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Chapter 345 it needs to be killed

 Chapter 345 it needs to be killed

" Division commander, Insects suddenly become less!" political commissar Liu put down the binoculars and said with surprise.

" Something must have happened.... Ask ninth division to relocate to the north, elder Feng couldn't hold much longer, he needed reinforcement." Division commander Ren Tongyan held a latest developed assault rifle, walled over a dead insect which rushed into the front of the command headquarter and said while adjusting his metal helmet.

" Commander, I have an idea." A middle-aged Staff officer ran to him and said.

" Say it!" Ren Tongyan said. Then immediately turned around to speak to another officer:" ask all the regiments to check their ammunition ."

The middle-aged staff officer took out the book in his hand and said excitedly: "Division commander, there is now an excellent opportunity! We just received a piece of information, the insects across the sea did not attack the refugees who attempted to flee to Macau and Bandao City! I suggest sending people immediately. Mixing into the refugees' groups to cross the sea and take a detour at Bandao City, we can attempt to approach the insect's creep area from land and destroy their tombs that way!"


"No, this is too risky. We can't make unnecessary sacrifices, and once the insect discovered our intentions, those refugees will be killed." political commissar Liu immediately declined.

" Commissar, according to how the insects usually act, something must have happened to them. Otherwise, it is not possible for them to remove so many insects from the frontline at once. This may be our only chance!" Middle-aged staff officer insisted.

"I still disagree. Before I really know the real reason behind the enemy's move, I don't recommend taking risks. Our men and resources are limited. We can't waste a single bullet!" Political commissar shook his head.

" Commander!" the middle-aged Staff officer looked at Ren Tongyan and said:" commander, we all know how quickly the Insect can recover itself. this may be our only chance. Once we succeed in it. Our division Will be able to retreat to Jing Ji island safely."

" Meng Ziliang, how dare you suggesting retreat at this time! Say one more word about the retreat I'll have you executed here straightaway!" Political commissar said angrily.

Meng Ziliang snorted: " commissar Liu, everyone knows that we can't hold this place very long, and sooner or later we will need to retreat to the Jing Ji island. You can ask around. Who does not know!?"

Commissar Liu instantly took out a pistol and held at Meng Ziliang's head and said, "you think I didn't dare to execute you?"

" What are you doing! Put your gun down!" Ren Tongyan said coldly.

" Commander!" Both of them instantly looked at him at said.

" Pick some elites from our regiments and Energy Practitioner Department. Tell them what they need to know and ask them to cross the sea immediately!" Ren Tongyan quickly ordered.

"Yes sir!" there was a visible happiness flashed on Meng Ziliang's face. After all, division commander was still on his side.

" Wait!" Political commissar looked at Meng Ziliang and said:" elder Ren, any orders will need my approval, this is the rule. But since you agree with this plan, I don't want to decline it again. However, I have one condition. Staff officer Meng will need to serve as a special guide for this operation. The plan was proposed by him. He is the best person to do it! "

Meng Ziliang's face suddenly went pale, he used his shaking hands to point at the commissar and said angrily:" you..... You are...."

" Huh! This is an order, as long as you are in this uniform, you need to follow it." Commissar snorted. :" Meng Ziliang, since Wu Yang city, all you think about during the combat is a retreat. If it weren't the commander, I already have you executed!"

" Commander? You know I have a family...." Meng Ziliang immediately sought help from the commander.

" Who doesn't have a family!" Commissar Liu said with a disdain. :" Commander, the whole division is watching you!"

Ren Tongyan squinted his eyes and said:" Meng Ziliang, follow the mission to the end!"

Meng Ziliang's mouth was wide open, but he didn't dare to say anything. His face was pale and his body was shaking. When he heard the order he almost collapsed. But he didn't dare to collapse, because the commander's hand was on his gun...


Lee Taidou slowly prepared his weapons and equipment. When the order came down, he did not have the same excitement he had in the past. He only thought about how dangerous the task was and how could he survive in the task.

His former colleagues looked at him strangely, as if he knew him for the first time. In the past, no matter how dangerous the tasks were, Lee Taidou was the only person that urged people to speed up their actions. never once other people would need to wait for him.

In total 30 elites were selected from both military and the energy practitioner department. They were divided into three groups and ordered to take the action separately to ensure the success of the mission.

All of them were carrying the explosives and hide in big raincoats and joined the refugees to cross the sea....


Chu Yunsheng had asked the dumb insect to withdraw all the insects from the front line.

He would not help Yan Min, and he couldn't help humans in Hong Kong as well. The dumb insect's force was less than one-tenth of Yan Min's force. The only advantage Chu Yunsheng had was the air force.

Humans couldn't differentiate each individual insects just like insects couldn't differentiate each individual Humans.

