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Chapter 325 Yan, deploy the swarm!

 Chapter 325 Yan, deploy the swarm!

The grief-stricken mourning reverberated through the desolate hills and ruined city.

The swarm stopped at the edge of the mountain pass, looking silently at Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect.

From loud and miserable roars to grief-stricken mournings, from grief-stricken mournings to bleak and quiet murmur, Chu Yunsheng slowly lost its insect's voice, but the tears still kept running down from his face and he was still trying to gather bits and pieces of his brothers.

"I can't feel their signals anymore. They are good kids. But as a Min, you should know the meaning of their lives" A vigorous voice came from the west and went straight into Chu Yunsheng's mind.

Chu Yunsheng knew that this voice belonged to the Min in this place, but he didn't want to speak, nor did he want to know why it called him "Min". He was at a loss, did not know what to do next. He just wanted to sit alone and sit quietly on the mountain.

He hated the humans in Hong Kong, however, he hated himself even more. He regretted leading them insect the city. Everything was his fault.....


Chu Yunsheng was holding the pieces of organs and sitting silently on the mountain pass. But the dumb insect was still running back and forth trying to find his friends and brothers...

"Why do we need to fight humans, why can't we just have peace? Is it all because of the Abnormality? What kind of hate cannot be forgotten even after thousands of years?" after a long time of silence, Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked Min in a dispirited tone.

Min did not reply to him immediately. It was probably thinking about how to answer Chu Yunsheng's question, or maybe it was busy doing something else. After a while, it sighed" thousands of years? It is more than millions of years! You need to remember that we are just low-rank commanding units on this planet, wait until the first "Shāng" arrived here, you can ask it. "

"Millions of years?...." Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"You have lost your original body and it has weakened your judgment. Since the day we were born, it was already marked on your body. The mission of our race is to eliminate the Abnormality!" Min explained.

"What is the Abnormality, and why do we need to eliminate it?" Chu Yunsheng murmured.

"Maybe 'Shang' knows... until it arrived, we will no longer be fighting on our own, and that day will soon be here. "

"You have a name?" looking at humans inside the city trying to gather their forces and build defense positions hurriedly. Chu Yunsheng emotionless eyes became colder and colder every second.

Suddenly Min's voice became very serious. "According to 《the Book of Insect》, when Min is alone, it does not need a name. But when two or more Mins encounter each other, they can name themselves. So, from now on, my name is Yan Min. "

"Call me Feng!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. Feng means seal. There were a lot of memories, he did not want to remember. he would rather seal them inside his mind forever and never touch them again.

Yan Min was silent for a moment: "Feng, I have noticed the wood element core in your body. You have temporarily lost the ability to take care of it. To ensure that it will be safely handed over to the Shang, please hand it to me. What you did for our entire race, we will definitely remember it. "

Looking at the Dumb insect still running back and forth trying to gather the pieces, Chu Yunsheng said softly:" I can give it to you. But you need to do one thing for me."

Yan Min was confused for a second. What Chu Yunsheng did clearly violate insect's code. but it still patiently said: "I can offer you a precious tomb breeder, and you can choose to rebuild your creep nearby."

Chu Yunsheng slowly sat up and gazed into the city. "I want you to push into the city!"

Yan Min was dazed for a second and sighed:" Feng, if you want to take revenge, wait until the war in the north finished. I will take over the city, but not now. I don't have that many combat units to allow me to fight on both sides!"

"NO! I want it now, pull back all your forces in the north. Surround this city!" Chu Yunsheng raised his voice.

"Feng, I can't accept your unreasonable request!" Yan Min declined resolutely.

"You have to accept it, if you want the wood element core!" Chu Yunsheng still insisted.

"FENG! as a Min, you should know the importance of the wood element core, and you are using it to threaten me! According to 《 the book of insect》i can kill you right here to take back the wood element core!" Yan Min was furious.

At the same time, all the insect around Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around to face Chu Yunsheng. The tension in the mountain pass instantly reached a breaking point.

Chu Yunsheng was not fazed.:" Yes, you can. You can easily kill me. But don't you forget that, even I lost my original body, I can still blow up myself and destroy the wood element core before you killed me."

Chu Yunsheng did not know exactly why this Min insisted that he was also a Min. he just thought that probably it had something to do with the Dark's life signal. But to him, he did not really care that much now.

