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Chapter 332 a quirk of fate

 Chapter 332 a quirk of fate

"Waa...Waa..." baby's crying was loud and clear as if the whole world left with only one sound.

"Dumb ....insect,.... no,... don't......." Chu Yunsheng was shouting in his mind.


The time seemed to have stopped, the dumb insect's claw was only 10 centimeters away from the baby's tender face.

"Dumb.... insect,.... no, come.... back...." Chu Yunsheng could not make any sound, the acute pain in his body made him could not even compile a single message.

The claw began to fall until it reached the baby's mouth.

"Dumb... insect,... please... NO!...." at that moment, he closed his eyes. He couldn't accept that the dumb insect who he trusted the most was going to kill an innocent baby. It was a hundred times harder than accepting his own death.

It was like what the dumb insect was going to kill was not a human baby, but his dying soul.

The baby's cry finally stopped.

The world once again returned to dead silence.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to open his eyes. He didn't know how to face the dumb insect anymore. He didn't even know how to face himself.

Is he really a human or is he an insect?!

His body was filled with burning fire elemental energy, however, he felt extremely cold.

He could accept that elder purple killed Humans before, because it was controlled by Min. But he thought the dumb insect was different, because It had its own consciousness!

If it killed the baby, then what difference does having a consciousness make?

Chu Yunsheng's mind was in turmoil. As if the last piece of pure land in his soul was destroyed, the only meaning of living as an insect he had was also lost, and only the death could save him.

Suddenly he heard baby's noise again, this time was gurgling noise.

Chu Yunsheng instantly opened his eyes and looked at the dumb insect.

The claw was still above the baby's mouth. But the baby was using its tiny mouth sucking the tip of its claw and making the gurgling sound.

Probably the baby was hungry, despite the water on the dumb insects's claw was very dirty, it was sucking it satisfiedly. There was even a faint smile on its face.

Looking at the baby's smiling face, the dumb insect suddenly shook a little. It felt like something suddenly went into its soul.

In the next second, it turned around, peeped at the top of the tomb nervously then did something that totally surprised Chu Yunsheng.

It gently pinched up the baby and carefully hid in the gap between its shell. It pretended to search the area before crawled back to the tomb.


While it was on the way back to the tomb, Chu Yunsheng's transformation progress also came to the end. Chu Yunsheng slowly moved down from the top of the tomb and waited quietly for the dumb insect. It had so many questions.

But as if the dumb insect deliberately tried to avoid Chu Yunsheng, when it just came into the tomb through the tube at the bottom, it immediately ran into a remote corner trying to hide.

" You....." Chu Yunsheng tried to stop it. But he didn't expect his words startled the dumb Insect.

" I... I... didn't do anything, I didn't hide anything!" The dumb insect replied nervously. At the same time, it tied to use its claw to cover the gap in between its shells.

"You..." Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask it questions. But he was immediately interrupted by the dumb insect again.

" I..... I think... I am injured. I need to heal myself." The dumb insect quickly looked around and said.

"You..." Chu Yunsheng was speechless by its action.

This time the dumb insect didn't even attempt to talk to him. It just quickly ran into a tube.

"Waa..." a loud baby's cry rang out in the quiet tomb.

" Dumb insect!"

" I.... I ... didn't hear anything." The dumb Insect popped its head out and said to Chu Yunsheng.

"get out there!" Chu Yunsheng raised its voice.

" Wait.... I need to heal myself. I am injured." The dumb insect said quietly and refused to come out.

"I saw everything! Stop hiding it." Chu Yunsheng said.

The dumb insect suddenly stopped moving. " You saw it.... I..." it was scared.

" Yes, come out, I have questions need to ask you. " Chu Yunsheng said.

" Are you.... Are you going to kill it?" The dumb insect was visibly sad.

" No." Chu Yunsheng was stunned. Is it still an insect that hates human? Why would it worry about a human baby?

" Really!" the dumb insect raised its head in surprise.

" When did I lie to you?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

" But it is a human." The dumb insect hesitated.

" I know, it is also an abnormality." Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

:" No. It's not...." The Dumb Insect hurriedly replied. Although it denied it, its reaction already betrayed it. After all, it didn't know how to lie.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. He didn't want to point out that it was lying. Besides, it is an abnormality or not, it didn't really matter that much at this point.

" I promise that I won't hurt it. " Chu Yunsheng said.

The dumb insect had no choice, but slowly crawled out of the tube and took out the baby.

Its claw was still bent when it took the baby out. It seemed like if Chu Yunsheng dared to do anything, it definitely would take the baby away.

" Dumb insect, it's a human, but we are insects. What are you going to do with it?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the baby and said.

" I, I don't know." the dumb insect thought for a second and said.

" Why.... Why didn't you kill it..." Chu Yunsheng hesitated for a second, but eventually still asked the question.

"I don't know." The dumb insect answered nervously.

Chu Yunsheng sighed. :" I'll find a way to send it back to humans."

The dumb Insect instantly opened its mouth. It seemed like it wanted to say something. But when it saw Chu Yunsheng was looking at it, it was scared.

" You want to raise it!!!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly blurted it out in shock.

The dumb insect was startled by Chu Yunsheng's reaction again, so it immediately tried to cover it. "...I....i...i..." however, it couldn't think of any excuse.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why the dumb Insect would want to raise a human baby. It even though of something Chu Yunsheng himself didn't dare to imagine.

From the first day he met the Dumb insect, Everything about it was mysterious. But this, this was beyond mysterious. It was just like the god trying to tell a bad joke.

" Dumb insect, it is different to us. We can't raise it. It will die. do you understand?" Chu Yunsheng patiently explained.

" I understand..." the dumb insect never doubted Chu Yunsheng's intelligence. It always had an inexplicable inferiority feeling in front of Chu Yunsheng.

" Then, hand it to me. You need to focus on repairing the tomb, and breed another tomb breeder as soon as possible." Chu Yunsheng said while putting the baby in the gap between his shells.

Looking at the baby was being taken away, the dumb insect was upset as if it lost something important to it.

Chu Yunsheng hopped off a tube and quickly got out of creep area. He wanted to find a refugees group in fragrant River city and handed the baby over.

The energy form four tentacle monsters were just enough for the tomb to breed one tomb breeder. But once they set up another tomb, then the speed of breeding insects and the speed of gathering energy would be increased tremendously.

Then, they would set up the third tomb, fourth...... if he could set up ten tombs, Chu Yunsheng believed that even if he didn't have any combat insects, no one would dare to test it out.

Chu Yunsheng's body size was twice as big as before. His speed also increased a lot. So when he was running at full speed, there was only a red shadow moving quickly towards fragrant River city in the dim light.


Fragrant River city was once known as the land of fish and rice. It was a city rich in foods. That was also the reason why that many refugees came here.

Chu Yunsheng was scared to encounter the tentacle monster again, so when he got to the edge of fragrant River City, he stopped using the fire elemental energy and began to use his camouflage ability.

This ability made him traveling inside the unguarded city like a ghost.

As he was searching buildings by buildings, suddenly he heard someone whispering in the dark. When he was about to approach the place where the voice came from, a man suddenly ran past him. The intense energy fluctuation caused by the man was as strong as the energy fluctuation caused by a Dark Warrior King! It might even be more powerful.

" Mission from Shu Zhu(TL: Master). Do not fail it! .... It has a crack on its head..... move out now!"