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Chapter 320 That person finally appeared

 Chapter 320 That person finally appeared

Chu Yunsheng really wanted to say: Elder Golden you have dug too far!

However, he felt embarrassed to say that. Because all the route was planned by him. He just did not expect that they would dig all the way into Hong Kong.

What frustrated him, even more, was that when he wanted to go back into the tunnel, a thick layer of energy field appeared, it pushed them right back to the ground.


With a high-pitch of woman's screaming, Chu Yunsheng's head was completely exposed in the dim light. The woman was wearing a pair of jeans, and Chu Yunsheng's head was less than 10 centimeter away from her butt. So, after the scream, she fainted instantly.

"Is.... this.... city...? " the dumb insects looked around curiously.

"hillbilly.... Insect... !" Elder purple who had been to many human cities with Min despised the dumb insect's behavior.

"Hillbilly insect" was the word that Chu Yunsheng often used to describe dumb insect. It was also the word that Elder purple always kept in his mind. It tried very hard to behave itself so Chu Yunsheng and other insects would not associate it with that word.

Chu Yunsheng was going crazy at the moment, those two insects did not have any sense of urgency in their mind. One was too dumb to figure out where they were, the other one did not take any humans seriously at all.

Looking at the situation around them. It was obvious that there was an army stationed in this area. If the army began to fight them, the artillery units could easily tear them into pieces, let alone the awakening humans. Of course, apart from Elder purple this monster.

Comparing to those two insects, although the other four insects instinctively sensed something was not right, their hatred towards so-called "Abnormality" was rising at an escalating pace, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel their killing desire....


Suddenly, ear-piercing siren sounds went off around Chu Yunsheng. The appearance of 7 scary insects terrified everyone on the street. Everyone dispersed blindly in panic. People were pushing each other. Some were pushed towards Chu Yunsheng and bumped into his shell, and before Chu Yunsheng turned around, those people screamed out loud then passed out instantly next to them.


Mani White was typical Hong Kong people with a typical Hong Kong people's name. She was a journalist in the age of light. However, because of the apocalypse, she became unemployed for a period of time.

After the southern Chinese army stabilized the situation inside Hong Kong, many new disaster relief plans were announced. The new plans led to the emergence of various new industries and in order to rebuild people's hope, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Department needed people to spread positive news twenty-four hours non-stop. It was at that time, Mani White found a new job.

Originally she was on her way to interview the parents of a hero who were living on number twenty-six Jianzui street, her job was to write a story that would provide citizens a great courage to fight. But she didn't expect that she would encounter a breaking news on the way.

Since the underground energy field was invented, it had been quite some time since the last insect dug into the city. She keenly felt that some "heroes" would be born today, and after a fierce battle with the monster, heroes would eventually kill the monster... if she could use the latest camera to capture that moment, it would definitely boost people's morale.

Then she would not be far away from the promotion, and the promotion meant more food, better living condition, and protection...

However, Mani White underestimated the chaotic situation on the scene, and before she even had a chance to take out the latest camera, she was pushed towards the monster and tripped over less than one meter away from the scary monster.


Then she made what she thought the smartest decision in her entire life which was to lay on the ground like other people and play dead.

She was holding her breath while lying on the ground. However, her heart could not stop beating fast. She closed her eyes only hoped that the rumor about the insects did not like to eat dead human was true.

However, no matter how devout and scared she was, an insect whose body was two times bigger than an ordinary red shell insect crawled over to her and used its sharp legs to "touch" her.

"This..... Male.... human, ..... This..... Female.... Human ...?" the dumb insect curiously used its claw to move two "dead" humans together and tried to compare them.

When it was born, the war between humans and the insect was almost over, and it was arranged to stay at the front line to fight the spore forest. So, it actually had never seen many humans this close before.

After listening to Chu Yunsheng's numerous and bizarre stories about humans, its interest in humans and human cities had been miraculously increasing every day.

After a quiet clothes ripping sound, the dumb insect accidentally ripped open Mani White's cloth. Two busty meatballs that wrapped by a pair of pink bras suddenly bounced out of her clothes and it startled the dumb insect.

