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Chapter 355 I want to go crazy once

 Chapter 355 I want to go crazy once

Chu Yunsheng curled up and leaned his body against the icy cold body of the Dumb insect and continued to speak quietly: ​​"Actually, there are many, many things I wanted to tell you, but I always couldn't find the best time, so I keep them until now, but I don't seem to have the opportunity now.

Humans often say that the worst tragedy is that when they have the opportunity to say something, they won't say it. When they finally want to say it, the opportunity is gone. I feel like I am very stupid and I always make this kind of mistakes.

When I was studying at a school... what? You don't know what a school is? I'll tell you later. listening to me first. when I was studying in a school, I met a girl in a classroom. She had dark hair and white skin... she was very beautiful and soon I fell in love with her. I silently followed her, appeared in the same classroom with her every day, but never once, I dared to tell her that I like her. Eventually, one day, when a handsome boy appeared near her, I knew that I no longer had a chance to speak to her again....

Hehe, I really suck? You dumb fuck also laughing at me. Do you even know what is love? But you are right. I really suck.

I have never talked to anyone about this, so you must not tell anyone about this. Otherwise, I'll beat the shit out of you.

Later, I learned the lesson. When I just joined the workforce, I met another girl. I gathered all my courageous to talked to the girl, but I was immediately rejected.

Don't laugh at me. I don't usually talk about those things. Later on, I concluded that it wasn't the right time.

But eventually, I found one. I had a sweet time. How long? Why do you need to know? You just a kid, this kind of thing is too early for you. Don't stare at me like that. Even if I tell you. You won't be able to understand it.

Oh... I got carried away. That's right. The thing that I always wanted to tell you, but couldn't find a right time is that.... You know? It can't be... that's my biggest secret....

I'll tell you anyway.... I am not an insect, I am also not a Min, I am a human, yes, I am one of those people you and elder purple and other insects hated.

Oh, about my body.... It is complicated, it will take a lot of time to explain...

I don't know if I am a deviant or not. However, I killed many insects before, I also killed many humans before. My hands are full of blood...

Now you know why I asked you not to worry that much when all Mins were talking about you...

You are an insect that is abandoned by the insect race, and I am a human that abandoned by my people many times. We are the same. You are an insect but you can't be an insect, I am a human, but I can't be a human...

I always said that you are very dumb, you are stupid, and you are a hillbilly insect. but actually, I am the only stupid one here.

30 years... plus those few years that I lived with you guys, I am able to live for 30 years now. but looking back, I have lost everything, even my own body! "

Chu Yunsheng felt that his throat sore and his quiet whisper had turned into the quiet sob. He looked back, noticing that the son of insect was still drinking the purified nutritions. So he carried on.

:" All of them are smarter than me, what choice I have? My brain is not better than them, I am not intelligent than them. I have to accept my fate, right? it is important to know one's own limitations...

You don't know anything happened to me, so I don't want to tell you much. Let's talk about the things that related to you. I have tried very hard... really... I tried everything I could.... to think a way to improve energy gathering process, tried my best to increase my own power, and expanded our force....

But the result?

They did not even need to fight me, they did not even give me a chance. They just directly ignored me. They have control over everything.... In just a few words, they .... They .... They just killed you like that....

What is the fucking use of the underground army we built.... What is the fucking use of fire energy we stored....

We are fucking played by them, we are nothing, what Yuan Tian stage three, what sword fighting techniques; what the third form; what ghastly kid.... They are fucking nothing..... We are fucking nothing...

I always thought that the strength is the most important thing. I thought that as long as I am powerful enough, they would not be able to control you and they would not be able to manipulate you. But now, I realized it was just a joke, it is all a big fucking joke...

Dumb insect, do you know that I hate myself... I hate myself for being not smart enough, why am I so stupid?

I wanted to save elder purpler and other brothers, but only us survived, I wanted to protect you and fight by your side, but you were gone.

I felt like I am the bane of others' existence. You don't know what it means? It means that wherever I go, people will suffer and those who were close to me would not have a good end. At first, it was my parents....

Oh, I got carried away again.... I know that you could defy its order because I know you... at least say goodbye to us before you go.... I know that they must have told you something.... I know that you were doing this for us....

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and gazed into the dark sky and murmured:"...but.... Dumb you know that.... Although we are not smarter than them.... But we have hearts, we have emotions....

I said that I will fight beside you, even if it means that I am going to die.

If you can't remember it, then I will say it again. Even if it means to fight the whole world, I will let them understand that they can despise my intelligence, but they can not look down on my vows!

Even if they were gods, I will make them suffer! "

He staggered up and then pinched up the son of insect who had drunk enough nutrition. He took the son of insect and walked around the cold body to let it see the dumb insect clearly last one time.

Then he used his legs to gentle removed a piece of shell from the dumb insect's body and placed it on the son of insect's chest and then wrapped it up with a piece of cloth.

A hazy light beam shed into the tomb through its hole on the top. In the hazy light, Chu Yunsheng was acceding higher and higher.

As he got out of the tomb, it immediately opened its bat wing-like wings and said coldly:"Dumb insect, forgive me.... I had enough..... I want to go crazy once.... "

In the next second, a dark flame that looked like it came straight out of hell burst out from his body and covered his wings. As he flapped his wings, he flew into the sky like a lightning bolt. Behind him, six hundred flying combat units closely followed.....

