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Chapter 319 a worthless bow

 Chapter 319 a worthless bow

Chu Yunsheng admired Xiao Qingshan and other soldiers' perseverance. With their ordinary human body, they could even get to the bottom of the cave and even get to the levels that below the cave and then came back to the lakeside several times through a narrow crack.

What they did also teach Chu Yunsheng that having no power did not mean that humans could not survive.

The broken notebook did not tell Chu Yunsheng what Xiao Qingshan saw on the third level below the ground, and Chu Yunsheng also was not interested to learn anything about it, he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

According to the rough map that Xiao Qingshan drew, the route that they choose would lead them to the place they landed after they fell into the crack. Because of the earthquake, the crack collapsed right after they fell into it. But Chu Yunsheng was not worried, there was an insect "excavator" in his team, so there wouldn't be any problem for them to dig out of the crack.

Because Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave the place as soon as possible, so he didn't ask the rest of insects to take a break. He urged elder golden to dig as fast as it could.

It was possible to dig straight upwards, however it would only consume them too much energy to do it, they still needed to save energy in case of any accidents on the ground.

So they dug slantingly up to the ground. However, Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that the place mentioned on the map was very deep below the ground. they had been digging for quite a while now, there was still no sign of them going to dig out of the ground any time soon.....

Location: Hong Kong

Lee Taidou didn't like his name. His father wanted him to become a knowledgeable man in Chinese literature, thus gave him the name Taidou.

However, he who was a muscular man became a policeman in Hong Kong after graduating from a police school.

Not only that, with his outstanding physical fitness and great fortitude character, he even got into the special duties unit - SDU.

He liked adventures and extreme challenges. Dancing on the edge of death always made him excited. It was like drugs, since the first day he touched it, he became obsessed with it. That was why that during every mission he would always choose the most dangerous task.

It was also because of this, he and his father Lee Hongchi argued constantly. His father Lee Hongchi threatened him more than once that if he didn't follow the path he planned, he would not be able to inherit anything from him.

In fact, Lee Hongchi's original name was Lee Dafa. Although it meant 'a great fortune', it was a typical villager's name. When Lee Hongchi was young, he didn't go to school. Although he became rich later on, he always felt that he was lower than other people. It was part of reasons why he paid a fortune teller to think a new name for him.

He tried very hard to arrange his son to meet a few girls that came from upper class. However, every time when girls heard what his son's career was, they would immediately reject him.

He felt ashamed every time when someone talked about his son, and every time when he asked his son to quit his job it would worsen the relationship between them.

It was only until the starting of the apocalypse, the relationship between him and his son changed dramatically. He would never forget that day, his only son who he considered unfilial would risk his life to protect him and his wife, he would never forget that even though his son was bleeding a lot, he was still trying to stop the monster....

During those days, entire Hong Kong was like hell. Military and police units were defeated every time during the defense. At that time, almost everyone in the city hoped that the southern Chinese army would be able to provide support.

When the news about the fallen of Wu Yang city and Peng city came to Hong Kong,

The first reaction of people who were living in Hong Kong was actually not to sympathize with the people who were living in the fallen Cities.

Instead, All the people inside Hong Kong, whether they were regular citizens or high ranking officials were all trying to find out the where the southern Chinese army might want to move to next.

At that time, there was only one rumor going around in the city. It was that the southern Chinese army was going to come to Hong Kong. It was, in fact, the only rumor that the most people choose to believe.

The residents of Hong Kong were living in fear every day, the sound of violent bombardment coming from a distance made them both worried and excited at the same time.

It was until a young soldier who was in a severely broken military uniform tumbled into a ruined city street while holding a bright red flag, the whole city was astir, and everyone began to come out of their hideouts to embrace the young soldier, kiss him, follow him while their faces were covered in tears.

Soon, many heavily armed and seemingly exhausted troops hurriedly marched into the Hong Kong one batch after another batch.

The streets of Hong Kong were filled with people, everyone was there to welcome the soldiers. There were no flags, no flowers or confetti poppers, but everyone was waving their hands as high and as fast as they could.

There was no special propaganda, no sound of disagreement, no sign of any protests, everyone was willing or even could be described as 'longed' for soldiers to take over the defense of Hong Kong. They had already stopped hoping for The Great Britain which was on the other side of the planet to help them. There was no way that they would send a military division to save them.

They even had a big welcoming party on the square in front of the General Administration Department. Those celebrities who were lucky to survive to this day all came out to perform the famous patriotic song - My Chinese Heart to welcome the highest commander of the southern Chinese army.

Their performance magically pushed the welcoming to a new climax!

