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Chapter 346 I am the ruler of this place

 Chapter 346 I am the ruler of this place

Chu Yunsheng's mind was still in a muddle even when he returned to the main tomb. He did not expect the first insect Yan Min suspected was not him but the dumb insect.

He did not want to get involved in the insect's internal business. But when it related to the dumb insect, he could not ignore it.

Gazing afar at the tomb that was nearest to the coast, the dumb insect was quietly sitting on the top of the tomb watching the battle between the human race and the insect.

It scared being different, scared that other insects would find it out. However, it did not realize that Yan Min had already known about it. It would definitely panic if he told. But Chu Yunsheng could bring himself to tell the dumb insect about it.

It was Only until this moment did Chu Yunsheng finally realized that the dumb insect's future could be even worse and even more tragic than his.

Then he saw the son of insect, a baby that still didn't know how to talk. It might just be another of his mistake, a human that raised by an insect, how is it going to face a race that killed its real parents?

Despite he and the dumb insect save its life, they left the baby a much more heavy problem to bear.

" Am I wrong again?" Chu Yunsheng murmured in a dispirited tone.

" Wrong?..." The dumb insect was confused. It just flew back and heard Chu Yunsheng's murmur.

" Nothing." Chu Yunsheng hurriedly replied. " Dumb insect, let me ask you a question. If .... I mean if...."

The dumb insect looked at Chu Yunsheng waiting for him to continue.

" If one day, all other insects become your enemies and want to kill you..." Chu Yunsheng said slowly, but he was interrupted by the dumb insect.

" No, it will not happen. Insects don't kill insects." the Dumb Insect was confused why Chu Yunsheng would ask this.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. After a moment of silence did he finally replied. " Maybe I am thinking too much... dumb insect, no matter what happens in the future, you just you, no one can replace you...."

" I don't understand." The dumb insect still didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was saying.

"Sigh...." Chu Yunsheng just sighed.


"Captain, the fragrant river area is just in front of us." an energy practitioner who dressed in a combat armor that made an insect's shell said quietly. He was holding a small compass in his hand.

"There are too many insects. They seem to know in advance that we are coming. There is no way that we can break in now. so let's wait for a chance to sneak in!" Lee Taidou lowered his infrared binoculars, moved his body against the wall and whispered.

"Captain, don't you think this whole thing is a little bit strange. You see, so many refugees have been escaping from Hong Kong to Macau or other cities near this area, but why didn't those insects attack them? Just now, I saw a group of refugees accidentally walked into their creep area. But all they did was just screeched at them. " a person with a slightly bigger head than the rest of people slowly moved toward Lee Taidou and whispered.

"Do you think it is possible that maybe they are protecting something? What if we destroyed that thing, do you think hong kong will be saved?" someone in the group suddenly had a strange idea.

"Save your ass, stop having unrealistic dreams"

"All of you, shut up. We are carrying heavily destructive weapons. They may not attack ordinary humans, but it does not mean that they will not attack us." Lee Taidou hissed.

Suddenly, several loud explosions rang out in the quiet evening.

Lee Taidou was startled. The first team failed?

"Captain, it's the tentacle monsters. Motherfuckers, they are attacking refugees. " scouts crawled back and said.

"Emm..." Lee Taidou nodded his head and moved back against the wall again, but in the next second, he was startled again:"shit! Refugees did not have any weapons, we are exposed! "

"Captain, we should we do? Break in now??" an energy practitioner's voice began to shake. This moment has finally arrived, but everyone was scared.

Lee Taidou gritted his teeth. His father's entrusted look before he was taken away flashed in his mind several times.:" bury the bombs here, don't panic, wait for a chance...." he immediately said.

"Shit, captain, they found us, we don't have much time.... They are very quick.... " the scout whisper-shouted.

"Everyone, don't move." Lee Taidou's forehead was covered with sweat. a moment later, the sky above them was filled with many large green shell insects.

"Captain, the swarm is coming! " the scout was so nervous that his shaking hands could not even hold the binoculars properly.

"Stay quiet, and sit down !" Lee Taidou took a deep breath and then put his finger on the trigger. However, he hesitated.

What happened next surprised everyone, the flying insects did not dive down to attack humans on the ground. Instead, they all headed towards the tentacle monsters and attack those monsters.

Then, more and more tentacle monsters were chased out from the city, some of them were killed outside the city, some others got away and ran into the sea...

Lee Taidou did not even know how to react.

"What is happening?"

"Captain, captain, we are being surrounded.... "

Lee Taidou immediately pressed down his teammate who was about to attack and said:"don't move!"

It was at this moment, they saw a small group of flying insects flew near the dead tentacle monster and picked some dead human bodies and then spread out. While they were spread out, the human bodies in their claws began to speak.

