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Chapter 335 the son of insect

 Chapter 335 the son of insect.

Location: headquarter of Chu Clan.

"Three dead and seven injured? That insect is indeed..." Ke Qianer stroked the bow and said quietly as if she was talking to herself.

"It is not powerful, but it is smart." Song Mi said without any emotions.

"A smart insect." Ke Qianer raised her delicate face and asked:"are you sure that it is near Fragrant River city?"

"No, it escaped to the creep area." Song Mi said.

"But why it appeared in fragrant river city?'s a pity that that person refused to help me. Otherwise, with the wisdom of that person, that person must be able to guess its motive. " Ke Qianer sighed.

"Master, you meant.... He left Hong Kong? " suddenly a strange luster flashed in Song Mi's eyes.

"Yes, we did not expect that.... " Ke Qianer smiled while looking at the bow. Then she carried on:" it's ok, I will do it myself."


Location, inside the tomb in a mountain Col.

Shang is arriving!?

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he thought for a second and said:" Did Yan Min say when exactly? "

The dumb insect thought for a second then said. :"No, it just asked an insect to ask us to get prepared."

"Get prepared? What do we need to prepare?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"I don't know." The dumb insect said.

Arrive? Prepare? Chu Yunsheng remembered Yan Min told him that once Shang arrived on earth, all Mins around the world would no longer fight battles on their own.

In another word, after Shang arrived, all Mins on the earth would be able to communicate with each other somehow, and they would have a large-scale and a unified action!

So this prepare could mean that he needed to get ready for a larger war?

But it was just Chu Yunsheng's guess. The dumb Insect was just a low-level Min, he couldn't get any information from it. So he might need to confirm it with Yan Min later.

" where is the baby?" Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking about that question and asked.

The dumb insect point at a corner behind him and said proudly.:" There, there, over there."

Chu Yunsheng turned around, then what he saw made his jaw dropped. He didn't even know what to say to the dumb Insect. It used several tender tubes to make a hammock for the baby.

" Wait, what's that! Why there is a tube in its mouth." Chu Yunsheng was startled and immediately ran over. The dumb insect might no know, but the human baby couldn't withstand the fire elemental energy the tomb gathered.

Only until he got to the baby did he noticed that the baby was sucking the tube sweetly while sleeping quietly in the hammock.

" What is this." Chu Yunsheng asked with surprise.

" I purified some nutrition fluid and then feed it with that...." The dumb insect said happily.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the other end of the tube, noticing that there was a strange pool no far from them.

In the pool there were five strange meatballs, they were constantly shrinking and expanding, it seemed like they were busy processing something.

" You were busy doing this when I was recovering?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

" It, it was hungry...." The Dumb insect replied quietly. It was feeling guilty.

But Chu Yunsheng wasn't angry. He looked at the dumb insect and said sternly:" dumb Insect, are you really planning to raise it?"

:" Can... Can I?" the dumb insect asked nervously.

" Sigh... I can't send it back now. Humans are trying to kill me. " Chu Yunsheng sighed.

" But, didn't they always want to kill us?" The dumb insect was confused.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said:" It's different. "

" Then, you are not going to send it away, right? Right? " the dumb Insect was thrilled.

Chu Yunsheng sighed again. " although I don't want to, I have no choice now. But if you want to raise it... sighed..."

" Then, then... can I give it a name?' the dumb Insect said excitedly.

" Okay." Chu Yunsheng gave up changing the dumb insect's mind.

However, after the dumb insect got the permission form Chu Yunsheng, it spent a long time to think for a name, but it still couldn't think of anything.

" I don't know any name... you give it a name..." the dumb insect was upset.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the baby and looked at the dumb insect, then murmured:" since it is destined to have you as its guardian, then... the son of insect, hopefully, it will... sighed. Just let fate decide it."

" The son of insect, the son of insect....." the dumb Insect kept repeating the names as if it meant a lot for it.

The darkness once again took over the control of the world outside the tomb. Chu Yunsheng suspected that humans would not dare to hunt him at this time, so he came out of the tomb to practice his new ability.

When he clumsily flapped his wing slowly ascending higher from the tomb, he noticed that the second tomb was still in a form of meatballs not far from him.

He adjusted his position and slowly attempted to fly over the second tomb to practice his movements.

This ability would be his best escaping ability in the future. So he needed to master it.

Although he just began to fly, the feeling of flying freely in the air without any restriction and limitation intoxicated him instantly.

In the beginning, he might be clumsy, but the more he flew, the agiler he was in the air.

Although he still couldn't perform some extreme movement like high-speed dive then change the flying direction rapidly, when it got the next day morning, Chu Yunsheng was already satisfied with what he could achieve in one night.

Looking at the hazy shimmer slowly appeared in the sky, Chu Yunsheng decided to go back to the tomb to check with the dumb insect that if they had enough energy for the third tomb.

Suddenly he felt a mysterious force. He felt that mysterious force once when elder purple was killed.

" It is her, that woman." Chu Yunsheng was startled. He immediately went into the tomb and said to the dumb insect. :" Dumb insect, guard the tomb, no matter what happens, don't come out!"

After he said it, he went out of the tomb again. The force was getting closer and closer to him, but he must not let her find his hiding place.

He couldn't compete with the woman at the moment, so exposing his hiding place was very dangerous for both him and the dumb insect.

Chu Yunsheng guessed that the woman would definitely be able to feel where he was now. Otherwise, that force would not be able to head straight towards him

As he expected, after he flew out of the tomb and flew towards Yan Min's creep area, he could clearly feel that the force also changed the direction as well.

While he was flying towards Yan Min's creep area, Chu Yunsheng once again tried to figure out why he was able to feel that force.

Unlike the energy fluctuation or any Min's forces, the strange force came from that woman only he was able to feel it. He had also confirmed that from the dumb insect as well. The dumb insect didn't feel anything from that woman.

Then he narrowed down the things that might relate to himself.

But apart from the book... Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped thinking. Not only did be stopped thinking, he also stopped flying.

The book.., the talismans they were using... the strange feeling... the pendants... The map! Chu Yunsheng instantly turned around facing the direction where the force came from.