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Chapter 351 Shang has arrived.

 Chapter 351 Shang has arrived.

Facts have proved that sometimes, for example, in a critical period, use absolute power to threaten people to work was clearly better than friendly negotiation.

Under Chu Yunsheng's blatant threaten, a thousand of people were anxiously waiting for the further instructions. However, they didn't expect that they could eat food first. This was probably the first time they have eaten so much food since they since the Dark Age began.

It was related to Chu Yunsheng returning to his own body, so no matter how much food they needed, he was willing to provide. Especially tentacle monsters' body, they were piled up like a small mountain.

Chu Yunsheng's intention was very simple. If they didn't eat enough, how do they have the energy to work for him?

As a reporter, although Mani White's management ability was almost the same level as Chu Yunsheng, her ability to "incite" the crowd was many levels higher than Chu Yunsheng.

She even "made" Chu Yunsheng's lies to become the unprecedented task that related to the fate of entire Hong Kong. The way that she exaggerated Chu Yunsheng's words, even made Chu Yunsheng himself also want to run away and tell everyone that he did not say that. But to a thousand people, they finally found a "reason" to stay in their mind.

And finally, the first unprecedented cooperation between insects and humans has begun.....


While Chu Yunsheng was busy gathering energy, the war across the sea has not stopped a single second.

Song Mi could no longer move forward, The death ratio of Chu Clan's disciples had already exceeded half, but they had not even pushed into one-tenth of the creep area.

This is war was completely unbalanced. Even people were willing to die, it would not change the result.

The master of Chu Clan had just learned a new skill. Although it was very powerful and it could ignore the tomb's gravitational pull, it also consumed a lot of her energy. If she was not surrounded and protected by many disciples, she would have been dead already.

The defense line of Hong Kong was pushed back again and again, but they still did not give up the hope that they would be able to find the insect's command center.

Meanwhile, Yan Min's secret elite swarm was getting bigger and bigger.


In fact, Chu Yunsheng did not think about the energy transportation plan thoroughly. He hasn't really thought about the specific operations and the difficulty of implementing these various operations.

His initial idea had to be modified again and again. In the end, The final delivery plan was completely different than what he thought was.

In this regard, Chu Yunsheng had to admit that he was not competent enough.

Comparing to him, those weak and old who always thought about escaping were much more clever than him in the use of each insect.

They soon came up with a faster and simpler solution, it did not even require any humans to enter the ground.

The tunnels that go straight underground were not only dangerous but the closer they were to the earth's crust, the higher the temperature was and the less oxygen was. The human body could not survive in this kind of situation at all.

So, They immediately proposed the use of green shell insects as the main transportation force. It replaced Chu Yunsheng's idea of ​​setting up rails to deliver energy from the ground.

The plan was very simple, but it was also very effective, and it was more suitable for Chu Yunsheng's fast energy gathering plan.

Due to the limited material resources, Chu Yunsheng could only open up one transportation tunnel in each of the ten giant tombs.

In accordance with the blueprint that was drawn on a piece of wooden blank, which was agreed by the group of people that were selected by Mani White out of a thousand people, Chu Yunsheng dispatched twenty golden shells, two in each group to quickly excavate a big and almost vertical hole into the ground.

Next, in every five hundred meters there would be a platform, and on every platform, there would be three green shells insects. One transport route would require an average of six platforms and nearly eighteen green shell insects.

So in total, ten tombs, ten routes would require one hundred and eighty green shell insects, and those green shells just need to be the primordial green shells. This was the number that Chu Yunsheng was able to provide, he could just use his own force, he did not even need to borrow insects from the dumb insect.

In this way, humans also did not need to go into the hole, Chu Yunsheng just needed to give orders to green shell insects.

What humans needed to do was just to build transportation tools for the green shells. Many huge square containers were made out of abandoned cars in fragrant river city, they even found some carriages near a train station and directly used them as containers. Then those containers were reinforced by Chu Yunsheng by using insect's shells as a protective layer, otherwise, it was easy to melt the iron sheet with the heat of the fire energy.

However, due to the limited time they had, all the containers were roughly made, and because of lacking in processing tools, the transportation containers' protective layer was not completely covered.

For this reason, these thousand people were soon re-centered outside the creep area to make additional containers and fix the damaged ones.

Only until then did he finally felt like this plan was finally working.

Without humans in the creep area, he did not need to spend times to suppress insects' anger. More importantly, with green shells joined in the energy gathering line, the speed was increased tremendously.

As the initial stage of the plan was working smoothly without any problem, Chu Yunsheng began to ask the dumb insect to breed more worker worms to increase the supply.


On the second day, after the transportation channels were constructed, Lee Taidou appeared outside the creep area.

