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Chapter 354 even if it means to fight the whole world.

 Chapter 354 even if it means to fight the whole world.

"Feng, you end it yourself, or I ended it personally! Only those two choices." Yan Min's signal didn't have any emotions.

Chu Yunsheng listened quietly without saying a word, and at the end, he calmly said: "This is the decision of Shang. Right? You do not have the authority to let me choose."

Yan Min sighed and said: "Feng Min, you are very smart and very unique. I have misjudged you several times since the beginning. but this time, you are wrong. it was my suggestion to Shang."

Chu Yunsheng asked while slightly moved his body:" why did you do that?"

Yan Min paused for a second and said:" Feng, you are not a Min, but you can communicate with Min; you are not Min, but you control combat units like a Min; You are not min, but you have the life signal of a Min, and even I have not been able to see through it. In the beginning, I thought you are a Min that once had a Star Rank three tomb, and later on, I thought you actually had a Star Rank 4 tomb once, I have been always looking for reasons to explain your unique behavior because I always thought that you are a real Min! "

Chu Yunsheng did not panic, nor was he afraid. When Shang arrived, he knew that his identity would be exposed sooner or later. Therefore, he could still calmly say it, " Shang also knows about this, right?"

Yan Min did not deny, it said frankly: "Yes, Feng, when you entered the main nest of Shang, it discovered you immediately. It opened all the channels for you, so it could follow you and observe You... Shang, in fact, has already made a decision, but it's very curious about you. In the past these days, it has been asking me all the information about you."

Chu Yunsheng laughed at himself. He thought that Shang was seriously injured, so it didn't have time to deal with the dumb insect's problem. But he didn't expect that it would notice him immediately when he entered that strange place. He also didn't expect that it was because of him that Shang didn't do anything to the Dumb insect: "Because of curiosity, Shang is not going to kill me?"

The answer was very obvious. Otherwise, he would not have this conversation with Yan Min. What Chu Yunsheng really wanted to know was that Why it didn't want to kill him.

Yan Min did not answer Chu Yunsheng's question directly, because did it have to answer his question. Both sides knew well about this. "I have already said that you are not a Min, but you have the abilities of a Min. This has never happened before."

: "Maybe I am also contaminated by deviants, or, I am a rebel just like the dumb insect!" Chu Yunsheng wasn't scared to say anything now.

Yan Min responded mildly, "Rebels? If you are a rebel, we will not have a conversation like this. It is possible that you have been contaminated by deviants, but Shang has already rejected this possibility with certainty."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a moment. He wanted to know more information about them. This may help him and the dumb insect when the war begins. Once the war begins, similar talks will probably not happen again.

"Because I can't remove the mark of the hatred?" Chu Yunsheng could only think of this.

Yan Min did not seem to mind to talk to Chu Yunsheng about this. It continued: "This is the main difference between you and the dumb insect. It is also how we determine rebels, so it must be destroyed. But you are different. You don't have this kind of ability and there are no signs of contamination by deviants. So Shang is very interested in you. It hopes that after this event is over, you can go through the Portal that I soon will breed to its nest. It wants to see you. "

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and said, " how can Shang be so sure that this will be over soon?"

Yan Min said without a doubt: "Feng, you have no other choice!"

"No, there is." Chu Yunsheng was also extremely calm: "We have a third choice." He said.

He did not say "I," but "we," and he put emphasize on We when he was talking to Yan Min.

Yan Min was not surprised. It seemed like it had already expected this answer. It was silent for a moment, then let out a long sigh: "Feng, if you do this, you will become the enemy of our entire race. Shang will think you are a rebel, a sympathizer. It will kill you as well."

Chu Yunsheng smiled lightly and said: "Even if it means to fight the whole world! "

Yan Min silently repeated Chu Yunsheng's reply for a few times then said: "Feng, I have never been able to understand you, and even Shang also couldn't understand you. But you also don't understand us and don't understand Shang. If eliminating deviants is the meaning of our existence, then the meaning of rebels' existence is to destroy our existence! So it must be destroyed at any cost! Indeed, there is a third choice, but that choice is not yours, it is Shang's!"