So Asking the dumb insect not to attack humans already reached its limit. He didn't want to ask it to attack Yan Min. Because he didn't want to put the dumb insect in a difficult position. Besides, he didn't have that right either. He was human, and the dumb insect was an insect.

All he could do at the moment was sitting quietly in the top of the main tomb looking at the war escalate continually.

Comparing to Yan Min who had non-stop supply of combat units, the defense line of Hong Kong was getting weaker and weaker. Sooner or later they would be defeated.

"Feng, there is something I need to talk to you privately." Just when Chu Yunsheng gazed blankly at the battlefield. He suddenly heard Yan Min's message.

" What is it?" Chu Yunsheng was confused. Why would Yan Min contact him at this time?

" Come to the edge of your creep area, I can't isolate the message channel in the place you are staying at the moment." Yan Min said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng was alarmed. Did it find out that I am a fake Min?

" This place is fine, I have not fully recovered yet." Chu Yunsheng immediately refused.

"Feng, you can ride a combat unit here. This thing related to the Dumb insect." Yan Min said.

What he said immediately shocked Chu Yunsheng. How did it know the dumb insect?

" When I came back from the north, I tried to contact you. But you were in deep sleep. I was surprised that there is another wisdom unit in your creep area, and it even had a name." Yan Min's message was filled with surprise.

" Relate to it?" Chu Yunsheng had a strange and bad feeling all of sudden. But he could not tell what was it.

" Yes, you probably haven't fully recovered yet, so you don't remember many things, but there is something I have to tell you." Yan Min said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second. Looking at the dumb insect who was wheeling in the sky far away from him, he gritted his teeth and called over some green shells to help him to get to the edge of creep area.

" Feng, Can you tell me how the other wisdom unit was born? " Yan Min suddenly asked.

" I don't know." Chu Yunsheng cautiously replied.

" Feng, Its wisdom grows too fast and it surpasses the normal evolutionary speed of a wisdom unit. I have secretly tested it before. The result made me very concerned." Yan Min said concernedly.

" What do you mean?" Chu Yunsheng also didn't know the answer. He knew that the dumb Insect was the special one in the swarm, it likes to study, likes to imitate. More importantly, it had an independent consciousness.

"I suspected that it was contaminated by deviants! " Yan Min said sternly.

" What!" Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second.

" Yes, The development of its wisdom is completely different from ours. " Yan Min said with certainty.

" But it is not smarter than you and me." Chu Yunsheng argued.

" Wisdom is just the part of the problem, the main problem is that it began to become more and more sympathetic to deviants!"

" It was me who ordered it not to attack those humans. I am still recovering, I couldn't afford to take any risks...." Chu Yunsheng once again used his injury as an excuse.

"Feng, that's not what I meant. According to the characteristics of my race and with its wisdom level at the moment, there is no way that it is able to control the mark of hate that was imprinted onto us when we were born... but it kept it under the control..." Yan Min said.

" But I once personally felt its hatred towards deviants before! " Chu Yunsheng clearly remembered that when they encountered a group of refugees near Wu Yi mountain, the hate the dumb insect had was not less than elder purple.

" This is why I worried. Its ability to suppress the hate towards deviants was getting stronger and stronger! It even secretly kept a deviant!" Yan Min still found it hard to believe.

" So, what do you want to do?" Chu Yunsheng realized that Yan Min wasn't discussing with him. It already had a conclusion.

" I don't know, if it is just simply contaminated by deviants, then when Shang arrived we could request Shang to purify it. But..." Yan Min suddenly stopped.

After a moment of silence, it finally said:" I have just obtained an analysis of its mucus sample. The mark and the mission of our rance that was imprinted on its life force have shown signs of degeneration!!! This is the reason why I want to talk to you right now! "

" What is that?" Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but ask.

" I don't know, the book of insect also didn't mention anything about this. I can only get an obscure message from the fragment of the first tomb I was in when I just entered the earth. The message said that our race once had a civil strife that almost caused our entire race to die out! And it seemed like the whole thing began with the generation of the mark..." Yan Min was deeply concerned.

" Are you sure about this?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

" No. The sign of degeneration was not very obvious. It might be caused by some other things that I don't understand. So I have to wait for Shang to make a decision." Yan Min hesitated.


" What do you need me to do?" Chu Yunsheng asked calmly.

" The speed of its development is already outside our control. According to the book of insect, if we discovered the contamination and if Shang is not present, we need to eliminate it immediately. However, since you have handed over the control of your creep to it, you have lost the ability to kill it, and I am busy dealing with the humans in the south... " Yan Min paused for a second and carried on.

" At the moment, if you could closely monitor its movement and report it to me... I know it is your kid... but as a Min, I need to remind you that if it is not contaminated by deviants, and if it is... if it really is... I will definitely pull back all my forces and attack the dumb Insect..." Yan Min finally told Chu Yunsheng the plan that he didn't want to hear the most.