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Chapter 334 sea, land and air

 Chapter 334 sea, land and air

The swarm instantly stopped. To them, Min was their everything. So when Chu Yunsheng claimed it was also Min, all of them were confused.

But when Chu Yunsheng was just about to let out a sigh of relief, the swarm roared and moved towards him again.

Chu Yunsheng was frustrated, those insects didn't have any intelligence. They were just like war machines. When they detected humans, all they knew was to kill.

Although to them, Min was their everything, Chu Yunsheng was not their Min. So no matter how Chu Yunsheng ordered them to stop, they still approach him closer and closer.

Chu Yunsheng also tried to contact Yan Min, however, probably Yan Min was in the north commanding the battle. He couldn't get in touch with it.

Just when the insects were about to reach the charge range, Chu Yunsheng saw a purple flame monster ran pass them to chase the 11 awakening humans.

Although he didn't know if the purple flame monster would understand him or not. He still shouted at it." .....hey, you... stop, in the name of Feng Min, and the book of the insect, I command you to stop this swarm!"

The purple flame monster instantly stopped, it looked at Chu Yunsheng and hesitated. Only a few seconds later did it finally and reluctantly let out a high pitched screech to stop the swarm.

At this point, Chu Yunsheng already gave up the idea of finding a tomb in Yan Min's creep area to repair him. He quickly got out of the swarm and headed back to the dumb insect's creep area.

At a place far away from him. The most powerful man and four of his less powerful subordinates had caught up with the rest of 11 people. At the moment, they were trying to rescue them from the swarm's attack.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to know what might happen to them. He needed to get back to the tomb as soon as possible. He felt like he had lost too much blood.

From Yan Min's territory to the dumb insect's base, it would only take a normal insect less than an hour to travel. However, because Chu Yunsheng was injured, It almost took him there hours to crawl back to the dumb insect's creep area.

When he finally got into the tomb, he only got a chance to send out a simple message before he passed out.

" Dumb Insect, help... me..." Chu Yunsheng said, then collapsed on the ground.

The dumb insect didn't know what happened to Chu Yunsheng, it panicked when it saw there was a big hole on the side of Chu Yunsheng's body.

" no...." It was running back and forth in the tomb grabbing any energy tubes it could find and inserted them into Chu Yunsheng's body. It was so worried that it forgot that it could actually control the tomb to do it.

The dumb insect didn't have any repairing tombs at the moment, so it was using the most primitive method trying to save Chu Yunsheng.

" please don't die... please don't die...." It constantly murmured while holding the crying baby on the side and nervously watching Chu Yunsheng's body trying to recover itself.


The glimmer of light in the sky gradually faded out, and the earth once again fell into complete dark darkness.

In a tomb outside fragrant river city, the baby had already stopped crying. Both exhaustion and hunger made baby fell into a deep coma.

However, the dumb insect didn't realize that. It was still watching the meatball that Chu Yunsheng was in absentmindedly while kept murmuring the same words repeatedly.

The dumb insect didn't know how to save Chu Yunsheng. But it knew that the meatball the tomb produced was a good thing. So seeing Chu Yunsheng still didn't get better after the energy was injected into his body, it started to use meatball to wrap Chu Yunsheng inside.

Suddenly, the meatball began to beat like a human heart, and the dumb insect instantly came back from the state of trance. To it, this was probably the most beautiful scenery in this world.

It began to use the scary smiley face that it learned from Chu Yunsheng to express its happiness.

It was so happy that it raised its claws all of sudden, but as if it was scared that it was going to hurt the baby who was still in its claws, it slowly put down its claws.

It was confused and worried at the same time when it found out that the baby didn't see to react to its movement anymore.

It looked at the baby for a while and then looked at the meatball that Chu Yunsheng was in, and then as if it finally decided one thing, it ordered the tomb to deliver another soft and tender tube.

Chu Yunsheng still hasn't woke up from the coma yet. But his body began to slowly recover itself inside the meatball. The broken shells and injured muscles near the wound have already grown back. The fierce fire energy was circulating everywhere inside his body repeatedly, sometimes it was very comfortable but sometimes it was extremely painful.

