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Chapter 323 Run! Dumb Insect!

 Chapter 323 Run! Dumb Insect!

"...we are hoping to establish a good relationship with you. As an advanced intelligence species, I believe that misunderstandings can be eliminated..." Huo Jiashan worried that he might be talking too fast, the Insects might not be able to catch what he said, so his talking speed was slow, clear and loud.

The sudden arrival of insects and their bloody massacres led to countless deaths! From gray-haired old people to young children, they were all afraid of insects. But at the same time, they all hated insects...

Huo Jiashan was no exception, however, he still had to endure the shame to talk to those monsters with a respected tone and used carefully selected words.

The enemies were strong and humans were weak. If it was not because of the war in the north, Hong Kong might have been already taken over by the insect.

Not long ago, the intelligence gathered by the special unit revealed that the insect in the creep area had regained the advantage on the battlefield with its powerful breeding ability, and the spore forest's front line was pushed back every day. To them, it was just a matter of time before the insects on the creep area eliminated all the insects in the spore forest.

By that time, the push from the south side which was towards Hong Kong would be much stronger than before. With their current strength, they did not think they would be able to withstand the attack.


Hong Kong needed time!

New food research took time; new weapons development took time; training new energy practitioners took time; training new soldier took time; they even needed time to adjust and deploy the new energy...

Time; time; time; everything needed time!

And it was just at this time, they were given a good opportunity to communicate with insect! In order to gain the critical time that needed for Hong Kong to recover itself and for humans to become stronger, no matter what kind of sacrifice; humiliation and endurance, they must take it.

In order not to be completely exterminated, they were willing to accept everything!

They even considered that the insects might put forward requests for human brain supply. But no matter how they argued each time, the results were the same. The only changes were the bottom line number that they thought they should sacrifice.

However, everyone knew that the bottom line figure was just humans trying to fool themselves. Because they were not the one who was going to decide those numbers.

" us...? " Elder purple could not understand anything, so it looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion.

"Yes! Elder Purple don't attack them and wait for my instruction. Dumb insect, put that human on the ground, I need to talk to them." Chu Yunsheng crawled forward and started to carve something on the ground.

Mani White was extremely excited. The moment that she was waiting for has finally arrived. She quickly moved towards Chu Yunsheng to see what it was carving while holding her ripped clothes tightly.

:" Mr. Insect said that your proposal is very good. When it returned, it will discuss with other insects and try to arrange a formal meeting. " Muni white suppressed her excitement and said loudly.

Chu Yunsheng was around thirsty meters away from those humans, so although Mani White didn't use a megaphone, other people could still hear her.

Huo Jiashan was dazed for a second. He didn't expect that he would get a reply like this. According to what he heard from those scientists, the insect was an arrogant creature that looked down on humans

He even suspected that the female journalist might have read the text wrong.

"Mr. Insect? he has a name?" Huo Jiashan whispered at Zhang Zhexiu.

Zhang Zhexiu shook his head. He didn't know anything about it.

Huo Jiashan was disappointed. If the insect introduced itself in the negotiation, it would help the negotiation a lot. However, he didn't know if the insect had this kind of cultural behavior in their world or not, so he didn't dare to request too much.

He took a deep breath and used the megaphone to communicate again:" Dear Mr. Insect, thank you for your understanding. If you like, we can move to a better place and start initial meeting now..."

Mani White read Chu Yunsheng's text and said:" Mr. Insect said that they have other missions with them as well. They need to return to the creep area as soon as possible. If humans are truly sincere, you should allow us to leave the now and avoid causing more misunderstandings. "

" Chief, Do you think it is possible that those insects are here to spy on us?" An officer next to Huo Jiashan whispered.

Huo Jiashan shook his head and said:" no, why do they need to send this strange group to spy on us? Why do they need a green shell to crawl under the ground, and what can that white worm possibly do?"

" Then... let them leave?" The officer hesitated.

Huo Jiashan immediately decided:" Yes! It's a good start. Forcing them to stay will only make the situation worse. Issue my order! Give those insects a way. Also, ask those scientists to hurry up studying the behaviors of that insect. Don't miss out anything!"

:" Dear Mr. Insect, In order to prove our sincerity, I have ordered the troops to give you a way. We hope that we will establish a stable relationship as soon as possible. Also, please ensure the safety of the hostages." Huo Jiashan said.

Chu Yunsheng's insect's listening function was very sensitive. He heard all the whispers between Huo Jiashan and the other officer.

From their conversations so far, Chu Yunsheng could tell that the higher-ups in Hong Kong didn't care about the lives of those hostages at all. They were more concerned about stopping the war.

