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Chapter 343 kill me!

 The fight with the ghastly kid made Chu Yunsheng's insects reduced to less than six hundred, and what he lost the most was the backbone of his force which was the second from green shells.

His half month's hard work was crippled just by a heavily injured ghastly kid.

The war in the north was finally over. Seeing the spore forest disappeared under Yan Min's attack, the insects that came to help the spore forest from the west retreated.

Now there weren't any places around Hong Kong that would allow Chu Yunsheng to increase his own power and gather force anymore. So what he left was the culture fluid that the dumb insect's produced.

The effect of culture fluid was actually more effective than eating wood elemental monsters, but the disadvantage of it was also very obvious - the production rate was seriously limited.

But, the number of insects in every creep area was particularly large. Whether it was the dumb insect, or Yan Min or even The Min outside Yellow Mountain also had problems to produce enough number of culture fluid.

The biggest advantage of the insect of any creep area was that its breeding speed was extremely fast, and it definitely had more numbers than any other monsters that Chu Yunsheng had seen so far.

Breeding any insects required the use of culture fluid, it was just matter of using more or less during breeding. The higher-level the insect was, the more culture fluid it would require. To any Mins, instead of using valuable culture fluid to help insects to transform into a higher form, they would rather produce more insects to help them fight in the war.

Although all Mins knew about the limitation of culture fluid production, however, none of them were able to do anything about it. But when Yan Min got the wood element core from Chu Yunsheng, it told him that it would want to keep the wood element core for Shang when it arrived, it did not plan to use it for itself.

From What Yan Min told him, he suspected that the wood element core could potentially solve this supply problem, that was the reason why he wanted it so badly.

However, he did not expect that the ghastly kid would struggle to the last second, it even tried to kill him from inside of his body.

When Chu Yunsheng's green shells dragged him into the dumb insect's creep area, the small number of green shells that the dumb insect used to patrol its creep area immediately scattered away.

Although he couldn't move, he was still conscious. As he was moved into the main tomb, he immediately sent a signal to the dumb insect:" dumb insect, quick! The repair tubes, I can't hold it much longer...."

With the experience the dumb insect had last time, it was much calm now. It quickly ordered the tomb to stop breeding and then moved all the tubes to stab into Chu Yunsheng's body.

Soon, slimy substances covered all around Chu Yunsheng's body, and the slimy substances were attached with many tubes.

" Don't make any mistake this time! " Chu Yunsheng tried to hold the pain and warned.

"I won't. I have carefully checked everything." The dumb insect quickly replied.

It has been a half month since he left the dumb insect. Although the main tomb hasn't leveled up to a Star Rank 1 tomb, the dumb insect's ability to influence swarm was getting stronger and stronger....

" Dumb Insect, I am probably going to explode, hand over the control of the main tomb to me, you take all the insects to the second tomb. This place is very dangerous." Chu Yunsheng was struggling. However, he didn't know how much longer he could hold it.

" It's okay, I, I am not scared." the dumb insect was not scared, but it still carefully pinched the son of insect and hid it into a gap between its shells.

" think I am going to take your tomb?" Chu Yunsheng let out a short painful grunt and said.

" No..." the dumb insect immediately responded, as if it was scared that Chu Yunsheng would misunderstand it.

" Then get the fuck out..." he knew that the dumb insect worried about him, but he didn't have time to waste here.

The dumb insect scared that Chu Yunsheng would get angry at it, so it immediately stopped sending signals and crawled out of the tomb heading towards the second tomb.

The main tomb was set up earlier than the rest of the tombs, it had more ability and energy than the rest of tombs. It was also the reason why that Chu Yunsheng selected it.

With help of the energy and repairing fluid that was constantly injected into his body. Chu Yunsheng's wounds were recovered, and his body was shrunk down.

However, his body swollen up again in the next second.....

Unlike the last time, he lost his consciousness. This time he was still awake. He could clearly feel the pain when his body expanded and shrunk every time, it was like he was killed and revived again and again...