His brothers had done so much for him, now he needed to do something for them.

"Feng, you don't have that ability at the moment..." Yan Min did not believe it.

Chu Yunsheng immediately started to infuse energy into his head, his body, his claws and his legs then said coldly:" you can try it!"

Wood element core was indeed extraordinary, even after the bloody fight which happened not long ago, all the fire elemental energy inside his body was restored by it. He had so much energy that there were visible flames on his shells as he began to harness the energy inside his body.

"Feng.... You.... "

"Pull back the force from the north! Surround this city!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

Yan Min was silent. It seemed like it was trying to think if Chu Yunsheng was lying or not. After a while, it sighed: "Feng, losing your original body, really impaired your judgment ... You don't know that the Northern War is at a crucial moment. It really is a shame... I can agree to surround the city, but I will not attack the city. Before the northern war is completely resolved, I cannot lose any of my children. You know how powerful that bow is..."

Chu Yunsheng extinguished the fire on his body and said:" just surround it. I don't need you to avenge their death, I will do it myself in the future. I just want to take back their body...."

Perhaps Yan Min misunderstood him. It sighed again:" I did not know that a Min that lost its body would treasure so much about its original body and even its kids' body... "

"Yan, deploy the swarm!" Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh.



The ear-piercing sounds of siren were like grim Reaper kept screaming from above Hong Kong, it was louder and louder every second.

The flustered crowds of people inside the city were looking for shelters panickedly. All their faces were covered with panic and despair.

This was the highest level of alert!

Regardless what gender they were, how old they were, whoever was able to get hold of any weapons were asked to armed with themselves with weapons and defend the front line.

People were shouting the battle cries trying to encourage himself. However, all the shouting were shivering.

In the center of Hong Kong,

An old male's face was covered with tears, and on her knees praying the god to protect her son at the front line;

A young kid was grasping a corner of her mother's cloth tightly and asked nervously:"mommy, will daddy be back tonight? "

But the tear was constantly running down from the face of the young and helpless mother who was gazing quietly at the front line.


Insects finally came back, and this time, they came back with the endless sea of insects!

No one had ever seen that many insects before, no one had been this desperate before...

Red shells, golden shells, green shells, purple flame monsters, even some monsters that they had never seen before. The ground, the sea, even the air, were vibrating violently as they moved.


Location: Hong Kong Joint Command center, conference room.

"Miss Ke, Is this what you want!? Tell me!" Huo Jiashan broke the silence and said coldly.

"Uncle Huo, I think it is better to discuss how to deal with the situation now. You can rest assured that I and Chu Clan's disciples will be fighting on the front line!" Ke Qianer answered calmly.

Huo Jiashan instantly stood up with rage and roared: "You go outside and have a look how many insects are out there? HOW MANY!? They have given up the war in the north, and pulled back all their forces to fight us! How many can you kill? And how many can your people kill? TELL ME!"

Liang Xingdong, the chief of General Administration Department, knocked on the desk and sighed: "Elder Huo, we understand your feelings, right or wrong, we can discuss that after the insects retreated. Now we should be focusing on the defense plan!"

"What fucking plan? Do you know that the peace treaty was almost done? She fucking ruined everything!" Huo Jiashan roared again.

The commander-in-chief of military Wu Fanghou, who was silent from the beginning, suddenly said:" Chief Huo, Qianer indeed....."

"Urgent report! " a civil servant trotted over and shouted.

"What is it?" Wu Fanghou asked calmly.

"The swarm stopped right at the edge of the city. They demand us to immediately return the five insects' body" the civil servant replied hurriedly.



"Five? "

"What the hell is that mean?"


The conference room instantly became very noisy.

"QUIET!" Huo Jiashan shouted and then sneered:" Missy Ke, you even brought back their BODIES!..... How stupid you have to be? Hahaha~ you think those are just ordinary insects? How many insects have we killed? But have they ever asked for their body once? NOT ONCE! LOOK WHAT YOU FUCKING DID TO US!......"

The conference room instantly fell silent.

Huo Jiashan also stopped talking to them, the turned around and followed the civil servant and said:"Let's go. Let me try to talk to that Mr.insect on more time... Tell.... Tell my wife not to wait for me.... This is the last thing I can do for Hong Kong.... Let's end this... "