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Chapter 344 Tears

 Chapter 344 Tears

The ghastly kid finally died.

After the tomb was upgraded, the repairing fluid was much more effective than before. With the much more purified energy was infused into his body, the ghastly kid was finally killed by Chu Yunsheng's deadly venom.

In fact, after the wood element core was taken out it was already dying, everything Chu Yunsheng did was just to speed up its death. However, Chu Yunsheng also lost his consciousness as well.

Maybe his broken insect body couldn't support his well-developed human mind, or maybe he was exhausted after a long period of intense pain, in the sticky meatball, he fell into a deep coma.

Outside the fragrant River city, on a mountain col, a Star Rank Three tomb was spouting a powerful flame non-stop, causing a violent energy fluctuation in the area.

Only until the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky again did everything in the dumb insects's creep area finally calmed down.

Meanwhile, Yan Min's worker worms were carrying the fire energy which was Chu Yunsheng's reward, marching towards the dumb insect's creep. Those worker worms were accompanied by countless combat units. However, those combat units were not there to escort them, they began silently spreading out and trying to surround Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, The most elite troops were urgently armed up and marched towards the defense line in the north of the city.

The port of Hong Kong was still crowded with people, However, the boat that goes to Jing Ji island was not as frequent as before.

Banknotes that printed orchid tree flower had already become waste papers, Full box of gold jewelry couldn't even exchange for a "boat ticket"; suddenly all the upper-class people began to chase after the energy practitioners that came from unprivileged backgrounds; the entrance of Chu Clan's dojo was also crowded with people; Those who have excellent essential skills, from the experts who work in Academy of Sciences to a mechanist, they all became the new definition of rich and wealth.

The policy of "one soldier for one ticket" has become the last straw of the ordinary humans who didn't have any food and who were not qualified to board the boat to cross the sea. Countless young people exchanged their lives for a boat ticket for their loved ones.

There were some people who were fortunate enough to get a ticket. However, they already lost their hope to live, so they sold their tickets to resellers to exchange for the last meal or a last moment of pleasure.

Speaking of resellers, it was truly amazing that even if in this kind of situation, some people would still have time and energy to do this kind of "business".

Lastly, there was one type of people who were originally Hong Kongers and living near the sea. They used their small boat to send People across the sea by following the large one that was arranged by the government. Of course, they wouldn't do it for free, and it was riskier than the big one. But they still had a lot of customers.

Lee Taidou rushed to "marry" with his cousin under his mother's arrangement, just because he had a special privilege to take his family to Jing Ji island.

He clearly remembered that his father calmly asked him to take care of the family members before he was taken away by Song Mi. He knew that his father would not come back, but he still had his mother and the whole family that depend on him. It made him gritted his teeth to swallowed his hate.

Over just one night, he became the only hope of his family, and with such heavy responsibility, it made him who used to like extreme challenges suddenly became mature.

On the next day when he woke up. He began to tell himself that "Lee Taidou, you can't die today. " for the first time.

Chu Clan's disciples didn't break their promises. They delivered fives tickets and a box of ashes to them later on. Plus the numbers of people that a rank A energy practitioner could bring with them. Lee Taidou took the rest of his family members to Jing Ji island.

Standing on the boat that returning to the front line, Lee Taidou gazed coldly at the direction where Chu Clan's secret base was and murmured:" Father, I may not be able to avenge your death, but I'll definitely take care of mother......"

As he was getting closer and closer to the port, he began to hear more and more noise....

" Take care of yourself for me and live well......"

" Son, take care of yourself....'

" Wife ..take care of our son, when he grows up, tell him that his father was a hero..."

" Xiao Yun, find a better man and marry him. Forget about me...."

" Baby, I'm sorry, I will not be able to see you growing up...."

"Brother, wait until you become stronger in the future, Remember to take revenge for our entire family, kill all the insects, kill all of them....."

" Take revenge on those insects! "

" if we defeat insects one day, remember to burn a message to us. (1.)

" Remember......."

" Remember....."


Those who didn't get to board the boat were standing at the port crying and shouting repeatedly at the direction where they family went......


" Insect attack! Insects attack!....."

Chu Yunsheng suddenly woke up startled, he was woken up by artillery strikes.

Although he was in a state of trance, he could clearly feel the artillery strikes were near him.

