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Chapter 340 a secondary wood element core

 Chapter 340 a secondary wood element core

Chu Yunsheng suddenly heard an ear-piercing noise. As he looked up, he saw a triangle-shaped shadow moving fast towards him through the crowd of green shell insects like a lightning. Not a single green shell insects were able to stop it.

"Ghastly kid!"

Chu Yunsheng was terrified. Its speed was too fast that it was too late for him to flap his wings. He had no choice but to use his jet ability again to push him away from the ghastly kid's chase.


A dazzling light exploded at the place where Chu Yunsheng was originally standing. It instantly gasified the half green ripple insect that he had not finished.

Run! Run! Run!

Chu Yunsheng did not dare to turn around. He was desperately flapping his wings trying to get away from this monster.

He should not have overestimated Yan Min's power. He thought that even if its green shells were not able to kill the ghastly kid, they were still able to restrain it.

However, the reality was, the ghastly kid was still able to move "freely" on the battlefield. It seemed like apart from Yan Min, no one else was able to stop it.

At the moment, Chu Yunsheng was desperately trying to use Yan Min's green shell's crowds to slow down the ghastly kid. At the same time, he was constantly sending the signal to ask Yan Min to come out to fight this monster. However, he did not get any response from it.

As if the ghastly kid was enraged by Chu Yunsheng behavior of eating the green ripple insect. It ignored all other insects, just kept chasing Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was much slower than the ghastly kid. Although he was always trying to find a crowd of green shell insects to slow them down, the ghastly kid was getting closer and closer to him every second. if Yan Min was not going to come out, he would be eventually caught up by that monster.

"Motherfucker. Let me see if you are still trying to ignore me or not." Chu Yunsheng was very angry.

He immediately dived down at used his fastest flying speed combining his jet ability to fly toward the tombs that controlled by Yan Min.

Yan Min had more than a hundred tombs, they were all in different sizes and some of them had different usages. Chu Yunsheng did not know which tomb Yan Min was hiding in. so he had to try it one by one.

"You don't want to come out, I will make you come out!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and speeded up again.


Chu Yunsheng quickly flew into a tomb through its big tube on the ground. Just when he disappeared into the tomb, the ghastly kid also arrived. Unlike Chu Yunsheng, it slammed itself straight into the wall of the tomb like an arrow.

The wall of the tomb was just like paper in front of the ghastly kid. It penetrated the wall without any difficulty.

Hearing a loud puff sound, and seeing all the tubes in the tomb were shot towards the place in the tomb, Chu Yunsheng immediately realized what happened.

He quickly ascended and flew out of the tomb from the hole on the top.

At this point, Yan Min no longer sent any green shell Insects to help assist him. instead, it used the tomb as its weapon to attack the ghastly kid.

As the ghastly kid just flew into the tomb. The tomb suddenly shrunk as if it collapsed all of sudden. If Chu Yunsheng didn't get out on time, he would probably also trapped inside as well.

The ghastly kid was trapped inside! Chu Yunsheng was relieved. However, in the next second. The tomb suddenly exploded.

Strongly violently shock wave sent Chu Yunsheng into the sky!

In the tomb's debris, the ghastly kid shook off the strange organisms and blood, stood up and flew into the sky again.

"Feng, it was heavily injured! Quick! I just detected that they had reinforcements coming from the west, stop it....." Yan Min finally talked.


" Fuck !" It was not that Chu Yunsheng didn't believe it was injured. However, he didn't know how bad its injury was. So, despite Yan Min said that, Chu Yunsheng was still running.

He didn't care about Yan Min's mission, he just wanted to save his own life.

From one tomb to another tomb, Chu Yunsheng desperately tried to get rid of the ghastly kid. However, it was still chasing closely behind him.

What was worse was that the consequences of consuming three and half green ripple insects began to appear. His body began to transform into the third form at this time.

Chu Yunsheng panicked.

Unlike what it said in any Xianxia novels where power up during a fight could reverse the situation of the battle and help people to defeat their enemy. Transforming during the battle was an extremely dangerous thing.

His body slowly began to change its shape, and he began to lose control of it. Once he totally lost the control of his body, then he would be dead.

As he flew out of another tomb, he quickly summoned all of his green shells back from the from line to stop it.

He hoped that he could use all his force to slow down the ghastly kid and gain him some time to find a place to hide.

In order to meet up with his force quickly, when he came out of a tomb, he flew back to the front line again.

1 second passed, 2 seconds passed, 3 seconds....

He finally met up with his force. However, he didn't hear any other noise behind him apart from green shell's buzzing sounds.

Chu Yunsheng seemed to realize something. He immediately turned around and noticed that it was heading east towards the seaside.

It seemed like it had decided to abandon its battlefield, its comrades...

" Fuck, I got fooled by an insect!" Chu Yunsheng was furious.

Yan Min was right, it was heavily injured. All it did earlier was just acting.

" Feng stop it! It will detour from the east, and head towards the west eventually! Stop it!" Yan Min's voice came into Chu Yunsheng's mind again.

This time, it was Chu Yunsheng's turn to ignore it. Despite the ghastly kid was heavily injured. Chu Yunsheng still didn't want to chase it. Who knows what would it do, if he drove it up to the wall.

However, what Yan Min said next instantly changed his mind. :" It took away a secondary wood element core!" It urged.

The ghastly kid would lie to him, but Yan Min who was his own people definitely would not lie to him.

Although he didn't know what wood element core was nor did he understand what secondary meant. When Elder Purple forcibly put a wood element core in his mouth, he felt an overwhelming wood element power from it. It was so great that green ripple insect's energy was nothing when comparing to it.

Seeing the ghastly kid was about to disappear in the hazy shimmer. Chu Yunsheng decided to throw caution to the wind. He wanted to kill that ghastly kid.

" This time, it is mine!" Chu Yunsheng immediately sent a signal to Yan Min and flew fast towards the ghastly kid without waiting for its response.