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Chapter 352 brother, please, scold me last one time

 Chapter 352 brother, please, scold me last one time

Under the hazy shimmer, it was extremely quiet everywhere as if the firestorm never appeared.

The swarm in the creep area slowly returned to normal. Apart from Chu Yunsheng and the Dumb insect those two fake Mins, what all other insects were looking at was not Shang that was thousands of miles away from them. It was actually the world behind the black vortex.

" Dumb insect, are you alright?" Chu Yunsheng finally got through with the dumb insect and asked worriedly.

The dumb insect didn't reply to him immediately. After a moment of silence, it finally said sadly:" why... Why ... no one wants to talk to me...."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he did not know what it was talking about: "who doesn't speak to you?" He asked in confusion.

" Them... many....many Mins are talking, but no one wants to talk to me. Yan Min also ignored me... but I heard they were talking about me...." The dumb insect said sorrowfully.

Chu Yunsheng was startled. :" Dumb insect, calm down, what is happening, who is talking about you. And how did you hear it?"

The dumb insect's response was filled with inferiority: "They definitely... think, I am not...a real Min... right? I am just a small combat unit... but... but they said, I am not even worth... to be a combat unit..."

Chu Yunsheng immediately realized that the problem seemed to be very serious. The dumb insect suddenly became very emotional and it was the first time that it did not directly answer his question.

Chu Yunsheng immediately removed the tubes from his body and crawled out of the tomb heading towards the main tomb that the dumb insect was in.

When he saw the dumb insect, he almost couldn't believe his own eyes.

The innocent and happy dumb insect suddenly seemed to become very old all of sudden. it was holding the son of insect and hiding pitifully in a corner of the tomb. Its eyes were no longer filled with the lusters of curiosity. Instead, it was filled with inferiority and sadness.

The son of insect seemed to felt the dumb insect's sadness. It reached its little hands out trying to touch the dumb insect's scary face while babbling as if it wanted to make the dumb insect happy.

Chu Yunsheng felt a sharp pain in his heart. He had never seen the dumb insect act like this before. Did Shang punish it? Did they decide to abandon the dumb insect?

Chu Yunsheng's body began to shake. He knew exactly how it feels to be abandoned by their own people. When he was in the fog city, when he tried to blow up tombs outside Jing Ling, when he was fighting the divine realm... there were no words could describe that kind of sadness and helplessness.

The dumb insect seemed to have noticed Chu Yunsheng and when It looked at Chu Yunsheng, its eyes were replaced with fear, hesitant, longing, and silently loneliness...

It feared that the last person that it could rely on would also abandon it, so it hesitated. It felt inferior. However, it longed for Chu Yunsheng to stay with it, so it could tell Chu Yunsheng that he felt sad. However, it didn't dare to, so it stayed silent...

Despite the silent look, Chu Yunsheng knew how it felt. He slowly walked over and used his claw to gently stroke the dumb insect's head and said slowly.:" Dumb insect, don't worry, it's fine now... you still have me, you still have the son of insect.... Calm down, and tell me slowly what happened..."

Tears began to run down from the dumb insect's face. It hesitated. It seemed like it was scared of something.

However, Chu Yunsheng immediately knew why it didn't want to say.

Chu Yunsheng's heart was aching, he forced himself to give out a scary smile and tried to comfort the dumb insect." Dumb insect, tell me, I can help you. Don't you remember that we are brothers no matter what happened!"

" Can you scold me last one time." The dumb insect still didn't reply to Chu Yunsheng's answer directly. Instead, it wept and said

Chu Yunsheng sighed. He didn't really know what to say to the dumb insect.

But the longer the Chu Yunsheng hesitated, sadder the dumb insect was, and more scared it was. " Can... you... please.... Then ... I'll take the son of insect.... And leave..." it begged.

It was at this moment, the son of insect suddenly opened its little mouth and babbled" baba.....baba!"

Then a weak and pure earth elemental energy appeared in the baby's navel.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly laughed, laughed loudly and ugly, and the tears also began to run down from his face, but he still didn't stop laughing.

