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Chapter 339 do not provoke, do not retreat.

 Chapter 339 do not provoke, do not retreat.

Chu Yunsheng quietly stood on the top of a skyscraper-like umbrella-shaped spore plant, looked at his "subordinates" brutally shredding a ribbon-like monster into death.

Since the battle began, he didn't stop a single second.

With this type of non-stop attack. Even the ghastly kid also began to pay attention to him. It had even attempted to kill Chu Yunsheng several times, but it was eventually stopped by Yan Min.

Chu Yunsheng was only focusing on the insects inside the spore forest, he had ordered his subordinates not to destroy the spore forest. He hoped that in this way, he would be able to delay the war.

However, Yan Min took the opportunity to send another batch of ground combat units to assist him to destroy the forest.

Looking at the spore forest underneath him slowly reduced its size, Chu Yunsheng decided to stop expanding his "air force" and kept the number of green shells at eight hundred which was the maximum number that he would be able to control at the moment.

Yan Min was relieved, it almost couldn't catch up with Chu Yunsheng's killing speeding. In the beginning, it didn't have any problem producing green shells for Chu Yunsheng. However, the number of green shells it needed to reward Chu Yunsheng was like a Snowball, it was getting bigger and bigger every time.

In order to produce more green shells for Chu Yunsheng, it even re-adjusted the ground combat unit and air combat unit breeding ratio.

It was totally out of its expectation. Even if Chu Yunsheng didn't stop expanding, Yan Min would probably terminate the agreement soon. Because it almost didn't have enough resources to produce other insects.

Although Chu Yunsheng's air force had less number than Yan Min's air force. But due to the number restriction, Chu Yunsheng decided to go for quality rather than quantity.

He wanted to level up his insects as many as possible.

Because Yan Min's force was directly fighting the spore forest, it suffered from great losses. Most of the insects in its force were not able to survive more than a couple of days, let alone leveling up. In fact, almost its entire swarm would be replaced with new Insect once in a few days,

But comparing to it, almost half of Chu Yunsheng's insects were leveled up.

He had almost 300 green shells in the second form, more than 50 green shells in the third form. He believed that if he could level up all his insects, he would be able to gain a total air control.

In order to level up the rest of his Insects, Chu Yunsheng sent his all his primordial green shells to the front line.

He told Yan Min that he would assist it. But in fact, he commanded all of his insects to stay behind and eat all the wood elemental insects' body to level them up.

While half of his Insects were trying to level up to the second form, Chu Yunsheng also needed to level up his own body as well.

Since last time he was injured, and after the dumb Insect modified his body. His body went back to the primordial state.

By killing centipede-like monsters or ribbon-like monsters and eating their bodies, he had transformed back to the second form again.

However, unlike his Insects, no matter how many flying monsters he ate, he just could not transform into the third form.

Then he thought about that the experiment he conducted in the land of the dead in the spore forest. It seemed like he needed to eat some higher-level wood elemental monsters.

But there were only two kinds of monsters that were higher-level than those flying monsters. They were green ripple insect and the ghastly kid.

There was only one ghastly kid in the entire spore forest, and it was so powerful that, despite it had joined the fight since the beginning, its power didn't seem to be weakened at all. So there was no way Chu Yunsheng wanted to attack it at the moment.

Then the only one left was the green ripple Insects. But that was not an easy target either.

Unlike Yan Min who had tombs constantly supply it with new units, Chu Yunsheng could not use the number to fight against then green ripple insect. Besides, Yan Min had already warned him that it could no longer supply him with any combat units anymore. So the number of his Insects would only decrease, not increase.

But Chu Yunsheng had ideas.

It was very easy to spot a green ripple insect in the front line because of its attack method, and whenever it appeared, Yan Min would order a large number of insects to surround it and try to drain its energy by sacrificing many insects. It was a slow process, but it was a great chance for Chu Yunsheng.

After Chu Yunsheng ate many flying wood elemental monsters, his flying speed also increased a lot. Although he still couldn't compete with the ghastly kid's speed, all the third form green shell insects couldn't catch up with his speed. Only the only one fourth-form green shell insect in Yan Min's swarm was able to compete with him.

So whenever a green ripple insect appeared, Chu Yunsheng would leave his insects and quickly headed towards the green ripple insect. While the green ripple insect was busy dealing with Yan Min's swarm, he would use his red light beam attack to destroy its eyes.

Every red light beam would consume almost all his energy, and every time he shot out one red light beams he would immediately fly back to Yan Min's tomb to recharge. Maybe because the green ripple insect was very difficult to deal with. So whenever Chu Yunsheng flew back to recharge, Yan Min would order a tomb to do it straight away without any hesitations.

With his speed and Yan Min's support, the process of killing a green ripple insect was instantly speeded up.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't want to help Yan Min in fighting the spore forest, he needed to increase his power as soon as possible. Because the war was about to end soon, and if he didn't do it now, he probably would never have a similar chance again in the future.


"Commander, flying insects passed the defense line again!"

The northern defense line of Hong Kong was instantly filled with noise.

Gu Feng raised the binoculars, then put it down again. He could not do anything. Because the headquarter gave the order.

It has been quite some time since the last time they flew over the defense line. However, unlike the past few times, this time they directly flew over the defense line flagrantly.

Gu Feng could never forget the scenes that the Insects from the spore forest had come to them seeking for help desperately for two times.

Since the dark age began, this was the first time that monsters sought help from humans.

They whimpered in pain when they fell from the sky. They were heavily injured and hoping that humans would help them.

However, no matter how they begged, the troops in Hong Kong still stepped back leaving an open empty space for the flying insects from the creep area to dive at them and killed them.

No one dared to save them, even if there were no orders, the flying insects from the creep area were more than enough to make them stop.

As long as those flying insects did not attack humans, no one dare to fire first.

Gu Feng had already submitted the attack request eleven times. However, all of them were declined.

There were three insects from the spore forest were forced to retreat to human defense line and seek help from human again, today.

Gu Feng clenched his fists and gritted his teeth while watching the insects of spore forest were slaughtered in his defense line.

"Commander, why don't we help them? " staff officer Shi Yuan was confused.

Gu Feng slammed his fists onto the table and said:" do not provoke, do not retreat!"

"If they finished them, it will be our turn next!" Shi Yuan looked at the insects of spore forest screeched hopelessly and said.

"Commander!urgent order from the headquarter! "

"Finally!" Gu Feng suddenly raised his head and said excitedly.

"From today, The 18th regiment's new defense position is Jīng Jí island...."

"What!?" Gu Feng instantly stood up and shouted.

"It's a redeployment order!"

"Redeployment? At this time!! Are you fucking.... " Gu Feng immediately snatched the document from a soldier's hand and quickly scanned through the document.

However, after a few seconds, he sat down disappointedly with his face covered with a bitter and sad smile.

"Commander? Commander? " staff offer Shi Yuan urged.

"Take a look yourself. Even the old commander in chief also don't trust me anymore. They want the twenty-first regiment to replace us..... Do they have any fucking idea.... " Gu Feng shouted in rage.

"Commander, the old commanders in chief is an old general who fought in many wars, he certainly knows and thinks more than us. I think there must be some other reasons." Shi Yuan glanced over the document and interrupted.

"What else can we do. it is a fucking order. Go issue the order...." Gu Feng said reluctantly.