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Chapter 342 the end of the insects’ war.

 Chapter 342 the end of the insects' war.

When Chu Yunsheng decided to chase the ghastly kid, he had already thought about that he might encounter the bow woman again.

So when he flew past Jing Ji island, and when that tempting force struck him again, he was not surprised. He forced himself to stay awake and tried to leave the island as soon as possible.

However, surprisingly, the bow woman did not appear. Despite Chu Yunsheng was confused that why she did not want to kill him this time. He quickly carried on chasing the ghastly kid.

The ghastly kid was still running, further and further into the vast ocean.

In Chu Yunsheng's entire human life, the number of days he had on the ocean was less than less than 2 digits, and it was only near the coast.

So when he chased deeper and deeper into the sea, and when he saw the pitch black seawater that could not see its bottom underneath him, he was very anxious.

He did not know why that the further he chased to the east, the stronger the wind and waves on the sea were.

The hazy shimmer in the sky had already disappeared into the far west. In Chu Yunsheng's eyes, it was a red colored world again.

The ghastly kid still did not stop, but the waves underneath them were stronger every second.

As a faint energy fluctuation began to rise in the air, Chu Yunsheng felt something dangerous was coming.

"Stop!" he immediately ordered his green shells to stop.

All of the insects stopped instantly and hovered in the air above the sea.

They also sensed the danger as well!

The ghastly kid was still flying. Although Chu Yunsheng wanted to kill it, he didn't want to take the risk.

Something must be hiding underneath the water.


Suddenly a huge strange gas burst out from under the water.

" Go back!" Chu Yunsheng instinctively ordered his insects to return to the land.

As the crowd of insect turned around, Chu Yunsheng saw a shadow moving fast in the water, and it was heading towards him.

" Quick! Speed up." Chu Yunsheng was startled. He immediately urged.

In the next second, a lighting appeared in the sky.

" Thunderstorms?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Wherever the dark shadow went, the lighting and wind followed.

Suddenly, the ghastly kid also stopped. It also turned around immediately and flew back as well.

It seemed like it would rather face Chu Yunsheng than the thunderstorm.

Looking at this situation, Chu Yunsheng also didn't stop, he didn't think that it was just simply a thunderstorm anymore.

However, no matter how fast they flew, they were not faster than the thunderstorm behind them.

Within a free minute, Chu Yunsheng could hear thunders cracked just right behind him.

Earlier on, because Chu Yunsheng transformation reached a critical moment, he had to order a few green shells to drag him while chasing the ghastly kid.

When he was on the way back to the land, his transformation finally completed, so he immediately flew out of his Green shell's crowd and flew towards the land first.

He didn't dare to slow down, because he could clearly feel a tremendous amount of violent ice energy in that thunderstorm. He felt like if it caught up with him, he would be immediately shredded into pieces.

Thunders and lightning continued, when the dark shadow finally reached Chu Yunsheng, a strong air turbulence made him and his crowd tumble in the air.

During the tumbling, Chu Yunsheng was shocked that he couldn't see anything in the thunderstorm. Apart from lightning, it was just pitch-black.

And just when they finally see the land again, the thunderstorm sudden stopped moving forward. In the next second, a gigantic hand that covered with scales suddenly appeared in the thunderstorm and swept through Chu Yunsheng's crowd.

A dozen green shells that fell behind and including the ghastly kid who just caught up with them were all caught by that hand.

Chu Yunsheng lost the connection with those insects instantly, but the ghastly kid flew out of the gaps of that strange hand.

The hand moved back into the thunderstorm, and a few seconds later the thunderstorm disappeared.

At the moment when thunderstorm disappeared, Chu Yunsheng caught a faint shadow moving under the water. But it was moving deeper into the sea this time.

" Is that the legendary sea monster!" Chu Yunsheng was stunned for a second. It was at that moment, the ghastly kid took the opportunity to fly past him and head towards the west.

" Kill it!" Chu Yunsheng immediately screeched loudly. Instantly, all the green shell flew towards the ghastly kid.

In order to slow down the ghastly kid, Chu Yunsheng ordered some green shell to spit fireballs to initiate the first round of attacks.

However, all the fireballs exploded before they could even hit the ghastly kid. Not only that, the shockwaves caused by the explosion would send the ghastly further away from him. So he immediately ordered his green shells to stop.

The ghastly kid was injured, its flying speed was slower than before. It was so slow that Chu Yunsheng was able to spread all his green shell and surrounded it.

Then the second round of attack began. This time he ordered all his green insects to fire at the ghastly kid that was in the center of the encirclement.

Chu Yunsheng strongly believed that it must have some kind of energy shield that caused the fireballs to explode before they could hit it, and this type of energy shield definitely consumed its energy. So he wanted to drain all its energy before he had a close a combat with it.

Despite the ghastly kid was injured, its attack was still that powerful.

Each time when it unleashed a lightning bolt-like energy attack, a big gap would appear in the encirclement. The third-form green shells were barely able to dodge it, let alone the second-form green shells. Many low-level Green shells would be electrocuted and fell off the sky.

The gap was quickly filled with green shells and the attack continued. Despite Chu Yunsheng still couldn't stop the ghastly kid from flying towards the west. Its encirclement was moving along with the ghastly kid and always keeping it in the center of the encirclement.

Slowly they approach the center of Hong Kong, and they could clearly see that there were many anti-aircraft weapons gathered around in the center of the city. But strangely none of them fired at them.

What was more surprising was that not a single humans attempting to collect the green shells bodies that fell from the sky.

Chu Yunsheng probably didn't even realize that there were many scientists trying to record and study his attack methods underneath him.

To them, the second-form green shell insects were rare insects, let alone the third form green shell insects.

So studying those insect's movement, attack method, and power level and gathering other information about those insects were very important and very useful to them in the future. Especially the higher-level insects.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to think about what those humans were doing. Despite he was trying hard to keep his insects alive, the numbers of insects were reducing rapidly.

And just when he wanted to unleash his red light beam attack, the ghastly kid suddenly dived down and heading straight towards Human's troops.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he immediately dived down as well.

"This fucker want to use Humans as shields..." Chu Yunsheng cursed. While he was descending, he also used his jet ability to push him down even faster.


Chu Yunsheng spat out a red web and finally trapped the ghastly kid before it reached human crowd on the ground.

It was struggling very hard. However, it was heavily injured. So no matter how hard it screeched, it still couldn't break the web.

" Finally!" Chu Yunsheng was relieved. but he didn't expect that just when he approached the ghastly kid, a strange green colored energy burst out from the ghastly kid's body.

"It is activating the wood element core!" Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly dropped. He was too careless. He knew that the ghastly kid had a secondary wood element core, but he forgot that it could use it, and if it destroyed the wood element core, then the amount of energy inside it could easily kill him.

However, the ghastly kid didn't destroy the wood element core. After the green energy appeared, its body suddenly shrunk smaller, and before Chu Yunsheng was able to react, its tiny body suddenly flew into Chu Yunsheng's mouth and got into his body.

"Shit...." Chu Yunsheng was terrified. in the next second, his body began to expand rapidly as if he was going to explode.

" Fuck, it wants to kill me from inside....' Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered his green shell to dragged him towards the dumb insects's tomb.

At the same time, he tried to suppress his body from expanding.

He needed to get back to the Dumb insect's tomb quickly. He needed to use a tomb's ability to open himself up and take the ghastly kid out of his body.

While he was being dragged towards the dumb insect's tomb, he suddenly heard many cheerful screeches from the north.

The insects' war in the north was finally over!

But the war between humans and the insects was about to begin......