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Chapter 324 Brothers

 Chapter 324 Brothers

"Little green, quick! Fly away and go get help!" Chu Yunsheng quickly got up and shook off the soil from his body.

That arrow was too powerful! It was too scary!

It was just one arrow, all the insects were injured, including Elder Purple.

And the attack was unleashed by a person that was still far away from them.

If that person got close, they would be completely destroyed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Artillery shells started to explode around them.

Little Green was wheeling in the sky spitting blazing fire and using his bodies to stop the artillery shells.

" Go...Go! .... Get help!..." Chu Yunsheng was blown up again.

Artillery strike stopped. But Many awakenings began to swarm towards them and have them surrounded.

All of them were wearing the armors that made of insects shell. It was very obvious that the advancement of the technology in Hong Kong was not weaker than Jing Ling city and none of those awakening humans were very weak.

" BATTLE FORMATION!" as the awakening human who was in a green shelled armor shouted.

Instantly dozens of the awakenings started to move around them quickly. At the same time, their energy levels began to increase strangely and rapidly.

:" Kill!" as someone suddenly shouted in the group, immediately, all kinds of energy were cast at Chu Yunsheng and the rest of five insects.

" No! Little Red, come back!" Chu Yunsheng noticed that he could no longer control those insects.

He didn't know why that he had a faint feeling that he was familiar with those people's attack and he would be able to immediately understand the structure of this battle formation.

With this strange feeling, he quickly dashed out and pulled back Little Red. However, Little Red still lost one of its legs.

" Elder purple, use your attack, make a gap!" Chu Yunsheng quickly sent a signal to Elder Purple. At the same time, he jumped towards an awakening human.

It was still that feeling. It was telling him that that awakening human had an important role in the battle formation, so he had to kill that person.

Looking at the young man's terrified expression. Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth. If he didn't kill him he would be killed.

As a red shadow flew pass them. The young man and two people behind him were instantly split into half.

The awakening people's formation suddenly became chaotic. Different types of energy element became conflict to each other, and it instantly caused a big violent explosion.

"it's impossible!" The green armored awakening human was shocked. Since Master Fan created this powerful battle formation, he had never failed to kill any insects and anyone using when using this formation.

But how come a red shell destroyed his formation less than three minutes?

He couldn't believe what he saw.

The explosion created a gap, and Chu Yunsheng immediately took the opportunity to run away with other insects.

However, the artillery strike arrived again and it blew them right back to where they were.

Elder purple once again cast out its energy wave to stop hundreds of awakening humans. But it only stalled them less than a minute.

"Rank A energy practitioner is here! Rank Bs move back!" As someone shouted loudly behind the awakening group, three people that were as powerful as Jin Ling city's Dark Warrior King flew out of the group and charge towards Elder Purple.

The intense violent energy collision instantly threw the awakening humans who were near them up to the sky.

"Elder purple, elder purple... are you alright?" Chu Yunsheng was very worried. Elder purple was the only one in their group that could fight those people.

Elder purple didn't answer him. Its brain was not smart enough to allow it to do two tasks at once.

" Quick, order Little Green to get help! We can not hold it much longer!" Chu Yunsheng urged. He didn't know why Little Green didn't want to leave. It was still wheeling in the sky trying to stop the incoming artillery shells.

" Go!...." Chu Yunsheng roared. At the same, he began to inject the venom into his legs and charged towards the awakening humans that were trying to surround them.

However, what responded him was a loud explosion, and then Little Green began to fall from the sky.

"No! ... Chu Yunsheng wanted to check the Little Green, but he was immediately surrounded by many awakening humans.

Suddenly, the sky was dimmed again, and a dazzling arrow appeared once again. It was heading straight towards Elder Purple!

Chu Yunsheng wanted to warn Elder purple, but it was too late.

In the next moment, a red shadow jumped up trying to block it before it could reach Elder Purple, and it was instantly shredded into pieces by the arrow.

" Little...... red...." The Dumb insect also roared loudly. It rushed towards little red, desperately trying to save the Little Red. however, all he got was a claw.

Little red used its life tried to block the attack, but the arrow still hit elder purple and made a huge hole in Elder purple's body.

"Why.....why are you breaking your promises. Why?!...." Chu Yunsheng picked up one awakening human, split the person into half and roared at the rest of people that were surrounding him. However, no one could understand him. Everyone was still casting their energy to attack him.

