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Chapter 348 the bloody war between humans and insects

 Chapter 348 the bloody war between humans and insects

"Commander, we can't hold it! Please order us to retreat!" The soldier's body was covered with mucus. He crawled out from a pile of dead people and shouted desperately.

"How many men do we have left?" The commander of the twenty-first regiment asked weakly. He was woken up from a coma by the soldiers near him.

"It's gone, it's all gone! It is just us left!" One of the dozen soldiers cried.

The commander of the 21st regiment opened his mouth, but couldn't bring himself to say anything.

"Commander let's retreat! The city was empty, people already ran away. Why are we still defending? And what are we defending " looking at many insects pushing towards them again, the soldier begged.

" Where is the political commissar?" Looking at the bodies around him, the regiment commander asked.

"Dead." The soldier lowered his head.

"What about the energy practitioner department and Chu Clan's disciples?" the commander was struggling to use his hands that covered with blood to find the binoculars on his chest.

"They all charged into the swarm, didn't hear any response from them, probably...." The soldier's voice was hoarse.

"The order of the headquarters is that do not retreat if we did not find the insect's command center!" The commander crawled on the ground while dragging his broken legs and slowly moved towards the heavy machine gun's position. He pushed the body of his comrades away, wiped off the blood from his face, gritted his teeth then began to trigger again.

A golden shell discovered them immediately and charged towards them while blocking the bullets, it followed by many red shell insects.

A shadow suddenly charged out from the back of defense position while roared at his commander:" commander! Take our brothers home, if you don't retreat, fuck your ancestors!" it was a soldier whose body was covered with latest developed fire energy bombs.


Half of the golden shell insect's head was blown up to the sky, a broken arm was blown back to the defense position and landed in front of the commander of the 21st Regiment.


"It's division commander... Division commander Ren is here!"

"Did we lose the seaside?" division commander Feng was startled.

"No, it is said that the insect retreated from the seaside."

"Retreated? Where is elder Ren?" commander Feng was dazed for a second.

"Already in the frontline!"

"This elder Ren, still couldn't change his bad habit, let's go. Bring the security company as well!" division commander Feng immediately took an assault rifle and metal helmet and shouted.


"Chief, this is a massive suicide, we can't achieve anything by this!" a rank B energy practitioner used a piece of cloth he took from a dead body to wrapped a big wound in his stomach and said weakly.

"Chu Clan's disciples are a bunch of crazy motherfuckers, they charged right into the swarm!" Zhang Zhexiu cursed secretly, but at the same time, he also admired their fearless courageous.

"Chief! If we continue like this, we are all going to die! " energy practitioners began to move into a small circle to fight the insects around them.

"Shut up, do you think that I don't know that? Motherfucker, where the fuck is their command center?" Zhang Zhexiu used a latest developed fire energy assault rifle fired several times against a red shell insect's mouth and shouted.


" Boss, the battle formation was broken, nine Shu Shi and sixteen Shu Tu all died!"

"Gather the rest and form the battle formation again! Make a way for the master to destroy that tomb!" Song Mi swung the sword to kill a red shell insect, then jumped onto a golden shell's head and stabbed his sword into its head.

"Captain, to your right, three o'clock position, there is a purple flame monster! "

"All Su Jiangs! Kill it! Rest of people form a battle formation!" Song Mi killed a golden shell insect and charged into the swarm with just one sword alone.


An extremely bright light suddenly appeared behind Chu Clan's disciples.

Within a few seconds, it flew past them and headed straight towards a giant tomb. Despite the tomb's strong gravitational pull, it still maintained its original flight path and hit the outside wall of the tomb straight away.


After a quiet penetrating sound, the light exploded inside the tomb and turned it upside down.

Song Mi quickly ran over and used a strange equipment to test of the tomb. After a few beeping sounds and strange green lights flashed on the equipment for a few times, Song Mi shouted again:"Not here, let's go!"


Behind the defense position. Up to a hundred people were preparing a big fire energy cannon.

"Energy storage check"


"Energy charge complete! "

"Calibration check"

"Cooling complete!"

"Ready to fire!"


After a series of humming sounds.

A red beam of light was like a red lightning shot out of the big cannon heading a crowded swarm in the frontline. As it landed, it instantly incinerated the insects in the center and blew up the rest of insects into the sky.

"Energy storage check, energy charge complete,..... "


Above the sky,

Five heavy fighter jets were desperately trying to fly higher and higher.

They could only use their eyesight to pilot the jets and gauge the distance from each other.

However, they still need to compete with insects for speed, altitude, and agility in the air.

Their mission is to attract flying insects, the more the better.

Because a bomber was on the way to the creep area....


On the sea.

Many destroyers were only dared to stay near the coast. They were also constantly firing at the tombs in creep area.

"We are running out of the incendiary bombs"

"Use spore gas bombs"

"We only have ten!"

"Fire all of them!"

"We discovered a sea monster!"

"Use flag semaphore to ask 121 and 141 to intercept it. "


Below the ground.

