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Chapter 336 kill two birds with one stone

 Chapter 336 kill two birds with one stone

" Huh! it stopped, looks like it also couldn't withstand the temptation of the bow. I should have thought about it already......" Ke Qianer sneered. " Song Mi, get ready. Later on, I and that Insect will not be able to move. So you all need to kill it as fast as possible!"

" Yes, master!" Song Mi responded coldly.

" It is here...." Ke Qianer closed her eyes, but her hands still clenched the bow. The bow in her hands was shaking more and more violently.

As Ke Qianer said it, Chu Clan's disciples immediately spread out trying to set up an ambush to kill the insect.

Woosh.... Boom!....

On a wild frozen field, a golden light suddenly flashed by and hit the ground like a meteor. It kicked up a big cloud of rocks and dust as it crash-landed. After the rocks and dust fell on the ground, a strange golden Insect appeared on everyone's sight.

" Huh? Song Mi, you said it was injured! " Ke Qianer was confused when she saw the insect.

" It is always changing, but its head...." Song Mi suddenly had a chill down to his spine. He was not scared of the insect, but he didn't know why he was scared of his master.

" That is a truly terrifying evolutionary speed. Looks like it is already in the third form. " Ke Qianer interrupted Song Mi and said.

She then slowly reached her hands out and said. " Come, why do you stop there. Is this what you want?" At the same time, she reluctantly let loose the restraint of the bow to allow the bow to unleash more of its power.

She was very jealous of this insect, she could clearly feel that the bow was extremely excited, but she was not able to make the bow to treat her the same way.

However, that insect didn't move, it seemed like it was thinking something.

" Are you trying to resist the temptation? You can't resist it. Nobody can! You also want to take it. Right? " Ke Qianer murmured. Then she suddenly squinted her eyes and jumped towards the insect and shouted. :" You can't run away from it. Nobody can!"

She hated the insect that was in front of her. She hated it very much. It was just an insect. But the bow she loved was shaking violently and excitedly for it. She was very jealous of it. She was so jealous that he wanted to kill it as soon as possible to make the bow stop shaking.

You must die! It can only have one master, and that can only be me!

Ke Qianer was shouting angrily in her mind. However, the bow was shaking more and more violently when he reached the insect.

The insect did not run away, instead, when Ke Qianer approached it, it also moved a step forward.

Suddenly a loud noise of humming sound appeared, then, both the insect and the woman were forced to stop by an intense force 10 meters away from each other.

In the space they were in, the Heaven and the Earth energy were distorted, it caused visible ripples around the insect and the woman at the same time. In the next second, love, hate, disgust, jealousy... all kinds of desires and emotions were like water flooded into the small space.

Even if the Chu Clan's disciples who were standing on the outside circle were also having myriad irresistible primitive desires and emotions.

As if Ke Qianer was losing her mind, she was constantly laughing:" Come, Come, even if you are its real owner, you will still be enslaved by it. Come... hahaha... "

The insect also seemed to lose its mind, as Ke Qianer laughed, it slowly moved a step by step closer to the bow.

"You are just a soulless lowly creature, you are not qualified to be its real owner! Song Mi, what are you waiting! Kill it.... " Ke Qianer screamed.

All the disciples instantly woke up, just when they were about to attack, a jade token suddenly flew out of Ke Qianer's clothes, and the insect's eyes were moving with that jade token.

Ke Qianer felt like she was struck by lightning.

It just wanted the founder's token! Not the bow! No! How can it ignore the bow! How can it resist its power!

However, the truth was that the insect's eyes were locked onto the founder's token. It did not even look at the bow once when the token flew out of her clothes.

Why? Why? Why it does not want the bow! Why it wanted a useless founder's token.

The faith that she always believed in suddenly had a huge crack. She always told herself that no one was able to resist the power of the bow, even if it was the bow's real owner. It would only want the bow even more.

She had tested it before, she had caught a lot of people who had a reaction to the bow. She knew that the stronger the reaction was, the stronger the desire of possessing the bow they would have!

So she believed that once the real owner appeared, it would definitely lose its mind when it got near the bow.

But at this moment, this thought was completely shattered.

The insect was definitely the real owner of the bow, she could easily tell by just feeling how excited the bow was. However, what made the insect stopped was not the bow, but a garbage founder's token.

While everyone was in a state of confusion, it suddenly flew toward her and use its claw to pinch the token, then flew away immediately.

Ke Qianer was enraged by the insect's behavior, the rage of jealousy was instantly replaced by the rage of hate, how dare a soulless creature treated her loved bow like a complete garbage!

"DIE!!!" Ke Qianer screamed while desperately trying to pull the string to kill that insect.

However, the insect was flying, it was moving very fast. But she still could not pull the string.

In fact, Ke Qianer had overestimated Chu Yunsheng. If he could resist the temptation of the bow, he would not risk his life here to come to meet her.

It was because of the book was he finally able to stop himself at 10 meters away from the bow. He was terrified when he discovered that he was surrounded.

He did not have time to analyze in detail what made him lose his mind. When he noticed the jade token, he just instinctively thought that it was probably something to do with the map. Then before everyone could react, he quickly reached out its claw to pinch the jade token then fly away.

However, only after Chu Yunsheng swallowed the jade token into his body and arrived at Yan Min's creep area safely did he realized that it was the bow that caused him to lose his mind, not the token.


"I need to find a way to deal with that bow..... But I have seen it somewhere...." if he wanted to kill that woman to avenge his brother's death, then he must find out a way to deal with that bow. However, Chu Yunsheng did not know why that he felt like he had seen that bow somewhere before.

Only after he carefully checked his memory did he find out that it was the bow that the senior practitioner used. However, he faintly remembered that the senior practitioner said that he could lose the bow, but he couldn't lose the book.

"Why are you here?" suddenly Yan Min's voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

Only until that moment did Chu Yunsheng realize that he had already flown to the north of Yan Min's creep area.

"Shang is going to arrive soon?" Chu Yunsheng quickly found a topic.

"Yes, I can feel it. It won't be long." Yan Min said.

"What do I need to prepare?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Fire energy, as much as possible. " Yan Min replied.

"What is the progress of the battle here?" Chu Yunsheng changed the subject again.

"They got a batch of reinforcements from further north, because of you, I lost the best chance to eliminate them." Yan Min sighed.

"Maybe I can help you." Chu Yunsheng said calmly, he suddenly had an idea.

"You can not provide that many battle units, you just focus on gathering the fire energy" Yan Min did not seem to be interested.

"I mean I can help. Not my units." Chu Yunsheng explained.

"You ?" Yan Min was confused.

"This is my clone, my original body is still in the south preparing the energy. Just consider this as a thank you gift. " Chu Yunsheng said.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng had other plans, he did not really want to help Yan Min. however, he could not stay near fragrant river city anymore. At least, before he could compete with that woman, he could not go back. Otherwise, the dumb insect would be in a deep trouble.

The dumb insect's creep area needed time, so he needed to attract the attention of the human in hong kong to Yan Min's creep area. Moreover, he could use the battle in the north to increase his power as well.

It was a perfect plan of killing two birds with one stone.