"Humans, I am the ruler of this place, drop your weapon and hand over the explosives. You will gain the right to reside in the city safely, but if you try to attack us, we will kill you. I will repeat it again, trying to attack us, you will be killed! "


"Captain? What should we do? They found out we have weapons, and they are coming!"

Lee Taidou wanted to press his trigger. However, every time he tried to do it, the image of his mother would appear in his mind.

"Awakening humans? " a dead body that was in a large green shell's hand spoke as it approached Lee Taidou.

It made everyone's hair to stand on end when they saw a dead person speak.

"They only sent you here?" the dead body's mouth was opened and closed. Despite it could talk, but its tone was extremely cold and emotionless.

Everyone was terrified, no one dared to respond to the dead body's question.

"Drop your weapons, then you can leave, but your leader needs to stay." the dead body said coldly.

"Captain.... "

"Go... quick! "

"Captain! "

"This is an order!"

Suddenly, the dead body spoke again:" hurry up, I don't have much time..."

Immediately, the insects in the group moved away to make a small passage to allow the rest of people to leave. Lee Taidou teammates gritted their teeth and hesitated, but in the end, they still dropped their weapons and left.

"Name? And occupation? Introduce yourself first." after everyone left, the dead body spoke again.

"Lee Taidou, energy practitioner. " Lee Taidou took a deep breath and said.

"Energy practitioner? Oh, an awakening human." it seemed like the body was talking to itself. "I need to know some information from you, not your military secret, it is about a powerful woman whose weapon is a bow. " the body spoke again.

Lee Taidou suddenly raised his head and looked at the body. A powerful woman whose weapon was a bow. Apart from Ke Qianer, who else could it be?

"You are that Mr. insect?" he was shocked.

"Yes, I am, last time, your deputy chief did not tell me very clearly, so I hope you can tell me everything. In return, you can leave here safely and I will give you two locations that store many human foods. Those two locations are already under my control, so you don't need to worry. " the body said.

"Mr. insect, I am afraid that you are probably going to be disappointed, I don't know much about Chu Clan."

"Chu Clan? What is that?" the dead body asked.

"The largest energy practitioner organization in Hong Kong, they are practicing something called Chu Clan's knowledge and techniques. It was founded by the master... the person in control now is the woman you asked and the bow is called howling cloud by them.... " Lee Taidou replied.

"Chu Clan's knowledge? Howling could?.... " the body suddenly stopped for a few seconds and then asked.:" where is she now?"

Lee Taidou's heart suddenly skipped a beat."I don't know, Chu Clan's disciples always keep their businesses in secret."

In fact, Lee Taidou knew about where she was, at least he roughly knew about the location where she might be. But he did not dare to say it. Despite Ke Qianer killed his father, he knew that Ke Qianer played a huge role in Hong Kong's defense.

The body did not carry on asking him questions. It became silent for a few seconds, then it spoke again." you may leave now, don't tell anyone about this conversation apart from that deputy chief Huo. Also, tell him that there is no way you could stop us. Retreat to an island. Ask that Huo person to contact me if you can. I may be able to help you a little bit. Don't ask me why. If you want to work with me, remember, never ask questions."

"You...are you really going to help us? " Lee Taidou could not believe what he heard...

"Actually, it is not a help. It is a cooperation. I need something from you. In terms of what it is, ask Huo to come here. You don't need to know..." the dead body said.

Lee Taidou sighed. He was not Huo Jiashang's supporter. Because he did not believe that an insect would sympathize with humans. But now, he finally felt that the higher-ups of Hong Kong might have made a wrong decision just like him.

"Are you going to kill them?" Lee Taidou pointed at a group of refugees that was being chased into a circle and asked.

"It is not your business, now, go and don't send more people here. You will only waste your resources..." the body said coldly.


Location: Peninsula city

Many humans were being chased together by the swarm. Everyone was shaking in fear, no one knew where their future was.

"You! Come out! " a dead body suddenly discovered something. It pointed at a middle-aged man and said.

"Me? Me?" the man's face instantly went pales. :"Master insect, Master insect... I... I... I have never attacked any of your insects.... Please don't kill me.... " the man was terrified.

However, the dead body ignored him. It sent over a green shell and picked the middle-aged man up and sent the man to the roof of a two-story high building.

"From now, you are their leader. Help me to restrain all humans. I will list out some rules. In terms of the rest, you can decide yourself. " the dead body said quickly.

"Ah!? " the middle-aged man was stunned.

"I will chase all the humans in this area into fragrant river city. Including the humans that escaped to Macau and other nearby cities. That place is much safer than your Jing Ji island. But I hope you can restrain them. Don't cause any trouble for me. Otherwise, you know the consequences." the dead body said.

"Why... why me...." the middle-aged man gathered all his courage and asked before the dead body was dragged away.

"You remind me a thing in the past...." after a moment of silence, the dead body said something that confused the middle-aged man and then left.