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Chapter 341 the recognition from the bow

 Chapter 341 the recognition from the bow

Woo... woo....

Urgent siren resounded through Hong Kong non-stop.

" Insect attack! Insect attack!....."

The residents' urgent shouts quickly spread from the north toward the main city.

" Insect attack, insect attack....."

All the people in the city panicked.

With just merely eight hundred flying insects, the quiet Hong Kong city instantly became very chaotic.

Chu Yunsheng was surprised, the earth had already plunged into the darkness for a very long time, and it was also not the first time they saw flying insects, but why would the people in Hong Kong still act like this?

Only until he flew over the city to chase the ghastly kid did he realized that the port of Hong Kong was crowded with people.

There were even more people pushing into the port from the center of the city.

When Chu Yunsheng appeared with his crowd, it caused the disorderly crowd even more chaotic. Many people were even pushed into the water....

" I have a pass, let me through. Please, I'm begging you!"

" I am originally from Jing Ji island, why I can not get through here?"

" This is my pass, its red, let us through!"

" Stop pushing you fucking mainland people, you think red pass can get you anything? this is Hong Kong. Of course, Hong Kong people should get through first!"

" Without our troops, Hong Kong would have been taken over by the insect already!"

" Fuck off, without our Chu Clan's disciples, you think that your ammunitions could achieve anything!"

" Can you all stop arguing. Why they don't let us through?"

" Yes, stop arguing. Look. The boat is here."

As the man shouted, a boat slowly appeared in the fog.

The crowd got excited, all of them began to push forward even harder causing many more people to fall into the water.

At the boarding point, the army was trying their best to maintain the order of the crowd. but the situation was getting more and more out of control, especially when the flying insects appeared, some people even lost mind and began to attack the army!

dhak! dhak! dhak!....

A young company commander was extremely nervous, it fired his gun at the sky several times.

" Step back! Step back! If you dare to make one more step, I will order my man to kill you."

"Capt.. capt... Captain...." A squad leader nervously pulled his commander's uniform.

" Step back! All of you! This is not an insect attack, I repeat, this is not an attack. Everyone stay calm!" The young company commander was trying to calm the crowd, he didn't have time to find out from his subordinate that why he was pulling his uniform.

" Captain!" The squad leader instantly grabbed his captain's submachine gun and shouted.

" Lao Qin, what are you doing!" the young commander was angry that his subordinate would want to seize his gun at this crucial moment.

" Caption! You shot an insect!" The squad leader hissed.

"What!" the young commander was stunned and his back was instantly covered with cold sweat.

The green shell that was hit dived down in rage until they arrived at a dozen meters above the people's head.

The troops that guarding the boarding gate didn't have any special equipment dealing with green shells at all.

The regiment commander repeatedly warned them not to provoke the insect. Whoever fired the shot, there would not be just punishment that easy.

The young commander and his troops didn't know what to do. The insect was just above their heads. Were they going to just let the insect kill them and not fight back?

However, the insect only screeched at them and flew towards the sky reluctantly.

No one knew what happened. It was the first time they saw that an insect would give up attacking human after it was shot.

" Look! Its Chu Clan's decides!" suddenly a woman shouted in the crowd with a tone that filled with admiration while pointing at a direction.

At the first, only the people that near her knew where to look at, but slowly more and more people started to face in the same direction.

When the boat docked at the port, a group of people that were wearing gallant battle suits walked out of the boat through the boarding gangway in an imposing manner.

" So, it was them. No wonder why the insect ran away."

"Do you know that my cousin became Chu Clan's disciples last year? Now he is a Shu Shi!"

" They are true heroes. Look at that. it looks like they are going to the front line again."

" If I were them, I also needed to fight the insects at the frontline!"


The people who were in the turmoil earlier, all stood aside to give a way for Chu Clan's disciples, spontaneously. Everyone's eyes were filled with admiration when they looked at them heading towards the north of the city.

" Everyone, please stay calm, as you can see, Insects will not attack us at the moment. There are two types of insects fighting each other. Please believe Hong Kong government and believe us. Now please step back and corporate with us in the evacuation..... currently Jing Ji island cannot accommodate.... Red pass.... please....."

One of Hong Kong's government officer climbed on the top of a truck and used a megaphone shouted.

His voice was loud and clear through the megaphone. Even Chu Yunsheng who was still in the sky high above them could also hear it.

A moment before, Chu Yunsheng was slightly distracted by his body which was going through the transformation at the moment, it was because of that the green shell dived down without his order.

"We have only one target, that triangular-shaped insect!" Chu Yunsheng once again sent an order to his crowd.

The ghastly kid went from the seaside in the east to the south along the coastline, then it headed to the west again. But when it turned around, it immediately noticed Chu Yunsheng's crowd.

Its speed was not as fast as before, Chu Yunsheng was even more sure that it was heavily injured this time.

The ghastly kid was smart. It quickly turned around and headed further into the sea again.


Many green shells flew over Jing Ji island one by one, all of them ignored the troops and people who were gasped in shock on the ground.


Location: In a heavily guarded secretly hide out of Chu Clan in the north of Jing Ji island.

"What else is missing?" Ke Qianer turned off all the light, sitting alone in a dark room. The bow in front of her was surrounded by strange green light.

"Why I cannot open it?" she murmured:" "Why those Ming Yuan (TL: Life force) can not get into the bow? Nanny would not lie to me. But where did I make mistakes? "

As she let out a short grunt, a powerful Yuan Qi energy burst out from her body and flew into the bow.

the bow suddenly began to shake, however, the green light that surrounded the bow still didn't fuse with the bow.

It seemed like there was something that cannot be opened. This situation has been going on for more than half a month. Ke Qianer had been carefully examining the steps of Chu Clan's technique again and again, and she didn't miss a single step.

However, as if the bow didn't want to open the door for her, no matter how hard she tried, the bow just didn't accept the Life force she gathered from those people who had a reaction to the bow.

She knew that what the bow didn't "accept" was her. It was the reason why she couldn't activate it. But she didn't want to accept this truth.

She didn't want to believe that she couldn't do it.

A strong will once again raised from deep inside her. She wanted to try it again!


A strange buzzing sound appeared.

It was the bow!

Then the green lights that surrounded the bow instantly fused with the bow one by one.


Ke Qianer was overjoyed. A tremendous amount of energy continuously flew from the bow towards her body. She felt an unprecedented recognition from the bow.

"Nanny, father, did you see it. I succeeded it... I finally succeeded it...."

It was at this moment, she suddenly heard a loud screech.

She rushed towards the window, opened it and looked outside. It was a group of green shell insects heading towards the sea.

Among them, there was a familiar shadow.

It was that Insect! It was that insect!

She immediately understood why the bow would suddenly accept the Life force. It was not because of her.

Instantly, Ke Qianer's mind was filled with jealousy, rage, and hate.

" Hahaha, look, since you don't want the bow, Even the god is helping me now. It is mine is mine....." Ke Qianer suddenly laughed out loud. but inside her laugh, there was a faint of pain...

With the help of the energy from the bow, her laugh flew out of the window, flew past a pile of dead human bodies that was no far from her room until it resounded through the entire island......

" Master, a secret message from the military. the first batch of fire elemental energy cannon and rifles were deployed..... general Wu wants to know your progress..." Song Mi coughed then reported to her.

Despite he was a Rank S energy practitioner, he was still instinctively scared of the woman who was in front of him.

" Emm.. tell grandpa Hou that everything is fine." Ke Qianer turned around and said, she didn't want this man to see that there were tears on her face. :" In next three days, do not disrupt me unless Insects begin to march towards us again. Three days later, I'll end that insect."