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Chapter 353 a rout is like a landslide

 Chapter 353 a rout is like a landslide

Chaos still continued on the coast of Jing Ji island which was several kilometers long . All the soldiers were in disarray, all the subordinates could not find their superiors, and all the superiors couldn't find their subordinates.

A heavily damaged warship that retreated from Hong Kong could not even dock at Jing Ji island. It could only stop offshore.

In the thick dark smokes, the warship was slowly sinking. Many soldiers hurriedly jumped into the cold sea and desperately tried to swim back to Jing Ji island.

The heavy smell of blood attracted a large number of sea monsters, including tentacles monsters that were expelled into the sea by Chu Yunsheng.

In the ocean, it was their paradise.

Although the troops in Jing Ji island had sent out a large number of helicopters to provide fire support. The commander of the eighteenth regiment had even ordered his troops to push the defense line into the sea to save as many soldiers as possible. However, there were still countless soldiers were dragged into the sea by all types of monsters.

There were also a massive amount of monster fishes leaped onto the beach to attack soldiers.

In the chaotic crowd, a senior officer stopped a desperate soldier who had just escaped from the sea and shook the soldier's shoulders very hard and hurriedly asked, " Which division do you belong to? Where is the division commander Ren? Did you see Ren Tongyan?"

The soldier's face was as pale as ghost, and he still hasn't come back from the fear. He just shook his head numbly.

The senior immediately pushed the emotionally numb soldier away and dragged over another one. However, the more he asked, the more desperate he was.

At this time, a security guard stepped on the sea mud and stumbled as fast as he could towards the senior officer and shouted: " commander, commander, and division commander Ren's troops have been found! We found it!"

Feng Tianyun was overjoyed. He pulled his legs out of the mud and hurriedly said, "Where is the elder Ren? Is he still alive? Quick, take me there!"

The security guard hurriedly rushed towards the senior officer to help him.: "commander, commander Ren... probably...." The soldier was hesitant.

Feng Tianyun immediately pushed him away and refused to believe it.: "no! I will ask them myself! , elder Ren is a lucky bastard. when we retreated from Wu Yang city, he stayed behind to stall the swarm. He still came back that time."

The guard looked at his commander's red eyes but didn't dare to say anything again. He bowed his head down and took him to pass through countless wounded soldiers to arrive in front of an officer who was lying on a stretcher. one of the officer's arm was already gone...

Feng Tianyun suddenly rushed towards the stretcher and held tightly on the surviving hand of the man and said with shivering voice: "elder Liu, elder Liu, god finally has mercy on us, you are alive, that's great, great, great!"

He said great there times. but His tone was full of worries.

The officer was struggling to lift up the bloody eyelids and try very hard to glance through the red and swollen eye slits. Just one glance, tears could not stop running down from his eyes, his bloody, muddy lips were moving. It seemed like he wanted to say something.

His voice was too quiet. Feng Tianyun had put his ear on his lips to hear his intermittent voice: "All, dead, dead, all, all division, elder, Ren, stayed behind, I, am, sorry,... elder.. elder Feng, please, please..."

Feng Tianyun sobbed and nodded. He knew what elder Liu was asking, but he could not do it, and he didn't have the heart to let him know.

Suddenly, the officer suddenly opened his eyes and looked up at the dark sky. He shouted while his mouth was full of blood, "Why! Why the headquarters did not want us to retreat!!!"

" Commissar, Commissar! ..." The soldiers that were carrying him suddenly cried out loud.

Feng Tianyun used his old right hand trying to close his old friend's eyes. But no matter how hard he tried, those eyes still opened.

Feng Tianyun fell to the floor and looked at the shoreline that covered with many soldiers' bodies and many more soldiers were still struggling in the sea and murmured: " you are refusing to rest in peace(1)..."

" commander, commander!" A guard was panting while running towards him: "urgent message from the headquarters!"

Feng Tianyun suddenly stood up and tossed the "urgent message" in the hands to the sky. He shouted exasperatedly. "Urgent! What urgent! Everyone is fucking dead! ....."

The documents were like falling leaves fluttering in the air then landed on the face of the commissar Liu who had already died. In his bloody eyes reflected a line of words on the paper: ..., stop the rescue. Gather all the troops preparing for the incoming......"

Feng Tianyun knelt down while facing the direction where Hong Kong was and wailed hysterically: "I'm sorry, my brothers, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.... I'll repay you with my life, In the next life..."

At this moment, A man with an ordinary dress silently walked behind Feng Tianyun and sighed: "commander Feng, can we talk about it now?"


Jing Ji island temporary joint command center.

Unlike the noisy conference room before, it was extremely quiet and tense this time, as if all the oxygen in the room was sucked out, it made everyone suffocate.

Everyone looked like they were a decade older than before, and even the youngest person Ke Qianer was no exception.

The cold wind gently blew onto the death number report that was on the desktop, flipping pages after pages, names after names....

Tick-tock... tick-tock....

It was noise made by the only mechanical clock in the quiet conference room.

It was quite like this for a very long time, but no one was willing to speak first.

Huo Jiashan tightened his broken coat then silently began to tidy up the scattered reports on the desktop.

Everyone was looking at him but nobody stopped him.