However, Lee Hongchi who attended the welcoming party as one of the wealthy people noticed the faint cold grin on the highest commander's face.

Moreover, the woman who was standing next to the highest commander while carrying a strange bow made him Inexplicably frightened. Although she just stood there coldly, she seemed to have a strange and powerful imposing aura that made him feel like everything in front of her was as worthless as ants.

After Lee Hongchi went back home, the strange inexplicable feeling still haunted him, it was only until he woke up in panic in the late evening did he finally remembered when and where he saw the girl and the bow.

A few years ago, he had participated in a secret auction that auctioned this ancient bow. In fact, he did not understand those antiques at all. However, it was the type of activity that the most of upper-class people would attend, so in order to pretend that he was also an upper-class person, he accepted the invitation.

Although It was only just a few years ago, the great disaster made him exhausted physically and mentally, his memory which he used to be proud of, did not work as well as before. That was why that he only remembered it after he went to sleep.

He remembered that, at that time, this bow was not the focus of the auction, it was just a peripheral auction item. The auctioneer clearly and honestly stated that they could not find out the age of the bow, and there was no historical data to prove the origin of the bow. The material that the bow was made of was also unknown, However, they were sure that it was definitely a type of high-quality material. With Its simple but elegant shape, the auctioneer said that it was not bad for a display item. In terms of the person who provided the bow, they did not disclose it, due to the standard security procedures.

Its starting price of the bow was even less than half a million. So, there were only a few people interested in it. At the time, Lee Hongchi did not know why he felt a faint and mysterious connection between the bow and him, and during the auction, that mysterious connection made him push the price of the bow from less than half a million to more than 30 million.

In the end, there was only one person competing with him!

It was a girl who just turned 18, and she also seemed to be obsessed with the bow!

At first he didn't know who the girl was, only when he asked the people around him did he realized that he had actually met with the girl's father on several business occasions, they even had a dinner together once, but still, they were not very close.

Comparing to the girl's family which was an at least centuries old big family, Lee Hongchi who grew up in a village and suddenly became rich was nothing to them.

It was at the moment, the fear of something might happen to his family overcome the mysterious force that came from the bow and made him give up increasing the price.

This incident also caused quite a stir in the upper-class circle, A peripheral auction item with unknown origin and unprovable value actually auctioned at 60 million Hong Kong dollars which was the highest auction price of the day.

And Lee Hongchi who competed a little girl for her birthday "toy" became a joke in the upper-class circle.

But a joke was a joke, it was just for a moment of pleasure, no one would want to intentionally remember it. As the time passed, many people had already forgotten about it, even the bow as well.

However, Lee Hongchi was still confused that why he would suddenly become obsessed with the bow.

It was only until he saw the girl again did he finally realized why.

The girl was already grown up becoming a woman. Although she was still her and the bow was still that bow, she was nothing like her and the bow was nothing like that bow.

After the southern Chinese army retreated to Hong Kong, the insect had initiated several pushes attempting to take over Hong Kong.

There was once, he saw with his own eyes that the girl who he met when she was still young killed a dozen of insects just with that bow.

Later on, the power of the girl increased rapidly. The last time Lee Hongchi heard about the girl was from his son, and it was just a several days ago. His son told him that the girl was now able to kill the insect that covered with purple flame easily.

Lee Hongchi secretly regretted what he did in the auction. If he bought that bow, the person who stood next to the highest commander of the southern Chinese army would be his son.

Although Lee Taidou was also an excellent energy practitioner in the SDU, he and his unit were now commanded by the southern Chinese army.....

" Dad. Quick! Take mom with you and run! Insects got into the city! They are coming here!' Lee Taidou passed by home hurriedly and shouted from outside.

" What insects? Didn't we already invent the energy field and use it under the ground to block the insects away? How did they get in?" Lee Hongchi jumped up from a sofa, rushed to the door and opened the door immediately. However, his son who was still on the mission of evacuating the citizens had already left.

--------------------------- translator 's note-----------------------

A bit background regarding the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Relations between people in Hong Kong and the central government have been relatively tense in the early 2000s. Various factors have contributed, including different interpretations of the "One country, two systems" principle; policies of the Hong Kong and central governments to encourage mainland visitors to Hong Kong; and the changing economic environment.

These tensions are expressed as hostility toward mainlanders by a handful of more extremist political actors. More broadly, it is expressed in resentment toward mainland-Hong Kong convergence or assimilation, and interference from the mainland in Hong Kong's internal affairs. On the mainland, there is a sense that Hong Kong is ungrateful at best, and potentially subversive in the worst case

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