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Chapter 356 The Final War Begins

 Chapter 356 The Final War Begins

Chu Yunsheng hugged the Dumb insect tightly, then stood silently for a few seconds. Afterward, he began to descend into the energy transportation hole.

He had relocated all of the insects; including his worker worms, to another location, and used the ability he learned from the golden shell to dig deeper and deeper.

The tunnel he dug was deep, and crooked. He continued to dig for a long time, even after he stopped feeling Yan Min's force.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how deep down he had dug, but he felt that his surroundings were extremely hot. Eventually, he stopped. He began to clean the dumb insect's body again and again.

However, no matter how many times he cleaned, he was not satisfied.

He then cleaned the entire cave again, and used his fire ability to burn the walls until they were solid. Then, he started to carve pictures on the wall.

In the beginning, the carving looked like two insects carving something on a broken wall; then a picture of a strange, thin monster hanging a line of insects; then a picture of an insect had a bra on its head.....

A picture of seven insects fell into a lake.....

A picture of humans killing five insects....

A picture of two insects facing a mountain while one of insect put its claw on the head of the other insect...

A picture of an insect hugging a human baby...

A picture of an insect sending a human baby away....

And the last picture was about an insect burying another insect...

After he finished the drawing, he removed a big chunk of shell from his body while enduring the sadness and pain.

On the shell, he wrote: The tomb of the Dumb insect set up by stupid brother Chu Yunsheng.

As he let out a short grunt, he stabbed the bottom of the shell into the ground.

And the last thing he did was to carefully place Mani White's bra on the top the Dumb shell insect's head.


"Dumb insect, I am leaving now. If I am still alive, I'll come to visit you. Be a good insect. Don't run around. When the son of insect grows up, I'll take him here to visit you as well." He murmured slowly while standing up.

He pretended that he was alright, and crawled out of the cave, but in the end, before he crawled into the tunnel, he ran back while crying out loud: "Dumb insect!!!....."


Outside of Fragrant River city, inside a repairing tomb on the edge of Chu Yunsheng's creep area:

Eighteen soldiers dressed in broken military uniforms woke up from the ground. When they found out that they were actually inside of an insect's tomb, they could not help but feel shocked.

"Protect Division Commander!" A young soldier, who was roughly twenty years old, suddenly found that his weapon was still in his hand. He immediately carried an officer-like soldier who appeared to be wounded and shouted to his companions.

"How is the commander, how is he?" The other soldier asked hurriedly. They were all soldiers who were loyal to Ren Tongyan.

"He won't die." An icy voice suddenly came out from the deep inside the tomb, it was filled with extreme differences that made everyone feel a chill run down their spine.

"You, who are you?" Commander Ren said. His voice was weak, and his mouth was covered with blood.

The voice fell into silence. After a long time did it speak again, "Yeah, who am I?" It murmured, " I have many names, many identities, but which one is me? Which one is the real one? Which one is the one I want?..."

The soldiers looked at each other. What kind of monster was this? The voice seemed to fall into endless confusion.

Suddenly, the voice changed its tone. As if it woke up from the confusion, It said coldly: "You don't need to know who I am. You just need to know that it was me who saved you!"

"You saved us?" The young soldier asked. He vigilantly glanced around with his eyes wide open. He seemed to be searching for the monster.

The voice said coldly: "Do you still think that you are still humans? Humans would not understand my language. Your body has been implanted with infesting mucus. If it weren't for me, you would all be just a group of humanoids spies that were controlled by it."

"Why do you want to save us? And if we are still in this place, it means that you are also an insect!" The commander was injured, but he was very calm at the moment.

"You don't believe me? Then I'll show you." The voice said coldly.


Just when it finished, a big tubes came out of the darkness and opened in front of them.

As a strange fire elemental energy burst out of the tube and shot towards them. Then, they began to bend over and vomit.

After series of retching noises. A soldier was horrified to find himself spitting out a worm that was still squirming. What was more terrifying was that the half of the worm was still staying inside his body, it was stuck in his throat and made him unable to shout.

Then many tiny worms began to crawl out anxiously from his ears, nose, and even his eyes.

At this moment, All the soldiers were horrified...

"Now, you believe me. Right?" The voice was still very cold, and the giant pipe retracted into the darkness.

All the soldiers couldn't do anything but looking at those worms crawled back into their bodies again.

" Commander...."

" Commander, is this real?"

" We are all monster now?"

" Commander, we can't.... Commander, please...."

" I still have grenades, commander, please give us an order!"


"You don't want to live just because of this?" The voice suddenly changed its tone to disgust and disdain.

"Who the fuck are you!" the commander finally lost his composure and shouted in rage.

The voice didn't respond to him. After a "woosh" sound. A big black shadow appeared on a tube in front of them.

In the big black shadow, there was a pair of blood-red eyes. The eyes were filled with icy coldness, and the black shadow was surrounded by strange burning black flames. It looked like a devil who had just crawled out of hell.

Instantly, everyone felt like the hot tomb had turned into a chilling ice-cave.

"You have nowhere to go now. As soon as you step out of this place, you will be immediately controlled by it. It is still asking me for you all." The voice said coldly.

"Why should we believe you? Who is 'it'?" The division commander pointed the gun at the black shadow and sneered.

The voice said unconcernedly: "It doesn't matter if you don't believe me. I do not even believe in myself. All that matters is that you believe in Huo Jiashan ."


