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Chapter 328 Evil Bow Howling Cloud

 Chapter 328 Evil Bow Howling Cloud.

On the far horizon, a faint line of hazy shimmer slowly appeared and raised higher and higher as if a giant was trying to push up a heavy black drape.

In Chu Yunsheng's red eyes, the hazy shimmer was as colorful as a rainbow. However, a hazy shimmer was still a hazy shimmer, it didn't get any brighter since it appeared the first time.

When would the bright sunlight shed on earth again? Chu Yunsheng sighed.

In the col between two mountains a hundred meters behind him, a huge strange shaped organism was constantly shrinking and expanding.

The dumb insect was merged with the tomb breeder, and Chu Yunsheng was their only protection at the moment.

Actually, they didn't need any protection at all. Within a few kilometers in radius, he had already searched thoroughly. Except for a few abandoned villages, dead bodies, and some of the most resilient creatures on earth were still struggling to survive, nothing else was there.

In Fragrant River city and Macau which were still a distance from them, there seemed to have human movement. It seemed like people began to come out of their hideouts searching for food after the main force of insects was pulled away...


Hong Kong joint command center.

" General Wu, please ordered Ke Qianer to stop provoking the insect!" Huo Jiashan slammed the report he had onto the desk and said sternly.

" Chief Huo, you know that the disciples of Chu Clan are not my subordinates. Even though I know Qianer's father, she won't listen to him. I think you may be able to persuade them, since many disciples are from Hong Kong."

" She is risking everyone's life in this city! The insect has already retreated, but she still sent people out to provoke the insect. What the fuck is she thinking! " Huo Jiashan shouted with his hoarse voice.

" That's not what we are here for today. We are here to discuss why the insect wanted to negotiate. " Wu Fanghou intentionally changed the subject.

"You!..." Huo Jiashan was about to shout again. However, he was immediately stopped by Chief Liang Xingdong who was quiet from the beginning.

:"Enough! We will deal with that later. Let's focus on the topic first. We need to find out what exactly the insect was thinking, then make a plan accordingly. We can't afford another mistake now." Liang Xingdong said with a livid face.

" How are we going to find out? The only time when we could find it out was ruined by that stupid woman! Letting those insects go was just a beginning. Since they had already offered a chance of negotiation. We can use this chance to find out exactly where their commander center is and how they command their swarms... but now? Huh! " Huo Jiashan snorted.

Liang Xingdong sighed helplessly. Huo Jiashan was right. But he couldn't just let them keep arguing. They needed to discuss a plan. Not to keep blaming each other.

Fang Wuhou's face instantly dropped:" I said it already. Indeed, what Qianer did yesterday was not inappropriate. But she has reasons, and because it is related to the top secret of Chu Clan, so I can't disclose it. However, I can tell you that the pain she suffered is absolutely beyond what you and I can imagine! "

"Huh! Top-secret!? It may be a secret to the people outside this conference Room. But here? Who hasn't seen the investigation reports about the number of people who went "missing" after she arrested them? She is getting more and more ruthless and cruel, and you are still trying to cover her ass! Sooner or later she will get us all killed!" Huo Jiashan sneered.

Fang Wuhou slammed his hand on the table and said coldly:" Huo Jiashan! You really think you knew everything? Yes, she did arrest many people, and when we were at Wu Yang city, I even personally helped her to arrest those people? Investigation reports! Huh! ...."

Liang Xingdong immediately stood up and said:" Elder Wu, calm down, you are very old now, it is not good for you to get angry. Besides, we are friends for many years now. Don't be like that. Elder Huo, you are the same. We are here to discuss solutions, so stop blaming each other. Okay.... Let's just calm down and discuss it slowly...."

However, Wu Fanghou didn't calm down at all. He still shouted:" elder Liang, don't stop me. I have to explain this clearly today. Otherwise, they would think that only they are good people!"

Huo Jiashan also didn't back down:" I am listening! Let me see what kind of bullshit excuse you are going to give me!"

Wu Fanghou looked at his guard and said:" Xiao Yang, go to my office and bring the small safe I kept..."


A few minutes later.

Wu Fanghou opened the Safe with his trembling hands and took out a notebook and a pile of photos and certificates... he laid them out on the table and said coldly. "Take a look yourself. This is what she gave to me. Huo Jiashan, the reports you had didn't state shit!

During the final battle in Wu Yang city. All you did were hiding in Hong Kong, you didn't even supply us with anything. What do you know about the insect!

How many times we sent out people to ask you to help us, but not once you did anything!

Do you know what it looks like when the insect broke our defence line? !

Do you know what it looks like when they slaughtered us like animals?!

Do you know what it looks like when all the parents in Wu Yang gave their only surviving opportunity to their kids and stayed behind to slow down the swarm?!

Do you know what it looks like when many kids were crying and asking for their parents, but what answered them was insects' roars and their parent's painful screams!?.....

No ! You don't know! None of you know. Because all you know is hiding!

We stepped on our brothers' bodies to break out of the swarm to reach here!

I can still see their dying faces in my dreams..."

Tears constantly ran down from Wu Fanghou's face as he asked questions after questions. However, he still carried on.:"

Qianer was originally in Hong Kong. It was me who begged her to help us. She told me that in order to break into the swarm to save the people who trapped inside, she would need to fuse her life signal with the bow.

But because the bow is very powerful, it may cause her to lose her soul...

She didn't tell anyone about this thing apart from me. She didn't even tell the master Fang who is her only family member.

Take a look at those comments in the certificates. She was a kind-hearted girl.... She didn't even dare to kill an ant. But in that day, she broke into the encirclement and saved many soldiers' lives.

She asked me to keep those documents for her, because she is scared that she will forget who she really is. She is scared that she will become a devil.

Huo Jiashan, do you know any of those?! All of you cowards, who gave you the right to condemn her!

Yes, I know that she became less stable now, and she is slowly losing her mind. But do you know her pain?

Do you know her struggles?

Despite that, has she ever stopped fighting at the front line once?

The reason why she was looking for those people who had a slight relation to the bow was that she just wanted to find out how to control the bow.

However, she failed, even until today, she still couldn't find any solutions!

She had sacrificed herself to save people. But now you want to condemn her actions?

She even persuaded master Fan to teach your scientists how to process poisonous insects' meat.

Where do you think your energy practitioners got the method to increase their power? It was her secretly taught them without master Fan's permission.

Did she ask for anything in return? No! She just wants that bow. Doesn't she deserve that bow?"

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