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Chapter 347 Fragrant River camp

 Chapter 347 Fragrant River camp

Infesting a large number of human corpses, and controlling them to "communicate" with humans at the same time were not difficult for the dumb insect at the moment.

However, in order to avoid Yan Min suspecting the Dumb Insect, even more, Chu Yunsheng insisted on not allowing it to participate in any things that involving human beings.

The recovery process of his insect body was interrupted by the sound of artillery strikes. He was still very weak. With his ability, he could only infest and control a handful of corpses, so he had to eat some tentacle monsters to obtain a similar ability to supplement his lack of control.

After he appointed that middle-aged man who used to be very successful CEO as the leader of Fragrant River City, he felt that he was about to lose control of his ability, so he hurriedly let the third form green shell insect drag him back to a tomb that was near the edge of the creep area. At the same time, he immediately ordered the dumb insect to give him the control of the tomb.

This was a tomb that designed to repair the wounded combat units. In order to facilitate timely "rescue", the dumb insect bred it on the edge of the creep according to its instinct.

When Chu Yunsheng first went to this kind of tomb, his brain was almost replaced. But now, apart from the dumb insect, he was the absolute ruler of this place. So he could easily simplify the repairing processing.

While Chu Yunsheng was in a deep coma, the dumb insect had thoroughly implemented his strategy. It had used all the fire energy that delivered by Yan Min to breed tombs.

Although Yan Min stopped deliver energy to the dumb insect after it suspected the dumb insect, the energy the dumb insect got was already enough to breed ten tombs.

Moreover, his creep area also had a Star Rank three tomb.

Having a high star rank tomb not only had a direct impact on a Min's abilities, it also had impacts on various aspects of a creep area. Chu Yunsheng also gained the knowledge of how each tomb works from it.

The combat units that a primordial tomb could breed were just red shell insect, green shell insect, golden shell insect and white worm, four basic types of combat units.

When a tomb was leveled up to a star rank one. the iconic result was the emergence of long snake-like cannon worm that could perform a long-range attack with fireballs.

The most prominent change of leveling up to star rank three was purple flame monsters, and the emergence of other advanced combat units.

But that was not all. If Chu Yunsheng needed to describe it using his own word. Having a star rank three was like having a big factory, and each tomb was just a machine tool that had its unique functionalities.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on a platform inside the repairing tomb while his body was being carefully repaired by many small and thin transparent tubes. At the same time, he was still trying to figure out how to deal with Yan Min.

He didn't know when exactly Yan Min would turn around and attack the dumb insect. With its current strength, it could easily eliminate the dumb insect's force and Hong Kong at the same time.

To him, the best solution was to run away.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to do it. If he and the dumb insect really run away this time, then, there would not be any places on earth that would allow them to live.

They would face the spore forest alone, the insect from creeps areas would hunt them forever, even humans would also want to kill them.

He could hand the dumb insect over to Yan Min in exchange for more time to live. However, whether it was his insect's body or his human mind, they just don't allow him to do it.

All sorts for reasons made Chu Yunsheng came up with a crazy idea - kill Yan Min! And take over its creep.


In a corner of the fragrant River city, a large campfire was lit up.

A skinny young man was standing on the top of a bus and shouted at a group of refugees that were just being gathered together.

" Everyone, everyone, please stay quiet! ....

My surname is Wei, from now on, I am the director of the Fifth District, this is the mayor's written appointment, because there is no paper, so it is carved on to a wooden board.

Our fifth District had more people than other districts, and we all came from different backgrounds, I hope that we could work happily together in the future.

the mayor had an agreement with the master insect, I am now going to mention this < camp regulations> one more time, so please remember it.

The First, do not attack or provoke any insects under any circumstances;

The second, please do not cross the fence outside the city under any circumstances;

The third, please do not have a large commotion in any areas in the city...

The forth....


And the last one, please do not have any fights with any reasons and do not eat humans in the city....

On that long list, only the first three rules were given by Chu Yunsheng, the rest of them was not written by him. As long as humans didn't attack any insects, he didn't care that much.

After the young man finished the long list of regulations. Many people began to discuss with each around the bus.

" Young man, they said that insects are keeping us as their food. Is it true?"

" Bro, we have so many people, if we can't do this and that, what are we going to eat?"

" Director Wei, I used to work for the government, do you need any help?"

" Is mayor going to sell us to the insect?"

" did you negotiate with the insect? Are they really keeping us as their food?"

" Did you betray us?...."


The young man couldn't withstand the bombardment of questions. His face turned red and he began to sweat.

He was just an office worker in the age of light, he never knew how to handle such situation before.

It was just at this moment, a group of green shells flew past them, and everyone instantly stopped talking. They didn't even dare to breathe.

The young man wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said:" the master insect said that, follow the regulation or die...."


" You said that it asked you to come to talk to me?" the face of Huo Jiashan was pale and haggard, but when he heard the news, there was a faint of excitement.

" Yes, chief Huo, it asked me to only contact you. Everything I said is true." Lee Taidou wolfed down the food that Huo Jiashan specially requested for him and said while his mouth was full of food.

" Good, Xiao Lee, you did a great job, a fantastic job!" Huo Jiashan praised.

What does it want? Why it wants to work with humans at this time. They are clearly winning. Huo Jiashan was trying to figure out what exactly the insect he met before was thinking.

Ke Qianer had already joined the battle in the front line, however, both military and the scientists from the academy of sciences still haven't found the insect's command headquarters.

Although he didn't like Ke Qianer, he still wished that she could destroy the insect's command system. Since the last negotiation was already broken down,

This was probably the only way to save Hong Kong.

" Do you think that we can get the information about their headquarter from it?" Huo Jiashan asked. But before Lee Taidou replied he carried on:" no, it is very smart, it will not tell us."

" Xiao Lee. From now on, I will transfer you to work directly under me. I want you to be the key contact between us." Huo Jiashan looked at Lee Taidou and said sternly.

Lee Taidou raised his head and looked at Huo Jiashan. In his eyes, there was a faint of hesitation and alert. :"I'm sorry chief, I..." he shook his head and said.

" Xiao Lee, This matter involves in many people's lives, but I don't trust other people. "Huo Jiashan stared at Li Taidou's eyes and said.

" I don't think you should trust me either, I don't support your idea." Lee Taidou said calmly.

" It's alright, I trust you, you are the only one who had a close contact with it, and you are also not on good terms with those radicals. Moreover, you are a Rank A energy practitioner!" Huo Jiashan didn't seem to give up.

Lee Taidou suddenly sneered:" you know about what happened, but you didn't stop them?"

Huo Jiashan didn't avoid his angry glare. :" We knew what happened, but we can't stop them. There are also many people support their behavior. You are a smart man. You should know why."

Lee Taidou shook his head and said.:" yes, I know. It is not them, of course, no one would want to come out. I just want to know that how confident are you if we are working with that thing."

Huo Jiashan thought for a second, then walked towards the entrance to close the door. He pulled down the curtain and walked back to his desk. Underneath it, there was a small safe. He opened the safe and took out a piece of paper and laid it open in the table in front of Lee Taidou.

" That insect? What do you mean?"

Lee Taidou looked at the paper and said in confusion.

Huo Jiashan nodded his head:" the person who drew this insect had already left Hong Kong. You don't need to know who he is. But you must have heard some rumors. This person had dismissed two major dangers in Hong Kong. It was him who planned the war between two insects' war in the north!"