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Chapter 326 After all, humans and insects are not the same

 Chapter 326 After all, humans and insects are not the same

"Elder purple, little green, little red, Elder Golden, brother worm...." Chu Yunsheng stood in the mountain pass murmured.

" we don't need run away anymore, we have met up with another Min, I have also given it the wood element core, so you can stop worrying that much....."

" I'm sorry that I have been lying to you. I am a human, not an insect...."

"I will find out if Huo Jiashan was telling the truth or not. No matter how powerful that bow is, I'll kill that woman to avenge your death."


"... Tomb.... Breeder... Here..." the dumb insect led a big worm toward Chu Yunsheng and said. It was almost as big as elder golden.

He took a quick glance, noticing that the worm looked very familiar. It took him awhile did he finally remember that it was similar to the pink worm he saw above Luo Guolong's grain depot. (chapter 125)

At that time, he and Ding Yan thought it was the insect's Queen, but he didn't expect that it was a tomb breeder.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng laughed. Although insect's laughed looked very scary, He still laughed. The laughed was full of bitterness and sadness. He had walked a long way trying to escape the apocalypse. However, he just realized that all he did was running around in a circle.

"Let's go Dumb insect!" Chu Yunsheng decided not to look back again and leave with the dumb insect. As they disappeared in the mountain pass, the view of their back gave people a strange desolate and bereft feeling.

Three Insects slowly and quietly climbed over the mountain and crossed over a river heading towards further south. Over there, there was a city called Fragrant River City.

On the way, The dumb Insect suddenly turned around and gazed at the place where they buried five insects and murmured:" ... brothers ..."

Chu Yunsheng's body suddenly trembled. He didn't dare to turn around. Because he knew that the dumb insect was looking at him.

The dumb insect bowed its head down and looked at Chu Yunsheng's back. ".... why... I... feel... uncomfortable... I... really.... miss....them..." it whimpered sorrowfully.

Chu Yunsheng felt like his heart was slashed by every word the dumb Insect said. he slowly turned around and used his claws to stroke the dumb insect's head while gazing into the endless darkness:" Dumb insect, in the future, you will understand that having emotions is not a good thing...."

The dumb insect looked at the place they buried five insects and asked a question that even Chu Yunsheng also could not answer it. :"...will... they.... "

"They will...!" Chu Yunsheng endured the pain in his heart and lightly patted the dumb insect's head then began his journey to the south again.

He felt tired, very very tired. He wanted to leave this grieved land to find his family. He did not want to think any other things or do any other things anymore. However, before that, He still needed to find a way to get back to his original body, then get into the city to kill that woman to avenge his brothers' death.

He did not kill Huo Jiashan who walked into the sea of insects alone, because he believed that the man did not lie. At that time, Huo Jiashan had a better chance to attack him, but he did not do it.

But, he also did not promise anything to Huo Jiashan. He only embraced the bodies his brothers in front of Hu Jiashan, countless soldiers and the energy practitioners of Hong Kong and took them away from those dirty humans' hands.

Since that moment, many Hong Kong people began to remember this red shell insect who was first one willing to negotiate with humans. Its desolated image was like a nail was nailed to their memories...

Before the swarm retreated, Chu Yunsheng had asked Yan Min to pass the last message the Elder purple said through an infested human:" why are humans so mean?"

This message was like the tsunami swept through entire Hong Kong that day...

Comparing to humans, Yan Min pulled out the forces straight away after Chu Yunsheng got the bodies, and only then, did everyone in the city finally believed that the insect was really there to get the bodies.

As a result, numerous rumors and controversies began to appear in Hong Kong, and all of them were pointing to Ke Qianer and Chu Clan's disciples directly. However, because of their powerful forces and their achievements in the bloody battles in Hong Kong, except for a few radicals, nobody dared to openly condemn them.

After the apocalypse, the power of Chu Clan was raised rapidly. They even had a much higher influence than General Administration Department of Hong Kong.

As they became more than more influential, the requirements to be their disciples also became more and more strict. Nowadays, apart from those powerful energy practitioners, there were not many people able to join their clan. The government energy practitioner department became everyone's secondary choices.

Although no one dared to condemn them. But the argument still kept going. People argued from the street to the conference room of General Administration Department demanding solutions.

The whole thing was like a chaotic farce, eventually, people were split into two groups.

The first group supported negotiation, they wanted to arrange for another peaceful negotiation. Of course. In order to regain the insect's trust, sacrifice was needed and Chu Clan's people would need to be executed in front of insects.

The second group supported a war. They argued that the insect had already lost trust in the human race. An open execution was meaningless. Instead of seeking peace. They needed to prepare for the incoming war.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would be able to know all of this. Huo Jiashan had told him that the importance of the woman's clan in Hong Kong. So he knew that the humans in Hong Kong would not give out the woman when they surrounded the city.

He was a human, he knew that humans would not trust Insects like insects would not trust any humans.

After all, humans and insects were different.


" Dumb insect, do you want to become Min?" Chu Yunsheng asked. On the way to the Fragrant River City, he had been thinking. Eventually, he would leave this place and carry on his journey to the north. Although he promised Yan Min that he would extend creep toward the south, he was not an insect.

Moreover, what should he do with the dumb Insect? He didn't know if he would still able to communicate with the dumb insect after he returned to his human body. Even if he was still able to, he still couldn't take the dumb insect with him.

He had lost too much since the dark age began. He didn't want anything to happen to the dumb insect again. Besides, Following him was much more dangerous than staying in the creep area.

The reason why he asked this question was that he accidentally found out that it seemed like the dumb insect was also able to command the tomb breeder. Perhaps it had something to do with his merging ability. When he merged with the dumb insect, perhaps there was something more than just the life were being shared.


"Why? aren't you always envy of Min's intelligence?"

" not....good....enough...."

"I said you are good enough, then you are good enough."


"There is not but, I believe you can do it."

" it.... You..."

" You dumb fuck! You will understand it one day. Just listen to me one more time."


" You will. Don't you want to know what brother means? "

"... I...."

"Go... Let the tomb breeder confirm your identity before it breeds the tomb. Stop bothering me! Go there. Now!"