"I... under...stand... it... " the dumb insect chirped at Chu Yunsheng excitedly. It still remembered that because of this pink thing, it was told off by Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was nervously checking the terrain around him trying to find out where they were in Hong Kong. The dumb insect's sudden message startled him and he immediately asked anxiously:" what is it?"

The dumb Insect used its leg to point at Mani White's pink bras and said happily " this..... is...."

Chu Yunsheng was speechless, he really wanted to use his claws to whack the shit out of this dumb fuck.

" Get your ass back in here!" Chu Yunsheng squeaked angrily.

After the dumb insect returned to the group, Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped the Elder Purple who was about to start a killing spree.

" Elder Purple, our first priority is to deliver the wood element core, don't forget it. We are just passing by here. Don't cause any unnecessary troubles. They have many powerful humans and weapons, they will easily kill us here. Think about it, if we died, who is going to deliver the wood element core?"

Chu Yunsheng was going crazy, those two insects could not give him a break. Once Elder Purple started attacking humans, then none of them was able to get out of this city.

He was a human, not an insect, and the people he was facing were not the crazy people who were controlled by the Divine realm. He couldn't just let elder purple kill them.

Moreover, those insects had saved his life more than once. Many days of traveling in the dark tunnel made Chu Yunsheng fell deeply connected with them. He didn't care what kind of life those insects were living in before, but when they were with him, he didn't want those insects who he considered as "brothers" to kill any innocent humans.

Suddenly, the energy around them started to fluctuate, the sound of helicopters was getting louder and louder, it was the sign of awakening people trying to surround them.

" Quick! Take those humans, we needed hostages!" Chu Yunsheng ran out of ideas. Although he wanted to prevent killing from his side, he was not sure that if humans would do the same. So he needed some hostages to help him find a way out of this city.


" What! Insects want negotiation? With who? You? You understand their language? Are you fucking kidding me?" the captain of the second unit of Energy Practitioner Department Zhang Zhexiu roared at his subordinate. What kind of joke was that?

" Captain, I know it is hard to believe, but trust me. They have a dozen of hostages with them, including one journalist from General Administration Department. If you still don't believe me, you can take a look yourself!" Lee Taidou was standing upright while replying.

Zhang Zhexiu stared at his most competent subordinate and patted his shoulder:" any orders from the military?"

" Still waiting." Lee Taidou answered briefly and quickly.

" Then. Let's take a look this unprecedented meeting!" Zhang Zhexiu shook his head and laughed.

When he just got to the stairs, he suddenly asked:" since they said that they want a negotiation, Did they say mention about any conditions?"

" Deactivate the energy field below the ground in exchange for the safety of the hostages." Lee Taidou answered.

Zhang Zhexiu instantly frowned:" we can't do it. It might be an insect's trap."

"Captain, we needed to know what the first priority of this mission is? Saving the hostages or killing the insects? " Lee Taidou threw a very difficult question to Zhang Zhexiu.

" Of course saving the hostages first!" Zhang Zhexiu was not happy at all, but he still replied. " The People at the department of technology are really a bunch of useless fuckers. Why did they not request for extra security when they switched the energy field system! they fucked up a big time, but we have to clean their asses!"


" Commander! heavy weaponries are ready! insects are going to run away with hostages. You need to give order immediately!" Staff officer Shi Yuan pointed at a map and said.

" Ask troops to follow the insects. As long as the insects didn't attack, we can't attack. We need to show the citizens that we actually care about their lives! Sigh... why it had to be this time...." The regiment commander Gu Feng sighed.


In a heavily guarded mansion.

A woman was sitting cross-legged on the ground. In front of her was a quaint bow.

" Am I not qualified to be your master?" The woman knitted her brows and said. She seemed to be talking to the bow.

"Who are you still waiting for?" She continued.

" In order to be your master, I trained myself hard days and nights. Nowadays, no one can beat me in entire Hong Kong. Even that, am I still not good enough to be your master?" The woman slowly raised her voice.

" To what extent?...." she asked herself.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Then a man's voice came from outside. :" Miss, master Fang is here." a man said gently.

" Please, let the master in." the woman said without any emotions, she didn't even move.

Just when she finished talking, the quiet bow suddenly began to shake violently while it was glowing brightly. It even made a high-pitch and seemingly excited noise.

" That person finally appeared!" An old woman who just entered the room saw the scene and sighed.