Halfway through tidying he suddenly stopped. He was holding a document in mid-air. No one knew what he was thinking. After a short pause, he looked at Wu Fanghou.

Everyone looked at them and thought. Finally, it was the time.

"We have decided to cooperate fully with it. If you guys..." Huo Jiashan paused, and his tone was very quiet. He looked at the Ke Qianer who was next to him and took out a document from inside his coat and gently placed it on the table. Then continued, "If you disagree, this is a request signed by more than a thousand officers. half of your division commanders have signed already..."

Wu Fanghou's hands began to tremble on the conference table, he sat back slowly and weakly. But he did not read the document. His face was filled with guilt and grief. In the next second, he stood up silently, staggered to the wall and step out of the conference room.

He knew he lost. He lost half of his force, and in the end, all he got was that the information Huo Jiashan got from that insect was correct.

The price was too heavy, it was so heavy that Jing Ji island was going to run out of ammunition soon.

The military representatives hurriedly got up to help the old commander in chief. All of them began to walk out of the conference room. Only Ke Qianer turned around and said, "I'm very curious. Why does it want to help us?"

Huo Jiashan no longer hated this woman at this moment. On the contrary, he respected her very much. From the time she went to war till retreat, she and her disciples rushed to the front line first but retreated the last. For this reason, their casualties were as high as two third of Chu Clan's total force. Even the girl herself was also heavily injured due to the excessive use of the bow.

Whether it was the number of killings, the type of monsters or the casualty rate, Chu Clan was at the top among all the troops in Hong Kong.

What right does he have to hate them?

Looking at her just washed, clean and pale face, Huo Jiashan said lightly:" Don't we also different opinions. It has set up a safe camp for us. That's our only hope...."

" Hehe, living as their fresh food supplies?" Ke Qianer sneered and left.

After everyone left, the chief of general administration department Liang Xingdong suddenly asked a strange question:" Elder Huo, why don't you force him to hand over the control of the military?"

Huo Jiashan hide the disdain on his face when looked at the man In front of him and said:" you think that's possible? You don't know this army. This is the best they can do...."



Chu Yunsheng flew into the sky like a lightning bolt.

After merging with some parts of the ghastly kid's body and fully recovered his body. His speed was increased again.

Higher..... higher!

Chu Yunsheng wanted to fly as higher as possible, he wanted to break through the dark clouds to see the sun again.

The tomb underneath him became smaller and smaller until it became a tiny Little red spot

Higher... higher...

In spite of the air turbulence and freezing temperatures, he had no fear.

He was still ascending,

Go, breakthrough here. He roared and speeded up again while withstanding the chaotic Yuan Qi energy turbulence.


He finally broke through the thick layer of dark clouds.

However, after the clouds, it was still the darkness....

" I don't believe it!"

He then completely opened his wings that were several times bigger than his main body and tried to ascend again.

" LET ME SEE IT!" Chu Yunsheng shouted loudly in his mind.

However, the turbulence became stronger and stronger, and it was slicing his just recovered body.

" Ah......" as Chu Yunsheng let out a loud roar, he finally lost all his strength and began to fall.

He was upset and disappointed.

The strong friction made Chu Yunsheng's body covered with fire. He was like a fiery phoenix piercing through the clouds and dived into the sea between Hong Kong and Jing Ji island. A huge tentacle monster that had just surfaced from deep water was instantly penetrated by him.

When he flew out of the sea again, his body was still on fire. Then he brought the huge tentacle monster's body back to fragrant river city.

" What monster is that?" The eighteenth regiment commander Gu Feng put down his binoculars and asked in shock. 'The tentacle monster couldn't even block its one strike!'

" Quick! Report it to the headquarter!" Gu Feng knitted his brows and said.

Chu Yunsheng unleashed his strongest power without any disguise. The powerful fire energy burned vigorously. When he flew across the sea, the water underneath him was split open, and when he flew across the peninsula city, everything was instantly lit up when he flew past them.

After circling around fragrant river City, Chu Yunsheng continued to fly ostentatiously back to the main tomb.

His purpose is very simple. Yan Min has gradually pulled back the main force and deployed them on the edge of its creep area that was near him. Although Shang has not yet made its final decision, Chu Yunsheng has already sensed the danger.

Because the spore forest was blocking the way, only Yan Min was a real threat to him and the dumb insect at the moment. In terms of other Mins, all they could do was to make sure that Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect were not going to run away.

Therefore, at this crucial moment, he must demonstrate his powerful ability. He must first try to delay the time for a potential attack as much as possible; and the second, he must show his strength to the people on the Jing Ji island to give them confidence.

This was just an intimidation. In order to fight Yan Min. He also needed an army.

And this real army was secretly produced and hid under the ground by the dumb insect.

Chu Yunsheng had roughly calculated, with his improved energy supply chain, his final force would not be weaker than Yan Min's force.

And just a few hours after he showed off his power, Huo Jiashan brought the corporation plan personally to Chu Yunsheng's creep area. At the same time, Yan Min finally passed the Shang's decision to him.

........... note...........

Die with eyes open. In China, people believe that if a person dies with eyes open, they are refusing to rest in peace. It is used to describe how upset, disgust, horror or anger of a deceased person is.