Chu Yunsheng used the cruel reality and the negotiation plan that Huo Jiashan brought to him to convince these infested soldiers who he encountered after crawling out of the ground.

If he didn't notice that these humans still had their consciousness, he wouldn't spend his time to talk to them. These infested humans could not be cured, but they could be modified.

Yan Min had assembled a large number of combat units on the border of its creep area. Yan's intention to take the dumb insect's body over by force was very obvious.

After he came aboveground, he immediately ordered his worker worms to fill all of the energy transport holes.

Chu Yunsheng sneered. He needed to let Yan Min pay for what it did. Although he did not know why the color of his body had changed, he did not want to think about it. He just wanted to kill Yan Min right now.

The eighteen soldiers were once again wrapped up in sticky meatballs. Chu Yunsheng opened his wings and flew out of the main tomb, and began to gather all of his insects.

The final war is coming!

Suddenly, he felt something. He looked in the direction of Jing Ji island and sneered: "You finally moved. You finally can't wait anymore, right! That's great. I will end you all together!"


Jing Ji island, the headquarters of the Chu Clan:

Ke Qianer stood quietly next to a hospital bed and looked out of the windows.

Song Mi pushed the door open, "Master, you looking for me? " he said, quietly. As he walked in, he also took a quick glance at the hospital bed.

Ke Qianer did not turn around. She stared at the hazy shimmer outside the window with fascination. Quietly and strangely, she said: "Song Mi, do you think I am a good master?"

Song Mi was dazed for a second. He did not know why she suddenly wanted to ask this, but he still said firmly: " Master you are very smart, you are also the most powerful human... why do you suddenly want to ask this?"

Ke Qianer shook her head and said low-spiritedly: "I just took over the control of Chu clan, but more than half of our disciples were dead, and many were injured. We used to have a lot of people wanting to join us. But now..... They all try to avoid us."

A cold glare suddenly flashed in Song Mi's eye. "Those who are scared to die are not qualified to be our disciples! In my heart, you are always a good master."

Ke Qianer slowly turned around, looked at him, then laughed. "Only you think that way..."

Song Mi gently looked away. He did not dare to have eye contact with her.

"Why don't you look at me?" Ke Qianer walked toward him and asked.

"I..." Song Mi panicked.

"Are you lying?" Ke Qianer said coldly.

"No, I was saying the truth." Song Mi's livid face began to twitch.

"Then, you are scared of me?" Ke Qianer took another step forward, close enough to hear Song Mi's breath.

Song Mi raised his head, and said: "Master, I was an orphan when I was very young. It was master Fang who took me in. You treated me like your own brother, and saved me several times since the apocalypse began. When I did not have any power, it was you who violated the rule of Chu Clan, and taught me the knowledge of Chu..... I will never lie to you... "

Ke Qianer smiled: "Then, why are you scared of me? Are you scared that I will become crazy and kill you? "

"No, it is not that!" Song Mi said.

"Then, what is it?" Ke Qianer asked.

"If you have to know... I... I am a bastard, he is your best choice. but I am not... " Song Mi bowed his head down. Deep inside his cold eyes, there seemed to be a trace of inferiority.

Ke Qianer slowly stopped smiling, she reached her slender white hand to wipe off the tears from Song Mi's face and said quietly: "Everyone only knows her as a man. However, no one knows that she has a strange disease since she was a child. She is, in fact, a girl. "

Song Mi suddenly raised his head and his eyes shone with fervent glares.

However, Ke Qianer turned around and walked towards the hospital bed. She picked up the hand of the old woman who was lying on the hospital bed in a persistent vegetative state and said slowly: "I owe nanny a lot in my life. I owe Chu Clan's disciples a lot as well. I have already taken an oath in front of nanny that I will dedicate my whole life to Chu Clan."

Song Mi felt like he was hit by a lightning strike. However, he did not lose his hope. Instead, he smiled. For the first time in his cold face, it appeared a faint smile.

He never dared to expect too much. The feelings of inferiority made him think that this was the best he could get. He could also be like master Fang, quietly staying next to Ke Qianer....

"Song Mi." Ke Qianer interrupted his thoughts, and said: "You have already known the information Huo Jiashan brought back. It is our only chance to save the island. Both of them will be injured. I will use that chance to end them both. So I have to go. But you can't go. You can't compete with it. If anything happens to me, please take care of Nanny and Chu Clan...."


Ke Qianer interrupted Song Mi, and said: "If you really know my heart, then don't refuse it. Although the world is very big, I only trust you!".

"But... " Song Mi clenched his fists tightly and his body was shaking.

Ke Qianer raised the bow and snorted coldly: "This is just a precaution. No one can take away my stuff! No one!". Her expression suddenly changed, as if she had become a different person.


A moment later, on the creep area outside of Fragrant River city, a bright, dazzling light appeared.

It was followed by a strange, bleak, and ear-piercing roar. The roar even caused visible sound waves to push towards Yan Min's swarm. The ground was shaking, and all of Yan Min's insects began to move backward from the sound.

All the monsters were trying to escape from the area in panic. All the humans in Fragrant River city were holding their ears and rolling on the ground, trying to block the painful noise.

Then, a visible huge energy pillar of fire shot out from the giant tomb, and into the dark clouds.

Standing on the roof of the temporary Joint Command Center on Jing Ji island, Huo Jiashan was holding a baby, and looking at the strange red pillar. Below the building, all of Hong Kong's remaining forces were gathered together.

The war had finally begun!

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