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Chapter 333 you want to rebel against me?

 Chapter 333 you want to rebel against me?

"It must be nearby!" The man who rushed in said sternly.

"Boss, your strength has increased again! How did you solve that octopus monster so quickly?" a woman said with envy.

"The monster was injured, its wound was exactly like Xiao Zhang's injury. So I am sure that that insect is nearby." the man said with certainty.

"It attacked an octopus monster?" another voice was surprised.

"huh! No matter it is a human or an insect, if master wants it to die, it has to die!" A man snorted coldly.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he stayed motionlessly did not dare to move at all! He was too close to them, and this building was full of powerful awakenings. If it weren't the energy fluctuation from the last person who ran past him, he would not be able to notice anyone inside this building.

There were at least four people that were as powerful as Dark Warrior King, the last one who came into the building was even more powerful than Dark Warrior King.

If he did not have the red light beam ability, any one of those people could easily kill him.

Especially the last person, Chu Yunsheng believed that if he makes any sound, he would immediately notice him.

Moreover, This group was clearly here for him. All the features they described matches his body. So he needed to leave this place as soon as possible!

However, Chu Yunsheng forgot that there was still a baby in his back, and probably because it was hungry. It suddenly let out a cry.

" Who is there!" Two people instantly shouted out and charged out at the same time.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he could hide himself any longer. His ability was not invisible. When people look carefully, they could still see him

"It's an insect! ... kill!" as a man shouted, a light suddenly shot out from the house.


The blade that was wrapped around by a violent energy landed behind Chu Yunsheng and blew up a big crater. Chu Yunsheng used his jet ability and jumping ability to dodge the attack and leap a dozen meters away.

" stop it!"

The strongest man who was carrying a long sword, jumped out from the window and stepped on the rocks that were blown up by the explosion to chase Chu Yunsheng in the air.


At the same time, A loud motorcycle sound broke through an entire window and jumped out of the small building. While the motorbike was in the air, the woman on the top of it was firing a sniper rifle continuously. She only used her thighs to control the bike!

Powerful bullets flew through the cloud of debris and heading straight to Chu Yunsheng fast one after another.

Her aim was scarily accurate. Not only did she hit Chu Yunsheng, all her bullets hit at the exact same spot on Chu Yunsheng's shell.

In just a few bullets, Chu Yunsheng's second form's shell was penetrated by the bullet.

The acute pain made Chu Yunsheng let out a short grunt. Despite the bullet almost hit the baby in his shell, Chu Yunsheng didn't have time or energy to take care of the kid.

Many attacks were thrown at Chu Yunsheng from behind constantly. He couldn't stop dodging for a single second.

"All the Shu Shi keep attacking, all the Shu Jiang surround it." The most powerful man shouted as he landed In front Chu Yunsheng. At the same time, He stabbed his sword into the concrete ground and then pulled up the entire concrete floor to stop Chu Yunsheng from running away.

Four of the people behind Chu Yunsheng immediately took out four talismans to cast onto themselves and then spread out when they heard the order. Instantly, their moving speed was doubled.

Chu Yunsheng felt like he was trapped in a dead zone. No matter where he went, there would always be people around him.

He didn't even have time to think about why those people also had talismans, and why they knew how to use it. He needed to put one hundred percent of his focus onto this battle.

Luckily, those people probably didn't realize it was Chu Yunsheng. So they didn't use their strongest attack first. Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity and used his jet ability to stop himself all of sudden, then he immediately turned around and started to run back.

" It is that insect, there is a crack on its head! Be Careful, its claws and legs are poisonous." the people behind Chu Yunsheng shouted when they saw the crack on Chu Yunsheng's head as he turned around.

However, it was too late, 12 Shu Shi couldn't stop themselves like Chu Yunsheng, so all of them clashed into Chu Yunsheng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!....

After several strong collision sounds, and several sword swings. Chu Yunsheng finally broke out of the encirclement after killing one of them.

However, he lost one of his claws and there were three swords stabbed onto this back.

He immediately ran into the building that was nearest to him and used his camouflage ability while quickly broke out of the building from the other side.

Chu Yunsheng ran into any holes and any buildings he could find trying to get rid of the people who were chasing him.

Those who were chasing closely behind him were constantly shouting at each other trying to inform others about Chu Yunsheng's location.

Those who were chasing Chu Yunsheng thought that they had everything under the control, and Chu Yunsheng couldn't get away from them this time. However, they didn't realize because of all sorts of noise they created, many monsters woke up from sleep inside the city.

As Chu Yunsheng kept running, he disturbed more and more refugees and monsters. The entire city was getting louder and louder as if the whole city was woken up.


But this was exactly what Chu Yunsheng wanted, he needed monsters to stop them. The more noises he cratered the more monster would come out. Although those monsters were not actually his comrades, they might attack him as well, comparing to the large group of awakenings humans, he believed that those monsters would be more likely to attack humans.

As he expected, the most powerful man and the four people who were as powerful as Dark warriors king were slowed down by a giant tentacle monster.

There were only a few people were chasing behind him.

However, Chu Yunsheng was still heavily injured during the escape, he didn't dare to lead the rest of people to the dumb insect. The dumb insect didn't have the ability to save him. So he was heading towards Yan Min's creep area.

He had already given up the idea to attack the rest of people. Not only he was not sure that when the most powerful man in their group would catch up, he was not sure that he would be able to kill anyone of those people that were chasing him.

Just take the woman who was riding the motorbike as an example, her aim was so accurate that the most of the wound on Chu Yunsheng's body was made by her.

He was bleeding a lot, despite that he still couldn't stop.

Puff..... Boom!

After another explosion, Chu Yunsheng was blown up. Then Chu Yunsheng saw the hope.

It was a group of green shell insects.

Seeing humans dared to invade their territory, they immediately dived down at those humans even without Chu Yunsheng telling them what to do.

"Let's Go!' finally 11 people decided to give up chasing Chu Yunsheng. They immediately formed a strange battle formation while quickly retreated.

Of course, those insects would not let them go away easily. While some of the green shelled insects dived down at them, one of the biggest green shelled insect screeched out loud calling more Insect to chase them.

Instantly, those hunters became preys, and now it was their turn to run for their lives

Chu Yunsheng was exhausted, he instinctively got into the creep area trying to find a tomb to repair himself, however, he didn't expect that he was immediately surrounded by a swarm.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Then he heard baby cried again. He immediately realized where the problem was.

Seeing the swarm was getting closer and closer to him, he roared as loud as he could:" I am a fucking Min, you all want to rebel against me?'