He instinctively reached his hand out wanted to check what was going on. Then, he broke the meatball.

" Dumb insect, Dumb insect?"

There wasn't a single insect in the tomb. All he saw were many meatballs that were beating like many hearts.

Having slightly restored his consciousness, he attempted to control the tomb to remove the tubes from his body. However, he noticed that he had lost the control of the tomb.

Despite he didn't have any strength at the moment, he crawled out of the meatball and crawled out of the tomb...

"Whoosh..... boom....."

Just when he arrived at the outside of the tomb, he saw a jet fighter was shot down by some green shells in the sky near him.

The pilots ejected on time. However, before they could land, they were shredded into pieces by a crowd of green shell...

"Woosh...woosh..... woosh.....'

Many surface-to-air missiles were fired across the coast making bright light in the dark sky and heading the crowd of green shell insects....


Some of the missiles hit the crowd of green shells, some of them were stopped by green shells fireballs attack....

Instantly, a huge fire wall appeared in the sky above the coast!

In the next second, even more, flying insects ascended from the creep area and attempted to fly across the sea.

" Dumb insect! Dumb insect! Where are you! Why the fuck you join the war!!!!" Chu Yunsheng was startled. The creep area that was set up by him was slaughtering humans!

" Come the fuck out!" Chu Yunsheng was enraged. His weak body was constantly shaking. The wounds on his body began to crack again.

Then, a dark shadow appeared in the sky. They became bigger and bigger in Chu Yunsheng's sight. It was his Green shells

" COME OUT DUMB INSECT!!!!" Chu Yunsheng pushed away his green shells that wanted to drag him back to the tomb and shouted loudly.

"I...I am here.... You awake..." the dumb insect also had a pair wing now, it hurriedly flew towards Chu Yunsheng and responded.

Chu Yunsheng instantly jumped towards it then shook it violently and said:" who the fuck asked you to join the war? How many times do I need to fucking tell you that if Yan Min wants to fight, it will do it itself, you motherfucker just ignore everything I said!? Am I nothing to you! ANSWER ME!"

" I, I, I...." The dumb insect panic. It was the first time it saw Chu Yunsheng this angry. It was so panic that it didn't even know how to answer him.

" you fucking what...' Chu Yunsheng pushed it to the ground, and he himself also staggered backward by his own push.

Suddenly, all the Dumb Insect's combat units roared loudly while flocking towards them and surrounding Chu Yunsheng and his green shells.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. An indescribable pain appeared in his heart all of sudden. " You... you..." Chu Yunsheng's body was shaking.... His voice was filled with sadness.

The dumb insect was also dazed for a second. Then it hurriedly tried to explain:" no, no, no, them, them, you.... I....."

" You even want to attack me? You dumb insect, I treat you like a brother..... you...." Chu Yunsheng wanted to curse it, but at the end, he couldn't bring himself to say anything...

"I didn't... I didn't kill any human, I know you will not be happy, you will get angry.... Yan forced me.... I only sent out flying insects to fool Yan...." The dumb insect dropped its head down and said sadly.

When it raised its head again and looked at Chu Yunsheng, there were tears on its face.

Since the day it was born, it was the first time it shed tears, it was also the first time it knew that the pain in its heart was called sadness.

Although, it had this kind of feeling before which was when Elder Purple and other insects were killed. However, it didn't know what the feeling is.

Only until a moment ago, until Chu Yunsheng's said those words, used that kind of tones, did it finally understood the feeling of sadness.

Chu Yunsheng was stunned. In the next second, he hugged the dumb insect and sobbed:" Dumb insect, I'm sorry... I'm sorry...."

" I didn't ..... they just instinctively wanted to protect me..... I never...." The dumb Insect finally cried out loud. In the end, it couldn't even pass the message properly.

" I know now... I'm sorry.... I'm sorry...." Chu Yunsheng just hugged the dumb insect tightly. In fact, when he saw the dumb insect's tear, the tear also ran down from his face uncontrollably.....

The artillery strikes and bombardment still continued, the war between humans and insects was still going. However, in the middle of the fierce battlefield, two non-human and non-insect creatures were hugging each other tightly......

......... note..........

Burn message or anything that made of paper.

In China people believe that they can use paper to communicate with dead people, if you write a letter and burn it, dead people will receive it. If you burn a paper house, ghosts would receive a house.

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