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Chapter 338 whose descendant?

 Chapter 338 whose descendant?

" Commander, they are here again!" A soldier who was holding an assault rifle rushed hurriedly all the way to the defense frontline headquarter and shouted.

Gu Feng immediately pushed the defense topographic map away, grabbed binoculars from his guards, then charged out of the bunker to see what was going on.

"The number is increased again! What the hell they want? Why do they want to come here every day? Scouting?" Staff officer Shi Yuan closely followed behind and said in confusion.

" Xiao Jiang, issue my order, everyone stay alert, without my order don't fire anything! Whoever made a mistake the punishment is death!" Gu Feng put down the binoculars and said sternly.

" Commander, look, they have passed the line!" Shi Yuan sudden shouted in shock. Before, those insects were only wheeling in the sky outside the defense line. But this time they have passed the defense line.

Gu Feng's face looked very calm, but his heart was beating rapidly. Since the first day they discovered that some insects were hanging around outside the defense line, the number of insects had been increasing every day. But no one knew why they were there.

Gu Feng had already reported it to the headquarter. However, all he received was an Ambiguous order "don't provoke them, and don't retreat."

Fortunately, after the flying insects flew past the defense line, they immediately took a huge turn and then flew back to their creep area.

Not far from Gu Feng's regiment, there was a group of Chu Clan's disciples. They were the Chu Clan's frontline support team. They also saw the insects.

" Eleven in total this time, record it!" One of the men in the team said sternly.

" They should be able to see me this time." Chu Yunsheng thought while flying back to creep area. The group of flying insect was his "subordinates".

The reason why he did it was very simple. It was to attract the bow woman's attention.

" Feng, you went to provoke humans again?" When Chu Yunsheng just flew back, Yan Min suddenly sent a signal into his mind.

" Just to check the situation." Chu Yunsheng replied simply.

" Feng, I hope you could stay calm, don't provoke those humans at the moment, once the war in the North is over, it will only take me few days to eliminate those humans." Yan Min warned Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. He thought that since Shang was going to arrive soon, so after the war in the north was over, Yan Min would probably focus on gathering Fire energy for Shang. But he didn't expect that it wanted to attack Hong Kong.

If it was really going to do that, then what he was doing at the moment was actually helping it to kill those humans in Hong Kong!

Chu Yunsheng hated the bow woman, but he never thought about killing all the people in Hong Kong to vent his hate.

After all, he was still a human, not an insect.

" Yan, I think you need to reconsider your plan. The things about that human city... I think I can wait. We should be focusing on gathering fire energy for Shang after the war is over." Chu Yunsheng couldn't really think of any idea, so he just tried to distract Yan Min.

" It won't cost me much time and energy. Those humans have turned into a group of timid creatures. They had a chance before, they could attack us while we were busy dealing with the enemy in the north. But they chose to hide behind their defense line. Can't believe that the powerful and cruel deviant that mentioned would have such coward descendants!" Yan Min said with disdain.

Chu Yunsheng was very familiar with this kind of tone and this kind of wording. He clearly remembered that the woman in the white dress outside Jing Ling city, who was on the top of a strange monster also said almost exactly the same thing.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Is human race the descendant of deviants?

But what exactly is the fucking deviant!? Why the Min outside the yellow mountain area said that the girl who was at the top of a ghastly kid was not contaminated by deviants?

Will I get answers when Shang arrived?

Who am I?

Who the fuck are we!?

What happened Millions of years ago? Why there is a graveyard of spaceships deep under the ground? What is that song? What do they regret about? And the fistprint that cause an entire planet to shift away from its orbit, who made it!

Where do insects come from? Who are those Ice Race and fire race? What the fuck is divine realm?

Are all of these related to the leaders of the super-advanced alien civilizations or the galaxy overlords that the senior practitioners mentioned?

Why was the sky track sealed? Who sealed it? What happened to the seal now? Why did the book say that the sky track will return?

Who is the senior practitioner! How did he get in here when the earth was sealed? Who injured him? And Why would he sympathize with savage tribal people?

Who is Qi Shǐzǔ (1)? What is the great devil!?

Questions after questions constantly popped into Chu Yunsheng's head. However, he couldn't get any answers.

The more he thought the more confused he thought... all kinds of questions were bouncing around inside his mind until it left only one thing: the black stone stele.

What is it? Who made it? Why it could ignore the existence of human race, the insect, the ice Race, the Fire race, the senior practitioner, the darkness, the sky track and everything else.


" Feng? We need to attack now!"

Yan Min instantly interrupted Chu Yunsheng's thought.

On the scorched land before the gradually-shrinking spore forest, countless insects were gathered together, on the ground, in the air, lines after lines, ready to charge. Yan Min just upgraded its tomb to star rank three, it provided it with a new type of flying insect that could deal with the ghastly kid and a large amount of suicide explosive insects.

As one of the fourth-form green shell insects screeched loudly, tens and thousands of insects responded by screeching at charging towards the spore forest.

The final battle has finally begun!

The endless frontline was lit up by many green energy lights and red fire lights. Countless insects were thrown into the sky and at the same time, there were also countless insects were smashed into the ground...

March! Fight! March again and fight again!

Many big golden shelled insects spat fire at the remaining spore forest as they broke out of the ground.

The size of spore forest was reduced every second. The powerful ghastly kid was flying everywhere trying to save the forest....

There was a helicopter hovering on the edge of the battlefield. However, probably it got too close, it was instantly shattered by a group of green shell insects.


Chu Yunsheng took his ten green shell subordinates to the edge of the coast to look for some single spore silk spitter. He didn't want to get involved in the ghastly kid's crazy fight.

Besides, after Yan Min leveled up its main tomb to a star rank 3 tomb, it didn't really need his help anymore. Eliminating the Spore forest was just a matter of time.

Chu Yunsheng knew that after eliminating the spore forest, Hong Kong would be the next one. However, he couldn't change Yan Min's mind, nor was he powerful enough to eliminate the entire swarm.

He didn't even know that the mysterious Shang would be able to tell that he was a real Min or not.

After he engulfed another spore silk spitter and as he was about to get up, he suddenly felt something was about to come out of his mouth.

Then as he instinctively opened his mouth.

Instantly, a red sticky web was shot at one of his green shells by accident. If it was just red elemental poison then it would not be any problem for the trapped green shell insect. However, the web contained mutated jellyfish's poison as well.

Within just a few seconds, the green shell that was caught in the web was on the verge of dying.

"Shit..." Chu Yunsheng cursed. All the effort he just he made was in vain. Now he had to kill another one spore silk spitter to get a new green shell Insect.

But since he got a new ability now, it would be much quicker for him, and after he got a new green shell insect, he would be able to move to his next target which are those centipede-like monsters and the ribbon-like monsters....

------translator's note-----

Qi Shǐzǔ first appeared in chapter 168.