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Chapter 350 Dont make me angry

 Chapter 350 Don't make me angry

For the first batch of workers, Chu Yunsheng didn't really expect a lot of people, but he was still shocked when he found out that out of a hundred thousand people, only two people showed up.

Chu Yunsheng was stunned, facing one person that he was familiar with, he didn't know what to say.

It was no longer the fear that made them not to show up, it was hate.

Chu Yunsheng was also a human, so he immediately understood why they didn't come.

Yes, everyone was scared of death, no one wanted to die. In order to survive, they could swallow their pride, ignored all the shame to become slaves.

However, Hong Kong was still resisting, as long as they had the slightest hope, no matter how scared they were, they would not help insects to destroy Hong Kong.

Not that they suddenly became noble or cared for the humanity, but their relatives and their children were still on Jing Ji island.

Most of them were the people who gave up their lives to exchange for a ticket for their loved ones. To those people, their families who were on the island were much more important than their own lives!

Not a single war in the history of mankind could compare with this one. It was a war to fight extinction. Whoever lost in the war would be permanently wiped out from this planet.

If Hong Kong was already destroyed and the people on Jing Ji island died out, Chu Yunsheng would not doubt that they would live by any means and they would rush to come to his creep area. But at the moment. It was not possible.

He was too naive!

He thought that he could use food to exchange human labors, just like what he did before in the yellow mountain area.

But He forgot that he was a human at that time. Even if he disguised as the fire messenger, it was not as worse as insects.

It has been several years after the earth plunged into the darkness, he had seen a lot of extremely ugly things. it made Chu Yunsheng habitually underestimate the willpower of humankind.

He let out a long sigh, but he did not feel frustrated that his plan could not be executed. Instead, he was "proud" of what they did from the bottom of his heart.

However, he just felt proud of his people. It didn't mean that he was going to change his plan.

He was not a saint, he couldn't sacrifice himself just because they began to behave in a certain way. Besides, he was not going to kill them. He just needed them to help him to speed up his energy gathering process. Shang was coming soon, he couldn't waste any time here.

When the hazy shimmer just appeared in the sky, a crowd of green shell insects appeared in the edge of fragrant River city.

Most of the survivors were trying to search mice on the ground at this time.

But soon, they discovered the unusual scene in the sky, then people began to run away in panic. No one was stupid, everyone knew that insects were angry.

However, they suddenly remembered that they couldn't escape from this place. The swarm had already surrounded them and began to chase them into a circle in the center city.

The mayor who was appointed by Chu Yunsheng was constantly sweating, he gathered all his courage and used his shaking voice to beg:" master, insect, master Insect.... Please give us more time...."

Chu Yunsheng controlled a dead body to open its mouth and said coldly:" I'm sorry, I don't have time!"

The mayor was confused. Despite he still wanted to beg for more time again, but when facing the big eyes of Chu Yunsheng, he slowly moved aside in fear.

"I don't care what you think and how you feel, today, I must take away a thousand people!" The dead body reached out his hand and drew out a line. : "using this road as the boundary, this group of people will come with me! If Anyone to resist, the punishment is death!"

The face of those who were selected instantly went place, and those who had just crossed the boundary instantly rushed toward the other side and looked at the selected people sympathetically.

"I'll repeat that once again, I promise to ensure the safety of your lives, and The labor-for-food condition is still effective. Don't try to resist. I can tell you that I'm the only one that didn't participate in the attack on Hong Kong at the moment, so, do not make me angry, otherwise, The consequences will be very serious. I will attack Hong Kong with the rest of insects and kill all the humans here. I will also immediately fly across the sea and attack Jing Ji island from the air" The dead body coldly and brutally threatened without any emotion.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng was basically "a mouth full of lies". if those people really want to resist. Not to mention the air raid on the Jing Ji island, he might not even punish those people at all.

Although humans would not believe that insects have good intentions, they absolutely believed that insects were bloodthirsty monsters.

After he finished talking, a group of green shells landed on the ground began to lead the way and those who were forcibly selected were moving slowly towards the creep area.