" Come no, Chu Yunsheng, you can do it. You have already died several times, this is nothing..." Chu Yunsheng gritted his insect's teeth very hard and tried to encourage himself.

He gathered all the poisons he had secreted into his body trying to kill that ghastly kid.

Time slowly passed in the tomb, it was so painful that Chu Yunsheng felt like every second was like a century long.

" Hold it......"

" It is dying...."

" Almost there...."

" Don't give up!"

" Chu Yunsheng....."


"... I can't hold it.......ah....." Chu Yunsheng couldn't hold the pain anymore. It roared frantically and the pain made him lose his mind.

" Kill me!!!!" He roared painfully.

The ear piercing roar instantly resounded through the entire creep area. All the Insect suddenly trembled, and the dumb insect was even more anxious, even the son of insect also stopped crying.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng raided his bayonet-like right claw and stabbed into his own chest!

" Take it out, take it out....." it was the only voice in Chu Yunsheng's mind. He just wanted to end this.

He couldn't withstand the pain anymore. He would rather die.....

As he roared, the bayonet-like claw was sliced all the way down all the way to the end. All the organs burst out instantly. However, he didn't end it there, he used his left claw to open up the wound wider to allow more tubes to get into his body to pull the tiny ghastly kid out.

" Ah....." Chu Yunsheng was constantly shouting as if it every shout could release pains from his body.

However, as if the ghastly had become part of his body, he couldn't move it out at all.

"" Chu Yunsheng roared and attempted to pull the ghastly kid out again.

"Ah...." However, what he got was still unbearable pains.

" Why... don't.. you... fuck... off..." Chu Yunsheng's whole body was shaking. Then he suddenly remembered one thing.

"Wood ..... element.... Core!"

In fact, The ghastly kid was not invincible at all. Let alone it was heavily injured before Chu Yunsheng fought with it. So when it went into Chu Yunsheng's body, it was really its last resort.

But Chu Yunsheng's venom was very deadly, it was even more so after he transformed. So despite it was able to stay inside Chu Yunsheng, its body was heavily corroded by Chu Yunsheng's venom.

Chu Yunsheng immediately changed his strategy after he realized where the problem was. He immediately ordered some transparent tubes to pierce into the tiny ghastly kid's body and searching for the wood element core.

Within a few seconds, a slimy green object that was as big as a human fist was pulled out of the ghastly kid's body.

Seeing the energy supply was being pulled out of its body, the ghastly kid struggled even hard. Suddenly its body was blown up light a balloon and it was getting bigger and bigger....

" It wanted to blow itself up with me!" Chu Yunsheng's body was also on the verge of dying.

A low-level tomb couldn't help him any further. If he wanted to survive, there was only one way. It was to upgrade his tomb right now and relied on a higher level tomb to help him to defeat the ghastly kid.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to hesitate, the situation didn't allow him to think more. Besides, he didn't even have other methods.

The tube that was holding the wood element core quickly moved towards the center of the tomb.

The tomb's energy transformation function began to run on its maximum capacity. A few seconds later, the tomb was filled vibrant green light.

All the strange organisms began to grow rapidly in the tomb, and the tomb itself was growing higher and bigger...

.... Transforming..... rank one....

..... transforming.... rank two.....

...... transforming....

....Star Rank three.....

A dazzling green light was shot into the sky from the giant tomb and piercing through the darkness.

The Dumb insect was sitting at the entrance of the second tomb looking at the light nervously....

Yan Min also stopped what it was doing and looked at the light in confusion. It didn't know why Feng would want to use the secondary wood element core immediately.

All the humans across the sea were all looking at this strange phenomenon in shock. At the same time, all the earth plants that survived in the dark age were growing madly in the areas that were near the dumb insect's creep area.....

All the insects in the area roared simultaneously and excitedly; all the humans in Hong Kong were extremely anxious about what was coming to them.....

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