However, he didn't have any abilities to influence the decision of the Min outside Hong Kong. He just wanted to fool them and get out of the city as soon as possible.

Since the hostages had basically no effect on the negotiation and with more than a dozen humans in their hands, their moving speed would also be slowed down by them. So, in order to reassure Huo Jiashan. After the awakenings and the soldiers moved away, Chu Yunsheng immediately asked all the insects to release the hostages.

When Mani White was just released by the insects, she was immediately surrounded by a large number of scientists, and bombarded by all types of questions....

Towards the west of Hong Kong, there were two hills, and the direction that Chu Yunsheng and the rest of the insects were heading was the mountain pass between those two hills.

Everyone followed those insects and swarmed to the edge of the city to see the seven insects quickly moving away in silence.

Everyone let out a long sigh of relief because the peace they have been dreaming of would come to Hong Kong soon....

"Kill!" Suddenly, a loud battle cry rang out behind the quiet crowd.

It followed by dozens of quickly moving shadows, and various types of intense energy fluctuations.

Chu Yunsheng was startled. He immediately shouted:" Elder purple, Dumb Insect! Run! Quick! Run!"

The mountain pass was just right in front of them. As long as they got out of the city, no matter how many powerful humans they had, Elder Golden would be able to dig into the ground and get rid of those humans.

" mean..." Elder purple wanted to turn around and attack. But it was stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

From the intense the energy fluctuations, Chu Yunsheng could tell that there were more than three awakenings that were as powerful as Dark Warrior Kings of Jin Ling city.

So he couldn't let Elder Purple fight them. Elder purple would definitely be killed by them.

At the same time, A mysterious but seemingly familiar energy wave fluctuated from afar. Then, Chu Yunsheng seemed to hear a noise caused by a bow, but soon, the noise and the energy fluctuation was blocked...


"Stop! Go! stop Master Fan's people! Miss Ke! Do you know the consequences of this?!!! I want to see Master Fan! "Huo Jiashan roared furiously.

Not only did this missy Ke suddenly appeared with a large number of Chu Clan's disciples without letting him know, but also she did not even ask for a permission before she initiated the attack.

Those Master Fan's disciples only listened to Master Fan. They would not listen to the General Administration Department and the military at all. So even though Huo Jiashan ordered them to stop, they still rushed towards the insects without any hesitations.

They were finally about to establish a peaceful relationship with insect, but it was completely destroyed in the hands of those people!

"Uncle Huo, no one can stop me today! From today, all Chu Clan's disciples will only listen to me! And master Fan cannot see you today." Ke Qianer said coldly. Just now, when she slightly moved forward, she could feel that the bow was shaking violently with excitement. It made her even more jealous, and she was even more certain that the real "owner" of the bow was in that group of insects.

"No, I can't let you messing around!" Huo Jiashan ordered loudly: "Zhang Zhexiu, take people with you to stop them!"

Ke Qianer looked at him indifferently. As a seven-colored light lingered out of her body, her body began slowly rising, her clothes were flapping in the air by the violent energy around her. Then she began to pull the string of the bow.

At that moment, the world was dimmed. All the energy around her were converged into the string, forming a dazzling arrow of light that could even make rank A energy practitioner blind.

After a loud ear-piercing noise, the arrow was unleashed. It instantly caused the space around the arrow to distort, and as it flew quickly towards Chu Yunsheng, everything on its way was destroyed just by the distorted energy field around the arrow.

The arrow hit Chu Yunsheng's group less than a second, and as it landed, it instantly blew up all the insects.

" Uncle Huo, I have already attacked them. So, you have only one choice now. Kill them all. Or Hong Kong will be destroyed when they come back!" Ke Qianer said coldly. There was a chilly grin in the corner of her mouth.

" You! You!...." Huo Jiashan's face instantly turned pale. But he couldn't stop the girl. He was so mad that he vomited blood all of sudden.

"Ke Qianer, you will get everyone here killed. You will destroy Hong Kong, Our last home!"

" I don't care!" Ke Qianer did not hesitate. She still said coldly:" there is no peace between the human race and the insect. It is either they die or we die. Only you people are still fantasizing!"

Huo Jiashan bit his lips and growled:" Captain Zhang, Kill! All THE INSECTS!"

Ke Qianer smiled and then turned around speaking to a high-ranking military officer:" uncle Han. What about you? Don't worry, I'll explain to grandpa myself!"

Han Xing didn't show any expression on his face. He just said coldly " staff officer Zhao, initiate the military contingency plan, get ready for the artillery strike!"