In fact, it was a miracle that Chu Yunsheng was able to survive. Not a single red shell insect would be able to survive when there was a big hole on the side of their body, let alone there were also many wounds all around his body.

It was also the reason why the dumb insect was so worried and why it used all the tomb resources trying to save Chu Yunsheng.

But when Chu Yunsheng finally woke up from the coma, he noticed that the recovery had gone out of the control.

There were too many tubes that were constantly delivering the energy, culture fluid, and many kinds strange unknown liquid into the meatball that he was in.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly felt that his body began to mutate uncontrollably. He wanted to ask for the dumb insect to stop everything. However, he could contact the dumb insect.

Moreover, the more he struggled, the faster the tubes would deliver all kinds of liquid into the meatball.

In the end, he just stopped moving and watched many parts of his body began to grow in a strange direction and mutate.

He really wished the dumb insect could stop tubes to deliver strange liquid, however, he didn't realize that the dumb insect was busy doing some other stuff.

Although The simple-minded dumb insect didn't watch Chu Yunsheng's recovery progress, it could clearly feel that Chu Yunsheng's life signal was getting more and more powerful. It naively believed that it did a correct thing. That was why it was happily doing something else without any worries at the moment.


The hazy shimmer slowly appeared in the sky outside the tomb again.

Chu Yunsheng had been tortured by the mutation process for the entire evening. Although he was in the meatball, he was so tired that he didn't even want to open his eyes to check his new body now.

A few hours later.

The dumb insect finally crawled down from the top of the tomb and looked at the meatball. Through the transparent surface of the meatball, Chu Yunsheng was glaring at the dumb insect.

The dumb insect was confused at first, but then it was truly happy to see Chu Yunsheng was fully recovered.

" Almost... almost..." it sent the signal to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was exhausted spiritually, he did not even have any spare energy to compile a message to send to the dumb insect. So it just glared at the dumb insect did not say anything. Only until now did the dumb insect realized that it might have done something wrong. It was scared to look into Chu Yunsheng's eyes, so it quickly crawled back to the top of the tomb again and hid itself in the top of the tomb.

When it got to the midday, all the recovery process finally stopped. Chu Yunsheng took a rest for a few minutes before he broke open the meatball. When he dropped on the ground, he immediately raised his head and shouted at the top of the tomb.

"Dumb insect, get your ass down here. Tell me what you have done to my body!"

The dumb insect's body suddenly trembled a little bit. But it did not respond to Chu Yunsheng.

"Let me see how long you can....." just when he was about to crawl up to the tomb, he was surprised to see that his left claw was still there. However, his right claw was replaced with a sharp body part like a bayonet.

He hurriedly turned his head to glance at other parts of his body, then he noticed that his body became much smaller now.

Not only that, his body was also totally changed.

There were many green shell's hooks grown onto his four sharp legs. His shell was also turned into a golden color like a golden shell insect. What was more surprising was that there were even 4 pairs of wings grown on the back of his body, if he did not need to use those wings, he could retract them under his golden shell.

Luckily the part of the shell where the monster seal talisman was still there. So he was relieved.

But what exactly happened to his body?

Did he just become a red shell, a golden shell, and a green shell insect all at once?

Chu Yunsheng could not tell if he had other insect's ability or not. When he just opened his mouth wanting to test if he could breathe fire. A long steady stream of fire dragon instantly burst out of his mouth.

Holy shit! Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

When he finally came back from the shock, he began to flap his wings and slowly ascend higher and higher in the tomb.

"I am sorry..." the dumb insect did not dare to face Chu Yunsheng, it just hid its head in a strange tube did not want to come out.

Chu Yunsheng was not used to have wings, so he flew straight into the side of the wall.

And when he finally got down from the wall, he said:"Okay, you can come out now, I am not angry. " Chu Yunsheng walked toward the dumb insect and said to its back.

The dumb insect slowly moved out but did not dare to look at Chu Yunsheng. Only after a moment of silence did it finally said hesitantly:" Yan Min sent an insect to pass a message that Shāng will arrive soon!"