"Captain, we need metal energy practitioners, there is a huge rock in the tunnel, we can't dig it through."

"What is our progress?"

"We still need to dig at least 500 meters."

"Fuck! It's water! Water! Where is the ice energy practitioner?! Quick, freeze it! "

"Dig again! Motherfuckers, dig into their tombs and blow them up!"

"Captain! There are noises. "

"Fuck! Its golden shell, ready to engage! "


In a hospital behind the frontline, many wounded soldiers were carried and sent into the hospital non-stop...

"Doctor, doctor! Help! "

"Leave him here, right! just here! We don't have any beds!"

"Press his hands, his leg needed to be cut off! Quick we need to use anesthetic!"

"What? We don't have any?"

"Please don't cut off my leg, ple... "

"Doctor do it, I agree on his behalf. "

".... he is dead...."


In the Academy of sciences on Jing Ji island.

"Check the equipment and the power supply."

"What about the energy core?"

"... calibrate scales ..."

" Unrelated personnel evacuate immediately repeat, Unrelated personnel evacuate......"

"Professor Wu, the people from military are here, they want to transport weapons to the front line now!"

"No, the system is not stable!"

"Not stable? then stabilize it on the battlefield! We don't have much time!" a high-ranking military officer walked into the experiment area and urged.

"General Xiao, the ice energy heavy cannon is still at the initial debugging stage.... "

"Professor, I need it now! My soldiers are dying, no one can wait! "

"But!... "

"disassemble it now, this is an order, I need to transport the parts now!"


Jing Ji Island, a temporary arsenal.

"Xiao Sun passed out! we need someone here now!!"

"Machine can't be stopped, move him away! Wake him up in four hours. Everyone take turns. Only four hours break!"

"Out of raw materials"

"Where is our supply?"

"All dead...."

"Then ask the military to send more people, we need more shells as raw materials"


Churches, temples....

Countless family members were on their knees praying for their families.

A woman passed out after hearing the death of her husband.

But many people were sobbing quietly.....


A temporary elementary school.

"everyone, please have a look here, it is 3 - 4 meters long, and 2 meters wide...... spits corrosive liquid, anyone knows what this insect called?"

"Miss, I know it, it is called red shell inset, it ate my mom.... And dad.... " a skinny boy raised his head and answered seriously.

The eyes of the young female teacher were filled with tears, she bit her lips and took a deep breath and then carried on:"correct, next questions, a flying insect..."

Many little hands were raised in the classroom....


A temporary secondary school.

"Everyone, please bring your student id and assemble outside the classroom! "

"Uncles from the energy practitioner department and Chu Clan are going to teach you some surviving skills. "

"Anyone that is 12 years old and over, please go to the second building, scientists from the academy of sciences will exam your body. If you are selected, we will inform your parents... "


A temporary high school.

"We just mentioned Newton's first law. Now on this basis, we will briefly describe the latest theoretical research in the Academy of sciences."

"Please remember it carefully"

"Students, we are all temporarily unable to become energy practitioners, but we have brains. We can contribute our wisdom and develop more advanced weapons in the future to fight insects!"

All the students were sitting with their back straight and listening to the lesson carefully.


Hong Kong University

"Dark energy always exists in the universe. At present, we have captured a large number of them in labs. Those are some models of dark energy." The teacher with gray hair opened many pieces of paper carefully and said.

"Professor, I think the theory you just said is not perfect. I think dark energy is distributed asymmetrically and when it passes through an organism, there is a weak change if "Wu Liansheng reaction" is occurred. This is the model that two other classmates and I are trying to...."

"Very good, your thinking is not limited to the existing research results. It is correct that you need to abandon the old way of thinking and put forward your own views boldly. Now the real study of dark energy has only just begun. Many knowledge...."

"Professor, can we apply for an observation opportunity in the biochemical laboratory? I think at present, the research on these aggressive organisms is what we need most."


Yan Min's creep area.

Crowded long snake-like cannon worms were slowly moving towards the front line.

And a larger and scary swarm was gathering in the dark in secret.

There were only high-level combat units in this swarm. Even if there was a low-level combat unit, it was at least in its second form.

Yan Min did not except that human's resistance would be so strong, especially that bow woman. She caused so much damage to its creep.

It was not worried about the result, with insect's strong breeding ability, sooner or later, it would eliminate humans in the south.

But it was worried about the time. The advent of Shang was getting closer. It needed to resolve the last human city that was near it as soon as possible, so it could fully cooperate with Shang's overall strategy of the war on this planet.

That was why that it gathered a powerful swarm attempting to end this war once for all.

It had already stopped hoping for the dumb insect and Feng Min to help it, Although it felt very strange that why Feng Min who used to provoke humans a lot did not join the war with it.

It had also tried to collect Feng Min's mucus to analyze it. Because it was worried that even Feng Min was also contaminated by deviants. However, Feng Min seemed to beware of it, so it always failed.

Slowly, it began to worry that they would contaminate its own swarm and creep, so it ordered its swarm to keep a distance from Feng Min's combat units.