He was blown up by the combination energy attack and fell near Elder Purple. Before he could get up. He was picked up by Elder Purple.

In the next second, Elder Purple used one of its antennas to reach into its mouth, pulled out a green object and stuffed into Chu Yunsheng's mouth, Then it threw Chu Yunsheng towards the mountain pass.

" Take.... Wood.....go... you....smartest...." Elder purple finally talked. However, its signal was very weak.

Chu Yunsheng crawled up and wanted to run back to save them:" How can I do it? You never once abandon me! How can I abandon you all!"

" You... smart.... Complete.... Mission... I ....dying... Go....!" as elder purple roared, Elder Golden swung its head back to knock Chu Yunsheng into the sky. It made him fly all the way back into the mountain pass again.

" Go...not.... all... die...." This time was the dumb insect.

" You...said ... do....not... ...vain..." the dumb insect urged.

" Go... I....beg... you... i..." the dumb insect couldn't finish the signal. It was blown up by a combination energy attack.

" No... dumb insect!" Chu Yunsheng let out a blood-curdling scream and jumped towards the dumb insect trying to catch it.

"Dumb insect, I won't let you die!..." Chu Yunsheng was constantly sending it the signals, and at the same time, he began to use the ability he learned from jellyfish to merge with the dumb insect.

After becoming one, their lives would be shared and it was equally split between them.

Chu Yunsheng's body started to change its shape, its legs were disappeared. Within less than a minute a strange monster appeared in everyone's sight.

Then the monster suddenly turned around and began to run quickly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the elder purple told the dumb insect. But no matter how he tried to ask the dumb insect who was controlling the legs of strange monster to go back to save the rest of the insects, the dumb Insect just kept running towards the mountain pass.

Looking at Elder Purple and other insects were further and further away from him. Chu Yunsheng's eyes were filled with despair and tears.

Soon, many tanks began to roll out, they immediately crashed Brother Worm who did not have any attack power but still trying to use its mouth to bite some awakening humans. Then, the tanks were blocked by Elder Golden.

Then, helicopters flew out to assist the tanks, but they were stalled by Elder Purple.

Not a single insects screamed in pain when they were hit. All of them only focused on stalling humans from chasing Chu Yunsheng.

Many arrows of light were shot into the body of Elder Purple and Elder Golden one by one. However, they still used their dying body to block the road and stop them from chasing Chu Yunsheng.

All the energy practitioners, soldiers, citizens, had never seen any insects fought like this before. They felt like they were fighting someone with souls, not bloodthirsty monsters....

"Roar.... " Chu Yunsheng screamed. His felt an acute pain in his heart as if his heart was bleeding. He wanted to go back to save everyone, but Dumb Insect did not allow him to do that.

It was him who get everyone killed!

It was him who led them into the city!

Chu Yunsheng had never hated himself so much!

Those were his brothers, they never abandoned him, but he, but he led them directly to hell....

"...Mistakes were made.... Tears were shed...." suddenly Chu Yunsheng remembered the song he heard.

"Why, why, why are you breaking your promises? You are humans, why are you even worse than insects!?" He kept screaming. The dumb insect kept running.

All the insects were dead apart from the last two.

The helicopters quickly flew towards them.

The woman with the bow also caught up....

Suddenly. The ground began to shake....

One .... Two ... three.... Countless insects began to appear in Chu Yunsheng's sight and charge toward him.

Chu Yunsheng instantly woke up from sadness, he immediately sent a signal over:" Quick! Save them! "

This time the dumb insect did not keep running, it turned around started to lead the swarm and charge toward the city.

"Brothers hang in there! Reinforcements have arrived! " Chu Yunsheng was constantly trying to send the signals to the five insects.

"Hang in there, you must hang in there."

The troops from Hong Kong had already stopped, and they began to retreat quickly. Even the woman with the bow also retreated reluctantly.

Chu Yunsheng stopped his merging ability and staggered to the place where he last saw them.

"Elder Purple, Elder Golden, Little Green, Brother Worm, Little Red, we are here.... We are here..." Chu Yunsheng was running back and forth trying to find them from craters to craters.

However, all he found were pieces of organs, broken fragment of shells...

The bodies were gone.....

"No... No... No.., why.... Why you don't even let go of their bodies!?"

Chu Yunsheng was beside himself with hate, rage, and sadness. He raised his head and roared as loud as he could at the city:" GIVE...BACK.... MY.... BROTHERS...."