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Chapter 349 the way to speed up

 Chapter 349 the way to speed up

The war across the sea was like a raging fire. With Yan Min's force pushing into their last homeland, humans fought fearlessly and fought as hard as they could.

While humans were trying to fight back insects, Chu Yunsheng was struggling to come up with next plan. From the idea to run away to kill Yan Min; from Kill Yan Min to run away after he returned to his original body, he was constantly changing his mind.

The body was the main problem why he struggled to make a decision. If he wanted to go back to his body, he needed to reserve the monster seal talisman, and if he wanted to do that, he needed to meet three conditions.

The first was that the master body was dying.

The second, the master body needs to reach a high energy state.

The third, the sealed creature must have a consciousness and it must be loyal to the master.

These three were indispensable!

To Chu Yunsheng who had died more than once, the first condition was sadly the easiest condition he could meet.

Reaching a high energy state might seem a little difficult, but he was actually progressing to that condition every day. It was something that he could see he was improving gradually.

The most difficult one, and the one that made him feel helpless was the consciousness of the creature that was in the talisman and its loyalty.

Since he discovered that his body was sealed inside the Talisman and it was sucking his energy to recover its shape of his original body, he has been cutting off the energy connection between his insect's body and the talisman.

He had no choice, the reconstruction of his body seemed to need a lot of energy. If he didn't force to cut it off, he would not be able to survive to this day.

In the beginning, when he was outside the yellow mountain, he could barely survive with the energy supply he got.

Then his creep area was destroyed, and he was forced to travel all the way to Hong Kong.

Because of the war between two species of insect, he was finally able to increase his power and build up his energy. However, since the war finished, his progress was slowed down again.

" Is there any way to speed up the production?" Chu Yunsheng thought. At the same time, he summoned one energy supply tube to insert into his body and began to infuse energy into the talisman again.

"Mucus, convert, tomb, tubes, worker worm, energy, underground.... Which part is important?....

Rank of the main tomb cannot go any higher at the moment, so the speed of producing the culture fluid was fixed;

The number of tombs was also limited, increasing the number of worker worms needed a lot of fire energy and it also took time;

Leveling up existing worker worm? Fuck, how did I forget this....

It's a pity that the spore forest in the north was destroyed. Using culture fluid to level them up also takes times, ..."

Chu Yunsheng was thinking ideas after ideas, however, none of them seem to able to help him to speed up gathering fire energy.

"Mucus, convert, tomb, tubes, worker worm, energy, underground.... " Chu Yunsheng used everything he learned as an engineer during the age of light to think which part of those process he could improve. He seemed to grasp something, but it was so blurry.

"What is it? What is it?" it was so frustrating that he ignored all the tubes that were stabbed onto this body and began to walk back and forth on the repairing platform. He sensed something, it was right there....

However, as if his brain want to play a game with him, the more he tried to think about it, the more he could not find it out.

"Sigh... this fucking insect's brain is useless, if I had a human's brain now, I would have... human's brain... huh!? ..... Human's brain! Humans.... That's right... this is it..... "Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to give up. He finally figured out what it was...

Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh. Because of the war between two races, and his inertial thinking, his thought was restricted. When he thought about human brains, it eventually opened up his mind and gave him a new idea.

Humans could also work, and their speed might not be slower than the worker worm!

Moreover, he had a whole camp of humans that he could choose from. He had told Lee Taidou about the cooperation, but this cooperation did not have to be on the warfare, it could be other cooperation as well.

But if he wanted to employee humans to work for him, then he would have to suppress the swarm's anger twenty-four hours non-stop when humans enter the creep area!


Fragrant river city

The young director Wei once again gathered all the citizens in the fifth district.

"Everyone, everyone, I have news." the young director shouted. This time he learned. he especially found several muscular men to help him to intimate the crowd.

"Is it about the food? Director Wei." many people said loudly from the crowd. Everyone was hungry, so food was what they thought the most.

But no one expected that the young man nodded his head.:" Yes, it is about the food."

His word instantly caused a huge stir in the crowd. Many hungry people began to use all kinds of beautiful words to compliment the young district director.

"Quiet, quiet, I am not finished yet, the food is delivered by the master insect, apart from dried food, there was a lot of purified tentacle monster meat. "

His word caused a noisy discussion in the crowd again.

"Why do insects want to give us food?"

"Are they really want to feed us like ....."

"They are going to kill us...."


"Quiet, quiet! " the young man signaled the muscular man to slam on a piece of metal to intimidate the crowd.

" the Master insect said that you must work in order to get food, it needs people to work in the creep area, one worker, three portions of supplies. Moreover, you will also receive the highest protection in this city. "

This time, everyone became quiet.

It was dead silent.

Then some people began to laugh, but most people started to leave. Not a single person believe it, let alone trying it. They don't even bother to say something about it.

Who would fucking believe insect's word?

"Me! " a beautiful female voice suddenly appeared. "Director Wei, I want to apply. "

The young director was thrilled. The mayor told him that the fifth district had more people, so the first batch he needed to gather at least fifty people. However, looking at people's reactions, he could not even gather five people, let alone fifty.

"Great, what is your name, we need to record it. The mayor there also need to document it." the young man said hurriedly as if he was scared that this woman was going to change her mind.

"Mani White..." the woman said slowly and clearly. She originally had a ticket that would help her to get to Jing Ji island, but in the end, she gave it to her young brother.

Her name was carved onto a wooden board quickly by the young district director. What she, the young district director and many people in the crowd did not know that this wooden board would be recorded in the history book and remain forever in the human history in the future.