" Dumb insect, you are really fucking dumb! Do you know what the kid just said? It called you dad. It's dad... do you know what it means? It means you have a family now... even you are abandoned by the world, even you have nothing, remember that family member will always stay next to you. I Will, the son of insect will. If you find it hard to tell me, then you don't need to tell me. But I want to tell you that no matter what happens, I will not abandon you. I'll fight with you to the end, I'll not regret it."

When Chu Yunsheng finished, he sneered in his mind. "What kind of fight, I Chu Yunsheng hasn't seen? What kind of battle haven't I fought before? At the worst, it is just a death."

The dumb insect listened carefully as if it wanted to remember every word Chu Yunsheng just said. It even didn't notice the earth elemental energy that the baby emitted.

Chu Yunsheng quickly calmed himself down and looked at the dumb insect sternly. " My recovery has reached a crucial moment. Dumb insect, you need to stay strong. Even if it is not for me. You need to do it for the son of insect!"

After he finished, he turned around and prepare to get back to his repairing tomb. He believed that the dumb insect was definitely going to pass this difficult period.

" Wait...wait...." the dumb insect suddenly asked. Then, what made Chu Yunsheng even more confused was that it began to pass the control of the main tomb to him.

" Humming sound ...."

Waves of strange audio-like frequency that Chu Yunsheng had never encountered before went into his head from the main tomb.

Then he was brought back to the place where Shang landed, but this time was different. This time, he was inside the Shang's body.

As all kinds of red light flashed in front of "him", then he began to receive many strange noises.

" Coordinate Liao Min, destroyed 11 deviant's cities...."

" Coordinate, Xiong Min, destroyed 20 deviant's cities, encountered the enemy from spore forest...."

" Coordinate, Lao Min, destroyed the defense line of the revived deviants, they are currently escaping towards the south, Mins, please ready to intercept...."

" Coordinate ... Min, ... Min ... Min, three Mins began the last push towards a deviant's city called Tokyo. Request further instructions from Shang, should we stop the push and begin to prepare the fire energy or not...."

" Coordinate ... request for reinforcements.... The enemy from spore forest has pushed into my creep area, my tomb is under the attack...."

" Coordinate .... Request for air reinforcements, a large number of the revived deviants appeared in my creep...."

".... request for further instructions...."

".... request for further instructions...."


Many lights were constantly flashing, it was like a web of information inside the Shang's body.

Chu Yunsheng's signal was like an electricity arc went through the web quickly and then his signal was allocated to a secondary category area.

" Has Shang not recovered yet?"

" I have heard that the coordinate has a Min that was contaminated by deviants."

" Contaminated? Not a rebel?"

" Shang hasn't decided yet."

" Who is near Yan Min, please get ready to attack it."

" Dumb insect, such a strange name. It doesn't like a Min's name at all."


" Who are you? Your coordinate and name?" Suddenly, a Yan Min's signal detected Chu Yunsheng's signal.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know his coordinate, neither did he wanted to talk to those Mins, so he immediately quit from that "information center".

"So this is how they communicate with each other. " Chu Yunsheng thought when his vision returned to the main tomb.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how far Shang could reach, but it seemed like the Shang's communication tool was even able to communicate with Mins in Japan.

Although he didn't anything about Shang. There was something he just learned which was that Shang was heavily injured and it hasn't recovered yet.

It also hasn't decided what to do with the dumb insect. According to the gossips between several Mins, he knew that it was Yan Min who reported them to Shang.

Now it is just a matter of time. Chu Yunsheng though. He needed time!

He completely gave up the idea of escaping now. With this kind of information center, where could they run? Where could they hide?

It seemed like he needed to kill Yan Min first to buy some time.

Chu Yunsheng was having a hard time to make a decision. Then, he noticed that the dumb insect was quietly looking at him. It seemed like it was waiting for Chu Yunsheng's decision.

He tried to suppress all his worries and smile at the dumb insect. He patted at the dumb insect's head and said:" I heard it as well. You are really Dumb, it is not a big deal. No matter what you are. You are you. It is no difference to me. Did you forget that I told you this before?'

The dumb insect was dazed for a second. They.... They..... they all hide from me... they all want to attack me... I... why... you....' the dumb insect stuttered.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to tell it his real identity, but he felt like it was not the time, so he said:" because you have emotions, but they don't have. Don't think that much.... Hurry up.... We have a war coming...."