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Chapter 337 its a different age now

 Chapter 337 it's a different age now

Yan Min didn't decline Chu Yunsheng's offer this time. To it, The earlier the war in the north was over, the sooner it could gather the energy for Shang.

But when Chu Yunsheng asks it to provide him a group to command, it immediately refused.

" Feng, according to the book of insect, I have provided more than enough aid to you already. I have no obligation to produce any combat units for you. " Yan Min was not happy at all.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng wouldn't give up so easily. Although he didn't know what exactly was written in the book of insect, he immediately came up with another way to trick Yan Min.

" According to the book of Insect, you are right. But if I help you to eliminate the enemy, you should also give me something as a reward right?" he said.

"Feng, you are very smart. You were able to find a wood element core and bring it here means that you had a Star Rank three tomb, at least once before. Only when you had a Star Rank three tomb would you be able to gain such wisdom. So according to the book of Insect, when you offered your help, I should provide you with some fire energy in return."

Chu Yunsheng was thrilled. Fire energy was one thing that the dumb insects's tomb needed the most at the moment. It would be great If he could get some from Yan Min,

But he didn't expect that Yan Min carried on:" but before Shang arrived. I have no ability to produce a Portal tomb. Moreover, because of the war in the north, I couldn't spare any of my kids to deliver the energy to you. So I will pay you back after Shang arrived."

Chu Yunsheng opened his mouth wide didn't know what to say. But inside his mind, he had actually secretly cursed Yan Min thousands of times.

" I have a suggestion. Since you can't deliver the energy now. How about you provide me with an equal amount of combat units instead?" Chu Yunsheng immediately came up with another Idea.

"Huh?..... Although this does not comply with some rules in the book of insect, it does comply with the rule of equal value exchange. I'll provide you some unit base on your performance....." Yan Min thought for a second and said.

" How are you going to evaluate my performance?" Chu Yunsheng immediately asked. He wanted to get everything clearly before he helps this Min. Although he knew that Insect wouldn't lie, he just wanted to make sure.

Yan Min didn't know why Chu Yunsheng wanted to know at this time, but It took it awhile and finally said sternly:" the number of combat units I will provide to you will base on the type and the number of enemies you killed. For example, based on the previous battle loss ratio, in order to kill one Duo Xu insect, I would need to sacrifice nine primordial green shell combat units. If you kill one of them, I will be able to provide you with nine green shell combat units when the battle is over. But if you want the reward immediately, I can only provide you the half of the amount."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second. Half of the amount was actually not bad at all. At least, it was better than what he had now which was zero combat unit.

In terms of Duo Xu insect it mentioned, Chu Yunsheng had actually encountered it before. It was the Centipede-like monsters that he encountered when he just escaped from Jing Ling city.

He clearly remembered that at that time that monster could fight one of his type 2 green shell insect and four primordial green shells at the same time. Although it was injured, Chu Yunsheng believed that if he didn't help in the end, he would have lost all of his green shells in the battle.

So when Yan Min said that it would take it nine primordial green shell combat units to kill one of them, it was actually giving a very accurate quote.

" Deal." After Chu Yunsheng thought it through, he immediately accepted the condition.

But before he actually flew towards the front line, he also needed to analyze his own strength. He was going to a war not a dual. failing to understand what he was capable of in the war would only get him killed.

Although his body became much smaller now, he had many strange abilities. So his overall strength should be at least more powerful than a second-formed green shell insect.

However, he didn't want to target centipede-like monsters or ribbon-like monsters which worth the same amount of reward, straight away.

Those were flying monsters, and they were very agile in the air. He needed to find a way to restrain them first before he fought them. He didn't want to spend a long time on each fight, because the longer the fight was, the more dangerous it would be.

Especially that the spore forest had the ghastly kid this kind of invincible creature exist. If it appeared in the battlefield, the first thing he would need to consider was to run away, not those rewards.

His first target was actually the insect called Spore silk spitter, it was a very colorful insect that had beautifully transparent wings, it was just like an enlarged version of a ladybird.

Its body size was as big as a primordial insect. Although it was fatter than a green shell insect, Its shell's defense ability was almost as strong as green shell insect. Its attack method was very simple. Whenever it encountered enemies, it would immediately spit out colorful but poisonous spore silks to trap enemies. Once enemies were caught, the more they struggled, the tighter the spore silks would become. At the same time, the poison in those spore silks would quickly get into the enemies' skin.

A lot of green shell insects were caught and killed by those monsters.

But to Chu Yunsheng this strange mutant insect, the threat of this monster's ability was greatly reduced. Not only he could spit fire to burn those poisonous spore silks, his sharp legs could easily cut those silks as well.

And he also had another a special skill - camouflage ability. It could help him a lot during a sneak attack.

Although Yan Min told him that this type of monster only worth a reward that was equivalent to one half of a green shell, it was more than enough for him.

Insects didn't need a break, the war didn't stop a single second. Apart from going back to a tomb to get his Mucus clot supplies, Chu Yunsheng stayed at the front line all the time.

He was not worried that Yan Min wouldn't be able to know which insects he killed, because Its force covered the entire battlefield. It knew every single detail of the progress of the battlefield clearly.....


Location: a hospital in Hong Kong.

" Nanny, I met it." Ke Qianer stroked the old woman's face who was currently lying unconsciously on the bed and said.

" But, why it didn't want the bow? It just took the token..." Ke Qianer said quietly.

" Nanny, am I a failure? I lost the token you gave to me, but I still couldn't kill that insect!?"

" It must, regardless it wants the bow or not. It must die!"

" Nanny, do you know that grandpa Hou told me that the military and Hong Kong government have come to an agreement, they supported me to kill that hateful insect!"

" You are always worried that I will have a conflict with them, but now they all support.... Nanny can you wake up....."

" I'll not let you down anymore, I'll bring that insect's head here."

" You said that don't use that bow unless it is necessary, but Qianer couldn't even pull the string in front of that monster...."

" I have ordered them to arrest everyone who had a reaction to the bow. You will forgive Qianer, right?...."


Ke Qianer walked towards the window next to the bed, the scenery outside the window had already changed. What originally a green land had already become a yellow barren land. There were a few strange plants growing on top of it. It was said that the specialists from the academy of sciences were trying to study them.

" Master. It recently appeared very frequently in the northeast defense line. should we attack it?" Song Mi walked in and said quietly.

Ke Qianer closed the curtains and then looked at the old woman on the bed. But she didn't reply immediately.

" leave it, for now, wait until I complete that Chu Clan's technique. Do we have all the people on the list?" Ke Qianer said after a few minutes of silence.

" Yes, but there are three people whose background are a bit complicated. Should we..." Song Mi hesitated.

" Complicated? Hehe... Who doesn't have a complicated background on that list? " Ke Qianer sneered.

" The first person is a celebrity. After the great darkness, she has been working actively with General Administration Department on propagating the hope of humanity. She has many followers, most of the citizens treat her as their spiritual leader. She has a big influence in Hong Kong.... Even... even worked with us before... the second one has been producing weapons for the city since the .... The last one, whose son is working in general administration department.... Rank A.... But according to the information, he has a potential to reach Rank S...." Song Mi knitted his brows while trying to go through the information in his mind.

" A star? A citizens' spiritual leader? Use our swords to make them understand that it is a different age now. Let them know who is the real leader of this city. In terms of weapons supplies, just tell them that we will take over.... And the last one, don't touch him at the moment... I only say it once, don't let anyone go!"

" Yes!" Song Mi simply answered.