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Chapter 330 Human Screams

 Chapter 330 Human Screams

The last glimmer of light in the sky finally disappeared in the dark sky, and Chu Yunsheng's vision restored to a reddish hue.

"Dumb insect, is it done?" Chu Yunsheng quietly waited for a day. Perhaps He had been alone for a long time, so even if it was just one day without talking to the dumb insect, his irritated feeling was getting stronger.


What answered him was a meaningless noise that came from the newly formed giant tomb.

"Is everything alright? Dumb Insect?" Chu Yunsheng approached the tomb with worries.


What answered him was still white noises.

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank and just when he wanted to crawl into the tomb to check if the dumb insect was alright. He finally received a reply.

"I'm ...alright" the dumb insect replied.

" Alright? Do you still remember who you are?" Chu Yunsheng was not sure about the whole set up process. He was worried that the tomb might inject something else into its mind and made it forget who it was.

" Yes, I remember.. but..." the dumb insect replied, However, it seemed to hesitate.

" But what?" Chu Yunsheng's heart dropped.

" I think I become smarter now?! " The dumb insect replied with uncertainty.

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Normally, when people who claimed they are really smart, they are actually not very bright. But there was one thing that he was sure of. The dumb insect's message became smooth now.

" I think, I think, I am really smart now. My mind suddenly becomes very big." Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't respond its message, the dumb insect said in a serious tone again.

" Okay, okay. How is it? Did you find any information about the book of insect?" Chu Yunsheng sent a message out again. At the same time, he tried to climb up from some big tubes on the side of the wall.

When Chu Yunsheng was talking to Yan Min, he remembered that it talked about the book of insect. Although he didn't know why Yan Min would mistake him for a Min. He wanted to find out more information about the book of insect. Otherwise, he didn't think he would be able to stay near Yan Min's territory very long.

" What? What is the book of insect?" the dumb insect was confused.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Why Yan Min knew about it but the dumb insect didn't know? " I also don't know. Where are you now? Why I can't see you?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and changed the subject.

"Here, here!" this time was not a signal. The dumb insect chirped.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and followed the sound. Soon, he saw the dumb insect was hanging in the air by a long tube, it was swinging back and forth like a naughty child playing on a swing.

" Come down, we need to hurry up making the worker worms. " Chu Yunsheng felt anxious.

In the afternoon, he began to regret the decision of setting up the first giant tomb base near fragrant river city.

The tragic death of five insects made him couldn't think anything straight. While he mind was in a state of trance, the hate toward the bow woman and the fear towards Yan Min in his subconscious, made him choose a location far away from Yan Min's creep but near Hong Kong.

When he realized he shouldn't set up his base there, it was already too late.

Far away from Yan Min's territory meant that they wouldn't be able to get support on time; near Hong Kong was an even worse decision. Because many survivors including powerful awakenings would across the sea to look for food. So their location would be easily exposed.

But the tomb had already completed, its root had already gone deep into the ground. He didn't think that Yan Min would give him another tomb breeder, since the last one already cost Yan Min a lot of resources.

So he needed to find a way to speed up his base construction.

He was just a red shell insect that had not even reached its second form yet. With the dumb Insect and a single tomb, they couldn't form a swarm in a short amount of time.

:" But the tomb suggested that we should make some... some combat insects first." The dumb insect was confused.

" One or two insects won't make any difference. Our situation is not very good. So we need to take an extreme measure. Making worker worms first, and hatch as many of them as possible. Then we need to hatch a second tomb breeder. As long as we have more tombs, no one would want to take the risk to test out our strength." Chu Yunsheng explained.

" Okay, I'll listen to you." Although the dumb insect felt it was smarter than before, it still relied on Chu Yunsheng. Besides, it still felt Chu Yunsheng was smarter than it.

Soon, under the dumb insect's control, many meatballs appeared at the bottom of the tomb

The tomb used all its remaining resources to breed as many worker worms as possible.

According to Chu Yunsheng's experience in the yellow mountain area, a worker worm's hatching time would take about 12 hours. It is one-sixth of the red shell insect's hatching time.

So as long as he and the dumb insect were able to survive the first evening, then they would not have any problem in the future.

This night seemed to be extremely long. Chu Yunsheng went outside of the tomb watching out surroundings carefully on the top of a hill.

He often looked at the direction of the coastline with fear. He feared a group of awakenings would appear.


Seeing a glimmer of light slowly appeared in the sky, Chu Yunsheng, who had been on the high alert for a whole night let out a sigh of relief. Just a little longer, the worker worm would be hatched.

However, the strange thing was that there had been no movement along the coastline. But from fragrant river City, suddenly came the blood-curdling screams of humans. In the quiet dark world, it was loud and clear!

Chu Yunsheng's heart dropped. He quickly ran towards another hill behind the tomb. Gazing afar, he saw a group of blurry figures. They were holding fire torches and heading straight towards his tomb.

There was also something big moving behind them.

Because it was still quite far from him, Chu Yunsheng couldn't tell exactly what kind of monster they were. He quickly moved back to the tomb and urged the dumb Insect. :" Dumb insect, is worker worms ready?"

" Almost ready." The dumb insect answered honestly.

Then they heard another human scream.


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