"FENG!" Yan Min's signal was completed blocked by Chu Yunsheng when he was inside the main tomb. But when he flew out of the main tomb, it appeared in his mind again. However, it was ignored by Chu Yunsheng.


Fragrant river survivor's camp.

Huo Jiashan walked back and forth anxiously. Mr.insect had asked him to wait here. However, it has been over a day and night. He still had not received anything.

He was really concerned that something else might happen.

"Chief Huo, please eat something first!" the mayor of fragrant river survivor's camp gave him a simple plate of food and said.

Although he was a mayor, he knew that he was just appointed by an insect. Regardless if Jing Ji island accepted his position or not, he had a bunch of people that did not have any weapons to protect themselves, so he did not dare to be disrespectful to Hu Jiashan who was one the three most influential people on Jing Ji island.

"Mayor Yu, can you ask someone to contact the Mr.insect? " Huo Jishan took over the plate and urged. He was indeed very hungry.

Mayor Yu hesitated:" chief Huo, I hope you won't laugh at me at this. Many people believe that I had some kind of connection to that insect, however, I don't even know what is going on. We never had some sort of discussion. If it wants something, it would come to look for me. But.... we could not find it."

Huo Jiashan nodded his head while chewing the food:" sorry for my impatience. I am just worried that something else would happen, and people on Jing Ji island would not wait... since you can not contact it, how about Mani white? Could you ask her?"

Mayor Yu has never been approached by any senior government officials like this. such condescension rather turned his head. He knew that this was all because of the Mr. insect, otherwise, how can such influential person be so respectful to him.

Just when he was about to answer, a black lightning bolt appeared in their sights

Then many green shells began to land on an abandoned hotel.

Huo Jiashan immediately put down the plate and went outside. He was shocked to find out that what originally a red colored Mr.insect suddenly changed its color to black.

What kind of evolutionary speed is that! And how fast exactly can insects evolve? Huo Jiashang was completely shocked.

"Huo Jiashan." Chu Yunsheng gently put down the son of insect, and talked through a dead body that was in one of green shell's leg.:" I will help you to kill all the insects and Yan for you. And I have only one condition. Use your life to protect this kid and help us to raise this kid!"

"Insect? Mr.insect? This...." before Huo Jiashan came here, his advisory panel had thought of all kinds of situation and all kinds of conditions. But not a single condition was as ridiculous as this...

An insect asks humans to raise a human kid in exchange for killing all the insects? What the fuck is this....

Chu Yunsheng glared coldly at Huo Jiashan and said:" Huo Jiashan, you have to remember it, if I found out it had any accidents, or if you are doing experiments on it, I will kill all the humans in Hong Kong!"

"Mr.insect, this is not what I meant..." Huo Jiashan tried to explain. But he was interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

"I don't care what you meant. When it grows up, tell it that apart from its biological father, it also had a foster-father who loved it and who also gave up its life for it.... "

"Mr. insect?" Huo Jiashan did not know what to say. This was completely outside of negotiation plan.

Chu Yunsheng bowed his head down. the innocent and playful kid happily patted his mouth for a few times. He let out a long sigh and then used his legs to remove one piece of shell from his body as put it together with the dumb insect's shell inside the baby's cloth.

He passed the baby to Huo Jishan then opened his wings and flew into the sky, Leaving the son of insect suddenly crying out loud behind him.

Huo Jiashan was completely confused, Mayor Yu was also confused. The whole thing was so bizarre.


Chu Yunsheng brought his combat units to the "equipment Manufacturing area" to find Mani White.

"White, you can tell them that they can go home now. " Chu Yunsheng said without any emotions:"White, I will need one thing from you, I will use all the human food I stored to exchange for it. "

"One thing?" Mani White was confused.

"Your bras" he simply said.

"B...bras..." Mani White instantly blushed.

But Chu Yunsheng did not repeat the second time, he was silently looking at her and wanting her to pass it over.


"Feng! I have been trying to contact you. You need to give me the body of the dumb insect!" just when Chu Yunsheng flew over the main tomb, the voice that Chu Yunsheng hated the most appeared in his mind again.

"Yan Min. Did you forget that there is one thing that I can give up my life for?" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Feng, I know that, but you have to give me that body, Let me destroy it completely to prevent its body from contaminating other combat units! " Yan Min insisted.

"Unless you killed me, otherwise, don't even think about it!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth, growled and said, then he completely ignored Yan Min.

"Okay, Feng, Shang decided to give in, you can deal with the body, but you have to see Shang. " Yan Min finally gave up and said reluctantly.

"Tell it that I don't even believe myself, do you think that I will believe it?" Chu Yunsheng let out a bitter laugh. After he finished, he went into the main tomb directly.

"Dumb insect. Did you hear it? They even want to touch your body! But don't worry, I am here, I will find a place to bury you. Then I will kill all the insect, Shang will never be able to find you!" only when Chu Yunsheng was near the dumb insect's body did he reveal his true emotions. However, it was bleak and saddening.

On his body, the black flames became more and more violently until it completely covered his whole body. In the thick black flames, a pair of red eyes were like a devil just opened its eyes in the hell....