When it just finished talking. Chu Yunsheng did not know that why he would suddenly feel a sharp pain in his body. Then, he felt like he lost something important in his life.

In the next second, the voice of Yan Min suddenly appeared in his mind again. This time, its voice was indifferent and chilly as if it came from the other world. "Finally, it is over. Shang did it itself....."

Chu Yunsheng was confused for a second. They have not even started a fight yet. Why did it say it was over.

Suddenly, he raised his head. His face was filled with shock and fear. His connection to the dumb insect disappeared!

"No, no, no, it can't be... it is not that stupid.... You are lying... you are lying..." Chu Yunsheng's body was shaking, his voice was shivering.


He opened his wings and used his jet ability to fly back to the main tomb as fast as he could.


On the way back, he could hear the son of insect's crying, and it made Chu Yunsheng felt like he was falling into an ice pit. His body was constantly shaking while in the air. He almost fell down from the sky several times.

"Feng, it has already ended its own life. It is Shang's order. Before it became a rebel completely, it will not defy Shang's order!" Yan Min's indifferent voice appeared again.

"FUCK OFF!....." Chu Yunsheng knew that he was fooled by Yan Min. He was so stupid that he just realized that why Yan Min wanted to ask him to come out of the tomb to talk.

He went straight into the tomb, penetrating through the wall of the main tomb was like a lightning bolt.


Seeing Chu Yunsheng appeared inside the tomb, the son of insect cried even louder.

Next to it, a cold body was sitting on the ground. Its eyes were still open looking quietly at the son of insects with endless tender loving care.

The highest control of the ten giant tombs was immediately shifted to him as he entered the main tomb. The control suddenly hit him and made him lose the ability to fly, his red insect's eye suddenly went black for a second, and then he fell on the platform that was several meters away from the dumb insect.

As he raised his head and looked at the cold familiar body, Yan Min's voice appeared in his mind again.

"Feng, I must attract your attention, otherwise, with your presence, you may interfere with Shang's order. But you don't need to blame yourself, you can't stay with it forever, and we have many opportunities."

Chu Yunsheng did not speak to Yan Min. his mind was filled the dumb insect while slowly crawling towards its body. It was just several meters away from him. However, he felt like it was the distance between earth and hell.

There were no tears on his face, because tears were already dried up, there was no hate in his mind, his mind was filled with intense sorrow.

The son of insect used its tender little hands to slap the dumb insect's face and cried:" baba(daddy).... baba(daddy)..." again and again. However, the cold body could no longer respond to its call anymore. Only those eyes were still looking at the son of insects as if it wanted to remembered it before it died.

Perhaps the son of insects was exhausted, it slowly fell asleep next to the cold body.

Chu Yunsheng gently pinched it up and put it in his arm, and stroke the dumb insect cold head slowly and quietly.

Slowly, a bitter smile appeared on Chu Yunsheng's face.

To the son of insect, the dumb Insect was like its father. But to him, the dumb insect was like his youngest brother.

He taught it how to write, told it stories, taught it how to speak, taught him the difference between the men and women, taught him what was emotions and many other things....

He had lost his parents, his love, lost his family, lost his friend and even lost his original body.

He had lost everything in his entire life expect bitter memories.

If he could use the book to exchange them back, then he would do it immediately without any hesitation.

"Feng, I am Shang, are you sad? It was just like you. Both of your emotions made me confused. Before it died, it begged me not to kill you and that deviant..." Shang's vigorous voice suddenly appeared in the main tomb.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to talk to anyone. He cut off the communication channel straight away. He just wanted to stay with the dumb insect quietly without anyone interrupting them.

Time slowly passed in the tomb....

The hazy shimmer appeared in the sky again.

The son of Insect slowly woke up and perhaps it was hungry, it began to cry again.

Chu Yunsheng staggered up and picked up the little human and put it in the small cradle that was made by the dumb insect, and then summon the purified feeding tube...

" Dumb insect." Chu Yunsheng said slowly to the cold body as if it was still alive.:" I want to return the kid to humans, I know you will be sad, but trust me, it is better for it to live with humans. If you are not saying anything, I'll take that as yes. "


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