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Chapter 327 Become a Min

 Chapter 327 Become a Min

The dumb insect was scared of three things. It was scared of leaving Min, it was also scared of other insects finding out that its differences, and lastly it was scared to be scolded by Chu Yunsheng.

Amongst those three, the first fear already became a fact, it couldn't be changed. After it reunited with Chu Yunsheng and grouped up with Elder Purple, it was no longer worried about its second fear. But the last fear, it was the fear that it worried the most. It often worried about if it had done something wrong, then Chu Yunsheng would scold it.

So when Chu Yunsheng's tone suddenly became harsh, it immediately stopped talking and dawdled slowly and reluctantly towards the quiet tomb breeder. It stopped when it near the tomb breeder and peeked at Chu Yunsheng several times hoping he would change his decision.

" Hurry up." the dumb insect's innocent behavior made Chu Yunsheng cracked a smile in Chu Yunsheng's heart. He was doing it for its own good, but the dumb insect acted like he was going to kill him.

However, the dumb insects's next question caught him completely off guard. ".... Are leave..... me?.... ... not...want... me....anymore?...."

Chu Yunsheng's body suddenly trembled. He looked at the dumb insect didn't believe that it would ask this question.

"Dumb insect, you know that in this world, there are a lot of things we have no control over... there are things you don't know, and I'll tell you in the future. You will be able to understand it at that time." Chu Yunsheng said helplessly.

"...I ... do ... not... understand... It...." The dumb insect felt lost.

" That's why you need to become a Min, you will understand it when you become a Min. Don't worry...." Chu Yunsheng gazed at the skyscraper in the distance and said.

" Really?.... Am... I.... Going... to ... understand.... Everything..... you... said?..." The dumb insects's attention was quickly shifted away by Chu Yunsheng's topic.


"Yes, Dumb Insect, you will also be able to talk like me." Chu Yunsheng felt like he was coaxing a kid.

"...i.... Believe... you...!" the dumb insect suddenly opened its mouth and made a scary smile like Chu Yunsheng. It secretly studied this "behavior" for a long time, it knew that when Chu Yunsheng was happy, he would usually do this.

"Then, go do it! " Chu Yunsheng looked at it and said.


Location: A quiet room in a luxury mansion in Hong Kong

Ke Qianer sat cross-legged in front of a bow with her eyes closed.

A moment later, she opened her eyes and murmured:" why? It just an insect, why would you rather choose an insect? Why don't you want me? "

"You are mine! Whether it is a human or an insect, no one can take you away from me!" Ke Qianer suddenly stood up. Her tall and slender shadow was unfurled, stretched all of sudden in the flickering light cast by the candles in the room as if it was a hideous devil. "Song Mi, come in!" she said coldly.

"Yes, Master. " Immediately from outside the door walked in a man with a grim face and a pair of dashing eyebrows. His long hair was tied up behind the standard Chu Clan's battle suit that he was wearing. The man was constantly emitting in a cold and imposing aura.

"Song Mi, the red shell insect that escaped, do you still remember what it looks like?" Ke Qianer was still stroking the bow while she asked the question.

"That insect had many cracks on its shell. The one on its head is the biggest!" Song Mi said sternly.

"Okay! From today, you only have one mission. You personally take four skilled Su Jiang(1), and twelve Su Shi with you to assassinate that red shell insect!" Ke Qianer said sternly.

"Yes, master! " Song Mi responded.

"If you have any difficulties, let me know as soon as possible." Ke Qianer said.

"Yes, master. "

"you can leave now." Ke Qianer said. Just when the man turned around she suddenly said:" Regarding the settlement of the dead disciples' family, the general administration department has not come to a conclusion yet. So we don't need to wait for them. Before you leave, give them three times the supply we give to our disciples and tell their family that they can choose one person to join our clan. They will continue to receive the benefit as the family of a disciple."


Location: an apartment in another place of Hong Kong.

"Taidou is back", "Taidou is back", "Taidou is back", .....

At the corner squatted a group of people, when they saw a young man stepped in the door from outside, they all stood up. They all had very solicitous smiles on their faces.

"Uncle, uncle .... I am alright. But it is not safe recently, so please stay at home as much as you can. "

"Ok" "ok" "we will listen to you" .....

"Where is my father?" Lee Taidou glanced around, did not see his father. He usually stayed in the hall for the most of time.

"In the study room, some.... Someone came to introduce some girl to.... Taidou, actually.... "

"Uncle, please don't..." Lee Taidou quickly ran away to his room.

