Chu Yunsheng also had a similar ability, but he was only able to transform into a Min's final form.

After a moment of silence. Yan Min finally said coldly: "Shang's order. Kill Feng!"

Instantly, countless explosive suicide insects began to ascend from Yan Min's tomb and fly towards Chu Yunsheng like a dark cloud.

However, because of the violent, turbulent fire energy, all of them exploded before they could reach Chu Yunsheng.

Almost three thousand long, snake-like cannon worms raised their heads, and fired many fireballs at Chu Yunsheng.

Around one hundred purple flame monsters formed a line and unleashed their strongest attack on Chu Yunsheng.

Then, countless swarms began to charge into Chu Yunsheng's creep area.

All the attacks seemed to have been planned a long time ago. Luckily, the turbulent invisible energy helped him a lot. It blocked most of the attacks.

Despite the protection of the invisible energy, because of the disruption, his body's transformation process nearly went wrong, and almost tore his body apart.

The transformation process looked very powerful, but his original body was extremely weak.

If there was the slightest accident, it would cause the meatball to rupture early, and the transformation would fail.

Chu Yunsheng sensed the human army beginning to land near the coast. However, they just stopped there, they didn't seem to want to help him at all.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng also didn't expect those people to help him.

He just stared silently at his human body that was recovering rapidly in the monster seal talisman while his insect's body was wrapped in a black meatball.

He ignored the energy turbulence that weakened every second, and quietly waited.

The impure energy and culture fluid that couldn't be absorbed by his body fell into the main tomb and went into the eighteen meatballs.

Because of this, those meatballs were evolving rapidly just like him.

Yan Min's attack was getting more and more fierce. And Chu Yunsheng's transformation speed had reached its limit.

Finally, the first batch of Yan Min's swarm broke into Chu Yunsheng's creep area and began to destroy Chu Yunsheng's tombs.

Then the second batch broke in...

The third batch....

There were many worms that passed by Chu Yunsheng's tombs, and went straight to attack his meatball...


Body formation complete!

Suddenly, monster seal talisman burst out with a bright light.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng no longer hesitated. His meatball began to rupture. Although he still couldn't contact Dark, who was sealed the monster seal talisman, the Min's life signal which was on his insect's body began to flow back to the talisman.

"So this is how it works!"

Chu Yunsheng immediately realized what was going on.

In the next second, the meatball exploded. It caused the fire energy pillar to explode as well. A huge shockwave was created, pushing outward. Many of Yan Min's combat units were destroyed and many more were thrown into the sky.

As the sky was raining countless insects, in the center of the explosion, there was a cloud of black fog, constantly changing its shape....

Yan Min, humans, all creatures were gazing afar at the black fog in confusion.

Despite Yan Min's confusion, its attack still didn't stop.

However, when the swarm reached the black fog again, no matter what kind of energy attack they unleashed, nothing happened.

Yan Min thought for a second, then sent out a clone from its tomb to check the situation closely.

When it's clone arrived the black fog, a black spear suddenly shot out.

Within a split second, the black spear penetrated Yan Min's clone, and in the next moment, a human-like head with a mask slowly appeared in the black fog.

Yan Min quickly passed all of the information about what was happening to Shang. After Shang received the information, it immediately gave up on all the reports from the other Min's wars and allocated all of its resources to process the information Yan Min sent in.

While Shang was trying to find out what the creature in the black fog was, the body of the creature appeared in everyone's sight.

Yan Min's attack continued, and the black armored human? Or was it an insect? Was still trying to get out of the black fog.

A moment later, Shang's message suddenly appeared in the mind of all Mins.

"Kill, kill, kill it.... Kill it at all cost. It's not supposed to exist in this world.... It is not supposed to exist in any worlds.... Why it is here! It is not possible. Kill it.... Kill will destroy will eliminate all lives, that is the power of destruction!"

Shang panicked, because it was scared. It was terrified. It hurriedly opened up all the communication channels and sent out an urgent order: "All Mins, immediately dispatch all your flying combat units to the coordinate ****.****.**** Kill Feng! It is just born, we have to kill it!!!"

Lie Min, you are the closest to Yan Min, immediately transform your body to the last formation and assist Yan Min immediately!

All other Mins send units over now! Stop whatever you are doing, produce only air units and assist Yan Min! This is the highest order! Do it now! This is the highest order!

I repeat, Feng is our only target! This is the highest order!"


As if Shang lost its mind, it was constantly sending out orders one after another.

In the next second, all the insects in East Asia stopped moving....

In the capital of China, the swarm sudden began to retreat from everyone's sight...

In Tianfu City, a suicide squad finished their last meal and prepared to charge into the swarm, but were shocked to find out the insects were gone...

..... Tokyo, Pakistan, Annam, Korea...

No one knew exactly what happened. As if all the insects had agreed in advance, they had all retreated at the same time....

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