"Sometimes, you need to use an extreme measure. I just ask them to do something for me." Chu Yunsheng was controlling the dead body in the air and said coldly, "I will try to get you some weapons in the future."

"Huh!?" The mayor was gasped in surprise. The way that the insect talked to him reminded him one person, but he still couldn't remember who it was exactly.

Although there were around a thousand humans, most of them were weak and old people. Young and healthy adults were already sent to the battlefield, so Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time selecting people.

He carefully brought a thousand people to the repairing giant tomb which was on the edge of the creep area and spent a great deal of energy to move away the insects that were angry at humans entering their creep area.

Even the dumb insect also came out and looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion. But in the end, it was still being chased far away from those humans by Chu Yunsheng.

Nowadays, Chu Yunsheng would try his best to not get the dumb insect involved in this kind of thing.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have the ability and energy to manage almost one thousand people, he needed to select some humans to help him to manage them.

When he glanced around, he noticed the woman who volunteered to come to his creep area.

He waved his claw to called her over and used a dead body to asked: I want to know, why do you want to come here?"

The woman thought for a second and said sternly:" Mr.insect I don't know if you are aware that there used to be an insect that willing to negotiate with humans...."

Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted her and said:" in order to establish our trust quickly, I can tell you that the insect you talked about and I are the same person."

" Same person... person!" At the first, the woman had no reaction. But soon, she realized what the insect was saying and then she was completely stunned.

Her voice was very quiet, however, Chu Yunsheng was still able to hear what she whispered.

He was dazed for a second, then realized he said something wrong. So he pretended like it was nothing and quickly said:" I am getting used to your human language now."

But Manj White was not as foolish as he thought was. As a reporter, she had received a rigorous training in psychology.

Although she didn't know why the insect in front of her tried to cover its lies, she wanted to remember this moment, because she might be able to find it out in the future.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't know what she was thinking, he was just an engineer, and trying to cover up his lies was just his instinctive behavior.

"Mr. Insect, what do you need from me?" Mani White was smart, she didn't carry on questioning Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said:" my requirements are very simple. I need some of your men to enter the underground tubes to assist my kids to deliver energy and the rest to make transportation tools."

This was the method that Chu Yunsheng thought about after he analyzed the entire system of the creep area. The delivery of the energy was the weakest process of the entire production line.

All the insects were born to kill, and even the worker worms that normally function as energy collector were no exception.

However, in addition to combat capabilities, worker worm had the ability that other insect didn't have. It was able to dig deep into the ground, convert, gather, and collect fire energy under the ground.

This function once puzzled Chu Yunsheng for a while. He always thought that the heaven and earth Yuan Qi which was the dark energy was equally distributed in the entire third-dimensional space. But If what he thought was correct, then why there was a rich amount of fire energy under the ground.

Only when he escaped from the yellow mountain with brother worm did he realized that it was not like what he thought.

Brother worm almost dug through the earth's crust and entered the boundary between the mantle and the earth's crust. It was the place where the temperature began to rise noticeably. Ao that in addition to a large amount of earth element energy, there was also a tremendous amount of fire element energy. Plus several other types of energy, they often entangled with each other.

The worker worm's job was to extract the pure fire energy from those entangled energies and get rid of those impurity parts that were useless and harmful to insects.

This was where the main problem occurred. With an average of more than 30 kilometers deep into the ground, no matter how fast a worker worm could be, the time it wasted on the 30 kilometers journey was definitely a lot. Let alone it was just a single trip, not a return trip.

As an energy collector, each worker worm was responsible for two roles, it greatly reduced its speed in gathering fire energies.

Due to the number limitation of golden shell insects, they could not help worker worm much, other insects also could not widen the tunnel. After all, they were born to kill, not to dig.

Comparing to them, the size of a human body was just about right. But more importantly, humans could operate tools and equipment, they didn't even need to get into the ground, they could just use equipment to pull the energy up.

In this way, the efficiency of the fire energy supply would increase ten times or even hundred times! And with this amount of energy, the tomb would definitely be able to produce enough amount of culture fluid for him.