When he passed by the study room, he suddenly heard someone talking:" Lao Lee, you can really see through everything. Who would have known that a strange bow would become the most important treasure of Chu Clan! They even call the bow 'Howling Cloud' "

Lee Taidou instantly stopped, everyone in Hong Kong knew about the bow, but no one actually knew that it had a name. This was also the first time that Lee Taidou heard it.

He was also confused. if his father knew something about the bow, why didn't he tell him anything about the bow?

" It has already passed, we both have missed it. You have to admit that we both are old now... " Lee Hongchi said.

"Sigh. at that time, if you bought that bow, probably..... " the other sighed.

Lee Taidou was shocked, he could not let them carried on talking like this. As a senior energy practitioner, he had heard people inside his department talking about a lot of people were arrested in secret, because they had some relations to the bow. Although he did not know what it was exactly, it was definitely not a good thing.

"Cough! Cough! Father, I am home! " Lee Taidou immediately interrupted.

"Oh, Taidou, I am your uncle Sun, I have seen you once when you were still very young. You are a big man now... hmm... my little daug..." the Sun person was smiling at Lee Taidou while talking.

"Hello, uncle Sun, I need to speak my father for ...." Lee Taidou knew where he was going to say, so he interrupted him again.

"Oh... okay, Lao Lee", I think I have stayed long enough, I also need to leave now. Please consider the things we discussed earlier. Taidou, if you are free, you can also come to my house and visit us....." the Sun person politely said and then leave the room.


"The reason why I did not tell you is that I did not want to cause any troubles to you. Besides, it has already passed. We don't have that kind of luck..." Lee Hongchi sighed.

"Father, I know this has already passed, but please don't mention it to anyone again. I have heard....." Lee Taidou began to tell his father everything he heard from his department.

Lee Hongchi did not respond to his son immediately after his son fished talking. "Taidou, if what you said is real, it is too late now. They probably already on to us. " he sighed after a long silence.

"Father!... " Lee Taidou instantly stood up in shock.

"Sit and listen to me. She definitely has had my background checked when the auction finished that day. So they definitely knew who I am. I think there are probably two main reasons why they have not arrested me yet. The first reason was that you are A ranking energy practitioner and your colleagues, friends, and comrades in the department would make them think twice before arresting me. The second reason is that it probably it is not the time to arrest me just yet. " Lee Hongchi said slowly.

Lee Taidou knitted his brows while listening to his father. His father was right, with Chu Clan's power in Hong Kong, they probably already found out everything.

"No. father, it is too dangerous to stay here, we need to leave. " Lee Taidou suddenly lost his composure. When it was about the life and death of his parents. Even if he received years of SDU training, he still panicked.

Lee Hongchi on the other hand, laughed:"leave? We can we go? We are surrounded by insects."

"We can take a boat, we can go to Macau. I have heard from food search teams saying that insects have pulled out from Macau " Lee Taidou immediately said.

Lee Hongchi shook his head and sighed:" we don't know if they will let us leave or not. Let alone dealing with monsters in the sea."

"Listen to me first, Taidou, are you sure that you did not feel anything when you are close to the bow?" Lee Hongchi stopped Lee Taidou who was about to talk and asked.

"Only sometimes, but not strong. Besides, before it unleashed its powerful, it is just an ordinary bow, no one would pay much attention to it." Lee Taidou answered.

"Then, don't worry that much, they will only come for me. If there is anything happened, don't do anything stupid. Think about your mother, and everyone in the family. I am an old man. I don't have many days left. " Lee Hongchi smiled.

"Father!.." Lee Taidou was about to say something, but he was immediately interrupted by his father again.

"If you think I am still your father, then just listen to me this time. Also, don't tell your mother about it. Don't make her worry. I don't owe anyone anything in my entire life except your mother. I have done so many stupid things when I was young. I owe her more than just an apology..... You need to learn from my mistakes, don't make your mother worry, do you understand..." Lee Hongchi said.

"Father...." Lee Taidou hugged his father painfully and said. At that moment, All the estrangements between them vanished, leaving only just love...

---------------------------translator's note-----------------------------

A heads up for some confusing terms. As you can see in this chapter, there is a cultivation system in Chu Clan. the author won't go much into detail about how powerful they are. But there are some hints. Shu Jiang is as powerful as Jing Ling city's Dark Warrior King, some of them are even more powerful than them.

Shu Zhu is the master of the Clan, it is the most powerful person in the clan. Below are the

Chu Clan's structure( from strong to weak).

Shu Zhu(Master)

Shu Jiang(Generals)

Shu Shi (practitioners)

Shu Tu(Apprentices)

All of them are called Chu Clan's disciples.