Chu Yunsheng dragged the tubes that were constantly supplying him with fire energy to the edge of creep area to see him.

"As I expected, He sent you as a representative." After listening to Li Taidou's message, Chu Yunsheng controlled the dead body and said.

"Mr. Insect, The main task that Chief Huo asked me to come this time is to establish a specific direction of cooperation with you." after seeing the sketch that the person had drawn, Lee Taidou did not know why that he began to believe Huo Jiashan.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a moment. he did not answer him immediately. Instead, he gazed at the battlefield in the distant where the war was still going on, for a few minutes and said coldly: "I would like to give you a suggestion first. Actually, I have said it last time already. You need to immediately retreat to Jing Ji island. On the land, you can not defeat them at all. You need to tell Huo Jiashan that its elite swarm will soon appear on the battlefield. They will tear your defense line apart as easily!"

"It?" Lee Taidou pretended to be confused and asked.

Chu Yunsheng paused for a second said: " you don't need to act like that. It is the command center that you are struggling to find! Not just you, I also do not know where it is. It can be any insects in the swarm, anywhere on its creep area. If it didn't want to come out, there is no way you can find it. So you people are just wasting your time."

" I, I don't understand...." Lee Taidou instantly broke out a cold sweat and asked shakingly.

The dead body suddenly smiled creepily and said:" don't worry, there are many smart people in Hong Kong, just pass my message, they will understand. But this message is not free. You need to provide me with some tools."

Looking at the creepy smile on the dead body's face. All Lee Taidou's hair was standing on end. In fact, he had another important question which was that why it wanted to help humans, but he didn't dare to ask.

Chu Yunsheng then passed a wooden plank that had a list of things he needed to Lee Taidou and asked to go back. He needed tools from them to create better containers.


Three days later, Huo Jiashan delivered the first batch of tools as an agreement. But Chu Yunsheng's warning didn't seem to have any effect on Hong Kong's defense line.

Hong Kong was still resisting, military forces didn't retreat. Only until Yan Min's elite swarm appeared on the battlefield, and humans suffered from heavy losses did they finally moved back to the island.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to think about them. Although Yan Min was massively producing flying combat units and preparing to attack human's last land, if humans didn't believe his message, everything he did was useless.

The recovery progress of his body had reached a critical moment, his body began to have some strange features. For instance, he was able to stand up like a human now.

But his attention was quickly shifted to the energy and the culture fluid the tombs gathered.

Looking at a massive amount of energy and culture fluid, Chu Yunsheng could see the day that he return to his original body was coming towards him soon.

However, just when Chu Yunsheng's mind was filled with hope, and after the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky in the fourth day after Hong Kong's defense line collapsed, many fire sparkles began to appear and fall from the sky. In the beginning, they were not many, but as the time passed by, sparkles became fireballs and fireballs became the storms that filled with various size of fireballs.

Yan Min immediately stopped its breeding process, the dumb insect also crawled out of the tomb, soon all the insects stopped what they were doing and raised their heads looking at the same direction in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he tried to contact the dumb insect immediately, but he didn't expect that when his signal just "touched" the dumb insect, his "vision' was pulled into a long channel of light.

When "he" came out of the channel, he arrived at a place that he was familiar with. There was a gigantic pit on the ground, and the water in the pit began to boil and evaporate. Many water drops were lifted in the air magically like there was no gravity until they were completed evaporated.

Fireballs were getting bigger and bigger, more and more fireballs began to appear.

All the insects began to roar frantically. Chu Yunsheng also discovered that there were many Mins around him. There was even one that he was familiar with.

Suddenly a black hole-like vortex appeared in the sky above the gigantic pit. As it was getting bigger and bigger, the wind around it became stronger and stronger, even the space around it was distorted.

Slowly many hairs like red tentacles appeared in the center of the vortex, and as if it was fighting with something, it struggled to come out of the vortex.

Countless green shell quickly flew towards the vortex and tried to pull it down.

Heaven and earth energy became very chaotic, a tremendous amount of fire energy flowed towards those red testicles and absorbed by it.

One hour passed.... Two hours passed..... Chu Yunsheng didn't know how long it had passed, but eventually, a colossal red organism that was as big as a city finally came out of the vortex and landed on the pit.

In order to get out of the vortex, it paid a heavy price. It was heavily injured. it was very heavy that it failed to fly into the sky again several times.

Eventually, the colossal organism gave up moving, soon the ground began to shake, then a sea of worker worms appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight. They were delivering the energy to that organism....

Suddenly, the vortex disappeared, and Chu Yunsheng was instantly pulled back to reality.

"Feng, Shang has arrived!" Yan Min's message suddenly went into Chu Yunsheng's mind...